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No major construction progress was made over the weekend, though we did manage to paint the French doors (3 coats each!), buy all the flooring for the guest room, and spackle and sand a bunch of holes. And while it might not seem like physical progress, I did finalize a moodboard for the guest room. Instead of going for a stark-white, Scandinavian inspired space (my mom made a good point that it might border on feeling “asylum-ish” especially since it’s in the basement) I’m feeling more of a old Parisian/French-country/Restoration Hardware vibe. I basically want the room to feel like this song:

Lots of vintage-y French elements and neutral colors and, of course, white flooring paired with a pale gray wall. There are some things I’m just not willing to compromise on.

1. Linen Duvet in “Dune” / 2. Dresser / 3. Behr Paint in “Subtle Touch” / 4. Vintage Parisian Poster / 5. Pillow / 6. Throw / 7. White Flooring / 8. Chair / 9. Floor Lamp

The only element I’m incorporating that’s actually from Restoration Hardware is a vintage-washed linen duvet cover in a light tan color. Nothing says “Provence” like rustic linen, and while it’s a lot to spend on a duvet cover for a bed that will only be used every once and a while, I’d rather save up for a good quality set than buy a cheaper version I don’t particularly love. Also, I’m no stranger to dropping a ton of money on duvet sets these days. That lightweight Turkish fouta in red with white tassels on the end strikes me as being especially provincial, even if it’s not French (or even an actual blanket). A burlap throw pillow with French and red stripes down the sides will tie the whole bed together.

There is only one closet in the room now that the wall has gone up, and it’s under the stairs and we keep all of our suitcases and miscellaneous Christmas decorations and wrapping supplies in it. Given that we have nowhere else to put that stuff, the room is hurting for clothing storage. I know that IKEA dresser might not be the most antique looking thing in the world, but the gray-brown color is beautiful. I’m planning on swapping out the knobs once it’s assembled. Bonus: it’s on sale!

I love old reproduction posters, and this one by Jules Chéret from 1896 is whimsical and classic. Restoration Hardware furniture is out of my budget, but that antique-looking club chair is a fraction of the cost and got great reviews. I want to curl up in it and read a book by lamp light, specifically that pharmacy-style brass floor lamp.

I’m so excited about finishing the space (I can almost see the finish line) and I might be tempted to move back into it after it’s completed. We still need to figure out what is going on with the den portion, but I’m trying to take babysteps so I’m not overwhelmed with how much work still needs to be done.

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  1. You should at least spend a night in this gorgeous room! Like a little vacation not-away-from home! I love every single element you have here; it’s just gorgeous. It’s warm and welcoming without being overly fussy. Also, I would give anything for linen linens. I’m not quite there yet, though. But wow. Gorgeous room, and I can’t wait to see it come together. Also, I’m really looking forward to dropping my suitcase in there one day!

    1. I totally plan on treating myself to a little stay-cation there whenever J is on the road. I’m really so excited to see it all come together! Teehee, “linen linens.” You will definitely get to experience them when you come visit!

  2. Erin, what’s it called when you procrastinate regarding buying stuff for your home because everything you want is too expensive? That’s what I have. I need two new dining chairs, a new sheet set, a nightstand, an accent chair, more bookshelves, etc etc etc. But I want it all to come together cohesively. I guess I’ll wait to win the lottery

    1. Oh, whatever that’s called I have a baaaad case of it! Sticker shock? I try to remind myself that I don’t have to buy it all at once, that I can do an item per pay-check and that way it won’t seem so bad. That might be the way to go!

  3. Unfortunately I can’t listen to the song at the office, don’t have my earphones on me. The room will look wonderful with all the pieces you have selected. When can I move in? ;) Have a great week Erin!

    1. Oh bummer! It’s a sweet song anyway. You are welcome to come and visit (with P!) whenever you’d like! I still owe you for that Orla scarf, you know :)

  4. The lamp and chair are to die for. I LOVE both of those itmes! I wouldn’t have expected a chair from overstock or a lamp from Urban.

