Friday Five

As I mentioned, our 2nd anniversary was this week. We exchanged gifts the night before, like eager kids on Christmas Eve. I got Boyfriend a subscription to the Sunday New York Times, YSL L’Homme cologne, Art of Shaving Lavender shave cream, and a gift certificate for a professional shave. Boyfriend got me Lush bath bombs, the Club Monaco fedora, a bottle of Bluecoat Gin, and tickets to see Florence + The Machine this fall (if this were Twitter I’d end this sentence with hashtag: spoiled). It should be noted that I am incredibly lucky.

And because I’ve been showered with gifts this week and don’t feel the same itch to buybuybuy, today’s Friday Five has more things I already own than things I want to own. A first, I think!

1. T-Shirt / 2. Tote bag / 3. Bath Bombs / 4. Mariage Frères Tea / 5. Biscoff Cookies

Being from Philly, everyone here knows and loves the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. When they played Live 8 a few years ago on the steps of the Art Museum and broke out into the Fresh Prince theme song, well, several million people just about lost their minds (and voices from screaming along). So when Jazzy Jeff appeared on this week’s July 4th Celebration supporting The Roots as the house band for the evening’s festivities, I was already pretty pumped. Then he had to go and wear this amazing t-shirt (isn’t the typography killer?), an homage to the most famous of summer anthems, “Summertime.” If you are totally clueless as to what I’m talking about, go here. You’re welcome.

I fell head over heels in love with the soft, supple leather bags from Rennes a long time ago (I wrote about a small pouch of theirs on a Friday Five here) but this tote bag is definitely calling my name. They use all reclaimed leather and each item is hand-made to order. Doesn’t it look so soft? Totes are so utilitarian, and this one is gorgeous to boot. I can just see the Arts & Entertainment section peeking out from the top under my arm. Oh, and yeah, the Sunday Times gift subscription is definitely a gift for me, too. I’m the worst girlfriend ever. Really, I am. Why Boyfriend insists otherwise is beyond me, but in his quest to prove me wrong, he bought me these three bath bombs (from left: Avocado, Japanese Sakura, and Rose) because he knows how much I love taking baths. I set up the radio to the classical station, light a candle, and just soak. Fitz, of course, scratches at the bathroom door the whole time like I’ve been held hostage in there and it is his job to rescue me.

At Süsk’s recommendation, while in Paris in May we stopped at the amazing tea shop Mariage Frères (see the personalized guide to Paris she made me here). I loaded up on a few tins for us and some for gifts. The packaging is beautiful, and I love keeping them out on display. Ever since we got back from Europe (still crying), I’ve been starting my day with a hot cup of either Paris Breakfast (here come the tears again!) or Vanille des Iles. And a Biscoff or two. In Europe, you might know them as Speculoos, the delicious little biscuits that are ubiquitous at all cafés. They are delicious, reminiscent of ginger snaps, and are the perfect accompaniment. Why they felt the need to rebrand them as Biscoff in the States is beyond me, since they are made by the same company, Lotus. Maybe they figured Americans wouldn’t be able to pronounce Speculoos? It’s way more fun to say that Biscoff.

Okay kiddos, what are you up to this weekend? All I have on my agenda is a long bath and about 20 cups of tea (I know, I’m insane, it’s going to be 102˚ tomorrow). What about you? Oh, are you a bath taker or no? I always end my bath with a quick shower, because when you think about it, you’re soaking in your own filth. That’s a good note to end things on. Have a good one!

9 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. In Europe, you might know them as Speculoos – um no. I’ve never heard of them and I’m going to challenge their claim to be Europe’s favourite biscuit as you can’t get them here. Everyone knows that England isn’t really in Europe, but stil….

    Love that tea tin so much! Don’t like Lush much, the shop makes me sneeze.

    Why are you bathing in your own filth? Are you really that dirty when you get in?

    I don’t get the Jazzy Jeff ref? Was the Fresh Prince set in Philly?

