My Inner French Girl

So as to bore you to death with superfluous photographs of, and references to, Paris (exhibits A, B, C, D), I’ve decided to channel my wanderlust into a new series called My Inner French Girl. Since I rarely need further provocation to make a round-up of items I like/want/need (see: every post prior), this feels like a natural extension and melding of two things I’m really passionate about: the City of Lights and online shopping. My Inner French Girl will explore different daily activities, and I’ll compile a host of items specific to how the chic, petite, messy-haired, pouty-lipped Parisian goddess who lives inside of me would approach them. This series was influenced by Theresa’s fabulous “Wear in the World” series (to which I contributed, surprise!, an outfit for 24 hours in Paris that I ended up mimicking exactly on my trip there in May) and a comment conversation I had with Veanad over our own inner French girls. Hers is more refined than mine, but I’m working on it.

So to kick things off, I’d like to start at the beginning: morning. A breezy, spring morning in a teeny 6th floor studio in the 17th.

1. Pajama shirt / 2. “A Moveable Feast” / 3. Bra / 4. Pajama pants / 5. Pitcher / 6. Radio / 7. Lavender Soap / 8. Body Oil / 9. Salted Caramel Butter / 10. Croissants

My Inner French Girl wakes up to light streaming in and spilling over the old chevron floors. She peels herself out of bed and shuffles to the little galley kitchen and pours herself a glass of water from the pitcher on the counter. Pulling on a button down shirt from its spot at the end of her bed, she clicks on the radio on the window sill and pushes the window open. She takes a deep breath and smiles contentedly as she looks out at the inky blue, zinc rooftops. Jazz floats softly through the room, diluting the car horns of early morning commuters from the Avenue de Wagram below. Grabbing a croissant she picked up from the Patisserie on her corner yesterday and a healthy smear of caramel au buerre sale, she sits back down on her bed and thumbs through her copy of “A Moveable Feast,” trying to find where she fell asleep the night before. Eventually she’ll take a shower, and emerge smelling of lavender and almond oil. But right now, she’s content to sit and read and let the morning open up around her.

(Okay, I lied. That didn’t help at all. It actually made things worse.)

24 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl

  1. That’s the most sapphic thing I’ve read on the internet. Ever. Even more than Zelda Warrior Princess forums from the 90s.

    I kind of fancy her too but I think I might find her a bit affected. And day old croissants are yucky, even in Paris. And that bra would do nothing for us girls who need a bit of help in the boobage department.

    But I love the new series! That’s a great idea.Seriously, I think you should change your blog name to ‘my inner french girl’. Perhaps you need a webcam so that you can show a daily shot from Paris?

    Wearing a boyfriend’s shirt is really nice isn’t it? I did that the other day and got told off for it.

    I had to google melded as I thought you’d made up a new portmanteau of moulded and welded. I’ll let you off though clever girl xx

    1. Sorry, I should have mentioned: my inner French girl has huge knockers. A girl can dream.

      Haha, I love that R told you off for wearing his shirt. Doesn’t he know that’s what boyfriends are for? I love wearing J’s button downs. Throw on some leggings and a belt and you’re good to go!

      Melded. Totally a word ;) xo

  2. Her morning sounds pretty awesome. Note to self pick up a croissant on way to work.The caramel butter sounds delicious but for now the cookie butter will have to make do. For the price the pajama pants have I would have to wear them on the streets as well, just add a simple tank and flat sandals…

    1. Cookie butter is a delicious alternative! I have a jar of it in my cabinet as we speak (well, what’s left of it anyway). I think you could definitely pull off wearing those pants outside. They would actually look pretty neat as regular pants! And at that price you’d have to, right?

  3. I think I like everything about Miss Inner French Girl. She reads! She listens to jazz! She has gorgeous jammie bottoms. She eats carbs! With salted caramel butter. Great idea for a series, ducks. I’m looking forward to following along.

    1. Hah! I totally support all of these things and can only hope to incorporate them into my own, more boring life. I already eat a ton of carbs though, does that count? xo

  4. I love how it’s the 6th floor. Nice touch. Because, you know, you’d have Jean-François-Patrice the groany sex fiend living above you otherwise. I like the way you think these things through.

    Er, I’m sure that was why. Not just for views/breeze/quiet reasons.

    1. I set it in the 17th for a reason, you know. I might be just slightly in love with your old hood. And I sort of hoped the whole time I was there that I’d run into Jean-Francois and just KNOW it was him. The stories about him never cease to crack me up!

  5. super cute idea. oh the idea of it! don’t think it matches up with the reality if I were to go live in Paris. i’d be lost all the time and fat from all those croissants! Teri

    1. Haha me neither, Teri! I’d be obese and sloppy, not anywhere near as chic and effortless as I imagine.

  6. Why do you insist on teasing me?! If only I could afford 500$ a pair of PJs. Those would the ones!!!

  7. This is the perfect new series for you. I love it, Erin! I can see this series going in so many directions. I want to know her vocation, her favorite restaurant, where she shops, does she have le boyfriend, and of course corresponding outfits and/or products…On and on. I know, patience young Jedi. (Thank you for the shout out!)
    PS~Sorry for my absence.

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