Friday Five, Olympics Edition

Is anyone else as insanely excited about the opening ceremony of the Olympics today as I am? I still remember the 1996 summer Olympics, staying up late glued to the tiny tv in my room and watching as much as I could. And this year they’re being held in one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I’m duly excited because it means that this weekend, while Boyfriend’s mom and I are parked on the couch, we won’t have to default to watching copious amounts of HGTV and can instead tune in to watching all the diving, running, javelin, and gymnastics we can handle. Oh, yeah, there is going to be some major work completed in the room downstairs, too. But not by us.

Naturally, this week’s Friday Five is an Olympic-themed one. I thought it would be a difficult task finding 5 things to fit this theme, but I clearly underestimated the consumer-driven nature that an event of this magnitude inspires.

1. T-shirt / 2. Poster / 3. Necklace / 4. Statue / 5. Dish set

Doesn’t that gray tee look so soft and comfy? I’m surprised the Gap is selling Olympic gear, and not just from this year; they have a ton of vintage tees from previous years as well (Paris, Montreal, Tokyo, etc). I’m really love the typography treatment all the official “London 2012” gear is getting. Between that poster (are all the events pictured on it still current at the Olympics? Is archery still an event and I’ve been missing it??) and that dish set, you could really show some Britain-pride. Did I ever tell you that two of my cousins that live outside London worked on the Olympic site? And they didn’t even get tickets for all their hard work. Believe me, I asked.

Like archery, I’m confused as to whether discus throwing is still an event or if it’s just so iconic that it’s still being referenced and used in all of the various Olympic promotional stuff. Regardless, I love that figurine for all its ancient Greek iconography (though maybe not the price tag, ahem). If you’re looking to show off your Olympic pride in a more understated way, that handmade Olympic rings necklace is pretty charming.

Are you guys ready for the Olympics? For my British contingent: how have the preparations gone? Did you get to see the torch? Will anyone else be watching the opening ceremonies or any particular event? I’m a huge far of the uneven bars for some reason. Have a great one, kiddos! I’ll be back on Monday with (hopefully) some progress shots of the guest room.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five, Olympics Edition

  1. I’m pumped as well! There’s no good tv on right now and I’m waiting for football season to start. I can’t believe that’s a GAP shirt. Well done, GAP, well done…

  2. I missed the Olympic torch as it passed through my county and – excited as I am about the event – I’m not quite sure that I’m terribly bothered about not seeing the torch in the flesh, so to speak ………. :/

    I’ll definitely be watching the opening ceremony with bated breath. I’ve heard it’s pretty incredible and I really hope that it lives up to expectations.

    Have a super weekend! xoxo

    P.S. Discus and archery are still Olympic events, duckie. :)

  3. P.P.S. If I had to pick a momento from your selection, it would have to be the necklace.

    I’m surprised – nay, shocked! – at Gap, I must say. I didn’t have them pegged as the merchandising type. What’s next Gap-for-Keane T-shirts for every city they’ve toured in?

  4. The necklace is adorable! One could add one more ring below the bottom row to turn it into a triangle once the Olympic games are over ;) Maybe I can watch some of the Olympics while I paint this weekend, the TV is not too far away…Have a great weekend!

  5. That tee shirt does look incredibly soft. I like the idea that Gap is bringing back vintage Olympic tee shirts; Smart move. The rest of the items you rounded up are pretty sweet, as well. There was never a doubt in my mind that you – internet guru – would find five fabulous Olympic items.
    It’s been fun watching my Instagram feed and getting highlights of the ceremonies. I’m enjoying all the commentary. Have a really great weekend, Erin! Cannot wait for the next progress report.

  6. Think Gap are palming you off with the 1948 olympics there. There’s not really that much merchandise around because the branding is so tightly controlled.

    I strangely like that necklace too!

    Archery is defo in, no idea about discus. What’s the difference between that and the shot-put anyway?

    Richard saw the torch. It went past at 6.30am. I was supposed to go but managed to sleep through it oops!

    The opening ceremony was awesome. I loved the inclusiveness of it. Did you see the construction workers parading? guess your cousins weren’t in that then? My bro is working there too installing surveillance equipment xx

  7. SO excited for the games. Stayed up on Friday till the very end of the ceremonies and spent much of the weekend watching events that I dvr’d (and my dvr is now bursting at the seams).

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