    I am going to return that stupid rug from Anthro, it was horrid and totally overpriced, and then I’m going go to the picture framers to get the panda formalised :)

    1. Haha, I should’ve pointed out that Süsk always has a hard time finding them in London, but they are literally everywhere else! You could blink in Belgium without someone handing them to you. And they are really delicious, I recommend you hunt some down!

      “Filth” wasn’t entirely literal, but if you walk around the city in open sandals all day, your feet do turn a lovely shade of black. So while baths are relaxing, they’re not exactly my idea of hygienic :)

      Will Smith/Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff are both from Philly! Haven’t you ever heard the Fresh Prince theme song? Oh here, it’s just easier to show you than explain it, haha. This might be just one of things specific to America:

      Boo about the Anthro rug!! What was wrong with it? Tweet a picture so we can see it.

  2. Ooh I like that bag very much, it looks very squishy in the photograph. Boyfriend did do well, Happy anniversary to you both too. This is our 7th on the same day but the presents weren’t quite as forthcoming as in previous years. I got Mr L some Palladiums, I got zilch. Don’t worry, he won’t forget it in a hurry!

    You get Speculoos in the UK, but I only know them as Lotus biscuits. You get them with your coffee in run-of-the-mill, warmed-up-food restaurants here. In fact the biscuits are probably better than the meal.

    Lush shops make me feel a bit sick, the smell is very overpowering. Still, at least you’ll smell lovely.

    Have a great weekend x

  3. Ha, ha loved the Fresh Prince but I think the show might have been only half as funny dubbed in German ;)
    Speculoos are yummy! If you have an Aldi close to where you live you should check it out during Christmas time. They sell the German version of Speculoos (=Spekulatius) in somewhat cheap and big bags and they are delicious!

    Can’t believe you can think about taking a hot bath, I would prefer to sit in a bathtub full of ice ;)

  4. HAHAHA I want that shirt! And the Speculoos goods… ugh. I ate my jar of Speculoos cookie butter from Trader Joe’s in 3 days. So ashamed

  5. Oh. This one really spoke to me, Missy. First thank you very much, I mean little Delta Airlines, for introducing us to Biscoff. Our flight attendant on our last leg gave Cal a lime wedge to squeeze on his Biscoff, and it was ah-maz-ing. Total yum. She suggested that you buy a batch of them to make a crust for key lime pie. So now that’s on our agenda.

    And Rooth, was it you who told us about the Cookie Butter? I had NO IDEA they were the same thing but it makes total sense because they are both high on the scale of awesomeness. We introduced our LA friends to cookie butter, and Cal had me pick some up at TJs just now. Breakfast waffles, watch out.

    And that tote? Why must that site be under maintenance? My handbag situation = dire. And I need a new tote.

  6. MMMmmmmm cookies. Whenever there is food involved thats really al I can focus on. As far as baths go – I like them. But I always end up showering after because as you mentioned the whole “soaking in your own filth” situation don’t sit right with me.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend my dear!

    P.S. I was born in Ukraine where I lived till I was about 6 :)

  7. Happy 2 years, you kiddos!

    Silly England never caught on to the speculoos thing. We like a heavy ass scone with cream and jam with our tea. Bluuurgh, burp. I do miss those things. Did you ever get what you THOUGHT was a speculoos, but turned out to be a cha-cha chocolate-coated coffee bean in Paris? That was always a delight! I’m all for a free little somethin’ sweet with your hot drink. The only free thing I get with my coffee here in the Big Smoke is a scowl from a grumpy barista.

    Also..HaaaggEN Däszsz (however the eff you spell it) did a Speculoos ice cream- though I only ever found it in Paris. I weep when I think about it. Hold me back!

  8. Sorry I’m late! I have to say that you and BF are excellent gift givers! Flo + The Machine in the fall?! I hope we get a recap like the Keane concert. Pretty please with sugar on top.
    I’m not sure about these biscuits you speak of…Maybe I’ve had them, but I can’t remember. I do know about The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Those are some good memories. It’s kind of hard to believe that The Fresh Prince is/was Will Smith.
    Love baths, but don’t get to indulge much anymore. When I do, I totally do the shower-after-bath thing too. (That’s funny!)
    Hope you had a great weekend! So sorry about that grueling heat.

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