Following yesterday’s both about actual inspiration (I’m still swooning over that bathroom, let me tell you), I figured I’d copy Annie a bit and gather some reoccurring inspirational images that are popping up all over my Pinterest boards (are you following me on Pinterest yet? You should be!) to see if I can detect any patterns or surprising elements. From what I’ve been able to deduce, I’m really into bright wildflower arrangements, traveling to foreign places, and most unsurprising of all, stark white interiors. I know, I can just hear your jaws dropping in shock. Cue the collages!

clockwise from top: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

from top: 1 / 2 / 3

clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

What are your most-pinned images on Pinterest? I avoid food and recipe pins like the plague, and tend to stick to mostly interiors. I feel about Pinterest the same way I do about online banking: how did I ever survive before it? Happy Hump Day!

13 thoughts on “Pinspiration

  1. Awww so glad to be of help! Wot no anchors??
    It’s a really interesting exercise isn’t it?
    Ugh that Italian view is so breathtaking. Amalfi coast is number 2 on the list of places I want to go to, after the Caribbean.
    Those flowers in the green vase are truly stunning. Such a lovely mixture :)

  2. Please don’t raise my grandchild in the stark white bedroom because it looks like the scene from a mental institution. Just sayin’!

    1. SERIOUS DISCLAIMER: My mom should have said “hypothetical future grandchild.” I’m not with child.

      1. Hahaha!


        Never mind the actual flowers – you seem to have a thing for succulents, too and who can blame you? They’re fab! I love the new penchant for adding them to bouqets, I must say. :)

        I seem to pin interiors mostly, closely followed by furniture and birthday party inspiration for L and style/fashion.

        I don’t really pin dream travel destinations apart from Japan, that is! ;) x

  3. I’ve been trying to organize my pins better, because when I first started pinning I had no idea it would turn into such a social media tool frenzy! I have a just a lot of “pretty” that need to be organized into better categories. I wish I had more time to pin! It’s the best isn’t it? Teri

  4. Well, lately I’ve been pinning a lot of bathrooms. Ahem. You would have loved the kitchen of the house we stayed in last week. White on white with black granite counters. Right up your alley. I loved it too. And that bottom right bouquet (the one wrapped in paper) is very much like my wedding bouquet, so of course I approve.

    I still am not sure I have the hang of Pinterest, I’m ashamed to admit. I forget about it for ages and then go on a mad frenzy. I need some more discipline.

  5. I am trying to stick to a budget and save money for a 2 week vacation to India and to move out of my studio apartment at my Grandma’s. So I try (key word) not to pin clothing.

    I actually pin A LOT of recipe and DIY or organizational projects. I like discovering inexpensive and fun ideas for me to do at home.

    I have not started pinning anything for my wedding. Although, I have ideas pinned in my head.

  6. Love the succulents, not so much the stark white room schemes ;-)

    I’ve not pinned for a while but I suppose my most pinned category is room inspiration (quel surprise!). They are generally very colourful and eclectic. The latest pins have been outdoorsy images.

    I’m with Teri on pin organising. Pinning categories are getting a bit out of hand and these guys haven’t really made it easy to re-categorise or move pins about. A drag and drop feature would be the perfect solution to this.

    I’m not too keen on their search engine either, you stick a word in and it always comes up with the same type of stuff. It doesn’t seem very intuative, perhaps we need to start adding tags.

    I think I’m going to have to let the Pinterest folks know about these add on possibles.

    I’ve noticed that you have an underlying water theme going on here Erin xx

  7. You made me realize I need to pin more often. Will start with the white interiors. I mostly pin interiors, diy inspirations, gardens, places I want to travel to, inspirational quotes and cute animals. Cute animals make me happy ;)

  8. Well, I think I might have to do a similar post thanks to Annie and you. I don’t really know what I pin, so it will be a great exercise to research my pin habits and see if there is a common thread. Without looking at my boards, I pin mostly style, homes, and graphic design.
    Goes without saying that I love your pins. I love seeing flowers on Instagram, but it never occurred to me to start a flower board…Until now. Thanks, E!

  9. ahh… succulents & positano… two of my faves… i go through huge pinning phases, & then nothing… mostly home, home & home inspired… great rooms, textures, flowers (too many flowers, but then, can there ever be too many?) and colours… i’ll be sure to look you up… i’m under susan colebourne (funnily enough, my name! hah!)

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