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Maybe I’m jinxing things, but the weather has been pretty wonderful here. Not too hot, and perfectly sunny everyday. It’s significantly easier to be in a good mood when you don’t need two showers a day to avoid major stinkage. Thus, today’s Like A Picture captures the gorgeous summer sunlight we’ve been enjoying, even if (especially if?) it does look like a page out of an Anthropologie catalog. As much as I may be a born-and-raised city kid, even I can’t deny the appeal of a lush outdoor space like this. Anybody else want to meet me for a drink out here? I’ll bring the mosquito repellant, you bring the gin.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

Ignoring the fact that the candle is actually Christmas-scented (weird), it looks like a tree (it is from a company called Baobab, after all) and plays well with the picture. The blanket is from West Elm and has a nice ombre tone going on, which mimics the light streaming in through the trees and the light and dark leaves. I am majorly in love with the tablecloth and those chairs; it’s all very French Provincial to me. Do you have an outdoor space where you live? A backyard that perhaps looks like that? Can I come over? All we have is a gated alley where we keep our trash. Ah, city living.

10 thoughts on “Like A Picture

  1. Another excellent combination.
    I see you left your fedora on the chair.
    You would not believe how many of those chairs there were at the antiques fair. hundreds and hundreds, mainly white. And the metal topped tables. I was seriously craving a garden.
    I have a balcony which has a bistro set on it, it’s just about large enough to sit out on but the doors open outwards so it’s really hard to get out on it which is super unhelpful. What moron designed those?
    that does look like a really nice spot :)

  2. This is pretty much my dream outdoor dining spot. I’m feeling all envious over Annie’s ability to find table and chairs like those so easily. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right spaces?

    We do have a lovely work-in-progress garden now, and we have a round iron table with bright umbrella. I shouldn’t be envious because we finally got chairs and can eat outside now, so I’m actually pretty happy overall. Still…

  3. You can come to my garden and hang out, eating meat from the barbie and supping G&T’s from the bar cart :-)

    It’s a lovely scene that one, love the colour of the blanket too x

    The candle outer looks like an animal hide??

  4. You’re on….design my backyard around the oversized grill and the potted plants!

  5. Aww, I’m so envious of everybody who has a backyard like this! This one screams cheese and red wine tastings ;) Although we have a backyard we do not spent much time in it. It is paved with concrete and not very inviting. We also need to built a tall fence in the back so we don’t have to see the messy yard (read dump) of our neighbors. Hopefully we’ll be able to work on it next spring…

    Sign me up for the ombre blanket! Also love the candle but the price not so much ;)

  6. What a restful looking garden! It’s the sort of space that just cries out for a hammock. I love your picks, as always – especially the blanket. Delish. :D

    We’re lucky enough to have a reasonably-sized garden but boy, does it need a lot of work/maintenance! I’m looking into ways of making it chic yet low maintenance.

  7. It looks so lovely and romantic. I’m always attracted to great outdoor shots of tables in a field or on a beach. I’ve never actually seen this kind of a setting in real life. Maybe if I ever get to Italy I will see this more. We have an outdoor area is rather nice, but it’s downstairs and far away from the rest of the house, so we never go down there. Then there is our deck which I do go out on, but I’m always nagging my husband to clean it, and also we have to bring the cushions in after we use them so they don’t get ruined, so that leaves me crabby because there is no place to store them and they just sit in the middle of the living room. So in theory an outdoor space sounds lovely, but in actuality it’s a different thing. Teri

  8. Well, it took this post for me to realize that we have a backyard that we definitely don’t use enough. I remember city living and hoping against hope that we had a little outdoor space. Now that we have it, we just take it for granted. We’ve got a teak furniture set out there and a decent size patch of grass. You know, I think I’ll get the family to have a picnic dinner out there a couple of times this summer. (Because I’m crazy like that.) Thanks for the inspiration, Erin.
    More importantly, love this Like A Picture. I’m going to guess it’s somewhere in Italy or France. Love the washed linen table cloth.

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