    I’ll have to start expanding my search for housewares. That is for my hypothetical houses. I can’t actually buy anything until I have a house and don’t live at Grandma’s.

    Did you buy any of the antique prints while you were in Paris?

    1. Aw yay! Thank you so much! You’ll get to come see them in person soon enough :) I definitely check the same stores over and over but I’ve cast a pretty wide net in my online shopping addiction, so that helps, haha. You know, I didn’t buy anything vintage in Paris! What a shame. Next time!

  5. Nice choices love. What knobs will you put on the dresser then ? I love a newly painted and decorated room, that new smell is gorgeous. Yes as Lauren says, you must stay there every so often. I’m pleased that you have a fix on how to decorate and style it. My spare room looks like a spare part, never finished it after 4 years. It’s just plain white with a white day bed and a recycled gold wardrobe… no fancy embellishments, not even a lamp or a side table. Looking forward to the progress :-) xx

    1. Hmm, you know, I’m not sure just yet. Perhaps I could hire you and Annie to scout some out for me?? I think my selection is limited because I’m unsure where to look beyond Anthropologie and at $8 a knob I don’t think that’s very practical! Your guest room does sound lovely, though. All that white!

  6. my love for restoration hardware knows no bounds. i wish it was more affordable! home goods often has the “look for less” and my mom and i have lucked out several times shopping there. might be worth looking into? also, i fully approve of dropping mad dolla dolla bills on a duvet cover. it’s where you sleep! if you’re going to splurge, it might as well be your bedding where you go to relax and recharge, no?

    1. I finally went to a real-deal brick-and-mortar Home Decorators while visiting Boyfriend’s family in north Jersey a few weekends ago. I think it was near Union? I could have spent hours in there, it was so neat to see all that stuff in person finally. But alas, we had food in the car and a bbq to get to. Next time!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence with the linen duvet. That actually makes a ton of sense! We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, I might as well be putting my money towards it, right? I lol’d at “mad dolla dolla bills” too :)

    1. Sue! Those are perfect! I’ve never heard of that store before (how is that possible?!) so thank you so much for the tip! I feel like I’ve found my mecca, almost. That site is exactly what I was going for in the guest room. You nailed it! Love everything you found.

      1. fabulous! glad to be of help… don’t know how i found it to be honest, but i’ve a good few years of searching out french bits myself for various projects… happy shopping! if i can relocate my other french links i’ll send them through (my hard drive died & i lost a good two years worth of bookmarks!) :(

  7. Oh, it’s all coming together quite nicely. Like Lauren and you, I would love to someday have linen linens. :) Have you seen the ones by Matteo Home? Get ready for your jaw to drop. Way out of our price range, but we can dream. I suppose it goes without saying that there will be some kind of awesome smelling candle in that room, right? So glad that this reno project is allowing you to flex your interior design skills. You’re quite good.

    1. Ooof. Why are we not billionaires who can afford the fine luxuries of linen linens?? If Restoration Hardware wasn’t running a sale I doubt I’d even be considering them. I totally forgot a candle! I’m sure I can find something among my collection. Or maybe this warrants a new one? ;)

      You’re so sweet, thanks T!

  8. so chic and sophisticated. love the linen duvet (very French) and the brass lamp is so great.

    so exciting to see the all the steps into making this room. can’t wait to see what’s next. Teri

    1. Thank you, Teri! I am really excited, too. It’s all coming together slowly but surely!

  9. Oh that’s so sweet of you to decorate your guest room just for me! Really, you didn’t have to but I’m very grateful.

    those knobs that Sue found are perfect! You know I’ll be happy to send them to you.

    I think the colour choices are great, all warm and cosy. Agree wtih Mater about white, there’s not a lot of light in that room but all that cappuccino and red will be soothing. Lovely. Kinda makes me want to drink Pastis. Almost…..x

    1. Haha! Well hopefully you’ll be an honored guest in the space one day and can truly appreciate it all in person ;) I’m definitely going for cosy and warm over stark and white. And hey, anything that warrants Pastis can’t be all bad, right? xoxo

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