Stripes, Check.

After much hemming and hawing, I bit the bullet and bought this Dwell Studio Draper duvet set. It’s long been a popular choice amongst the blogosphere but the $310 price tag kept me, understandably, at bay. When Dwell stopped carrying it on their website I gave up on the ridiculous need to bring a $310 duvet set into a house with an animal who sheds a pound of black, wiry hair a day and whose life mission it is to be as close to me as possible. Still, a small piece of my heart searched in vain for a suitable alternative but always came up short. I love this duvet set, as much as it is possible to love a duvet set. I must’ve forgotten I’m actually an internet-squirrel, though, and I used my intense ferreting-compulsion and was able to find the duvet on mega-sale over at AllModern (we’re talking $130 off). A quick check with Boyfriend to make sure he didn’t have any objections (none! whew) and this baby was mine. I think it will go perfectly with our dark gray bedroom, but I won’t find out for another 3-4 weeks. Thanks, special-order delays. This is going to be the longest month of my life.

11 thoughts on “Stripes, Check.

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you did it! Great choice. It’s gorgeous, but if you were me, you’ll have convinced yourself it’ll look awful in the next month. Have fun! Can’t wait for the pics of it in place!

    You are a champion shopper. Can you find that West Elm bench for me when you have some time on your hands?

  2. You really are an internet shopper and sourcer (is that a word?) extraordinaire! Have you ever though about turning your talent into a career? Aww, the duvet set is so pretty. Perfect combination of bright color and stripes! Hope they’ll be able to ship soon!

  3. LOVE it, Erin!! It’s going to look so good in your new bedroom. Yes, photos in situ (as they say), please. What a bargain! To appease my love for the Dwell Draper set, I purchased a similar looking one from West Elm. It’s simply not the same. When you tire of yours, please send my way. I’ll be your best friend.

  4. 310$ is pretty high for a duvet set. I am so flighty- I buya new one every year.

    I assume this is going to a permanent in your bedroom? Thee orange stripes will look great with your all great and white interior.

    I CAN”T wait to see your house finished!

  5. Yeay pics in place! Nice colours, will go great with the basement too.

    Internet Sourcerer? I agree you’d be great at it as a job.

    Funny you mention Dwell but I’ve been obsessed about the Chinoiserie set since I saw it everywhere in Undecorate (nice product placement by them). I really badly want it and was contemplating asking you to ship it for me! But I’m not sure if your duvets are the same size as our duvets?! I love it so much it’s so pretty and not just because I’m A Bird.

    this one:

    1. I think our duvets are the same size? How would we check that? That duvet is beautiful. If you want that set I’ll be more than happy to mail it to you! I do owe you, after all ;)

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