Feeling (Old)Man

It happens every few months: I get sucked into a Gary Oldman worm-hole and resurface a week later totally dizzy and bleary eyed. Last week was this video, these pictures, and scouring the internet for all his recent television appearances promoting The Dark Knight Rises (thanks to Lauren for the tip about the Today Show). It would make my life a whole lot easier if he weren’t continuously photographed not only looking dapper and dreamy beyond belief, but also with his stunning and perfect wife/my mortal enemy. I realize that I’ve now posted about my crush on Gary Oldman more than I have about Boyfriend, but whatever, he understands. Or maybe he doesn’t, but he doesn’t read my blog so it’s his own fault. I regret nothing.

Anyway, I consider myself an expert on all things Oldman at this point, so I couldn’t help but notice that his style has evolved over the past few years and he’s really nailed it. Here are two recent pictures, and I hope it goes without saying that a man that can rock a scarf and glasses is high at the top of my list of requirements in a mate.

So it got me to thinking, as most things do, about shopping and how to incorporate that masculine, European-chic style into my own wardrobe. Because who doesn’t love an excuse to buy more stuff? I’m sorry, are you new here?

1. Blazer / 2. Scarf / 3. Cologne / 4. Lip Balm / 5. Glasses / 6. Clutch / 7. Watch / 8. Oxfords

More after the jump, including a picture of Gary Oldman with a puppy! I KNOW.

First of all, if you don’t already have a boyfriend blazer in a neutral color like black or navy, I’m shocked. Pair it with an oxford to really let your inner-European-man shine. I had a pair of oxfords from Steve Madden that I wore so often I broke through the soles. Not classy, but I can attest to their comfort. That lightweight scarf is casual but refined, and it might be for men but that’s the point after all, isn’t it? I haven’t smelled that Hermès cologne but anything that is labeled “pamplemousse rose” can’t be overly masculine and is meant to be swiped by a girl. Same goes for that black tea lip balm as far as I’m concerned. Both might be marketed for men, but they’re not fooling me.

Last year I found out I finally needed glasses (apparently all that squinting I do in front of computer screens all day really caught up with me) and I went with the Huxley’s from Warby Parker. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the company and the glasses they sent me (I’m wearing them right now!) so I might get a second pair with clear frames. They look so good on Mr. Oldman! Plus they’d be a nice change from the dark tortoise frames I have now. I don’t know, though; is it crazy to buy a pair of glasses just because you want to look like your favorite celebrity? Maybe? A little?

Moving on.

I am completely obsessed with the vintage, camel leather Coach portfolio my dad passed down to me, but this envelope clutch from Russell and Hazel is really perfect, too. The leather looks so soft and worn. Clutches are a little impractical for everyday use, but this one really ties the whole look together, I think. Slap a Timex with a cognac leather strap on your wrist and you’re good to go. It doesn’t contrast too sharply with the oxfords or the clutch, and is still chic and masculine. Any of these pieces can be worn individually or together, depending on how much you want to look like a 54 year old British man.

And, because I promised, here is a picture of Gary snuggling a Boston Terrier puppy. SWEET JESUS.

15 thoughts on “Feeling (Old)Man

  1. Goodness he’s almost thirty years older than you! (That makes you a grandpa botherer like Catherina Zeta Jones by the way).
    Really J doesn’t read your blog? Tsk! I think R has given up on mine actually. He says it’s not as interesting as it was. Great.
    I can’t believe you found those glasses, how funny! I’m sending them R’s way although he’s now decided he doesn’t need any but actually I do.
    let your inner-European-man shine? I’m hoping mine is very well hidden.
    This GO obsession has clearly surpassed George Michael’s eyebrows. I miss them :(
    I bought R a Paul Smith polka dot tie for no other reason than GO had one. R looks like a bank manager in it though.

    1. I like to think my inner-European-man is slightly less dominant than my inner-French-girl, but who knows. I totally dig the age difference, is that weird? My parents are like, 12 years apart. Maybe that’s a subconscious reason I’m so drawn to GO.
      We should both get a pair of those glasses and be glasses-twins. Try them on with their virtual-mirror first though. Some of them were hilariously oversized even on my giant head. You’re a good girlfriend for buying R that Paul Smith tie! I know exactly the one you’re talking about, and I’m sure he doesn’t look like a bank manager. Maybe a bank-manager-by-day, James-Bond-type-by-night.

      You win:

  2. Oh the eyebrows are back! And so funny, because I was noting that GO and that sweet pup have exactly the same look on the faces. Interesting. He looked totally swoon-worthy on the Today Show last week, and I keep hoping Neel’s eyesight will crash so he can start wearing glasses, but no such luck. Sigh. Nice post dearie. Loving the eye candy.

    1. Ha! They DO have the same face! Which means it’s even cuter than I originally thought. You know, Warby Parker sells the frames with clear/non-prescription lenses, too! You could just buy a fake pair and wear em, or force them on Neel ;)

  3. Aww, puppy, puppy puppy! Ok, gotta focus on the important things like GO and the cute outfit you pulled together…Love his glasses and the one you found. When I got mine in December I wanted something similar. Unfortunately I have a tiny, egg shaped face and nothing similar looked good on my nose. I totally buy into the whole “menswear” for women thing, one can let out their inner man and still be feminine…

    1. I’m giggling over “tiny egg-shaped face” Nina! I’m sure you don’t, fyi. But I had a hard time finding a shape that fit my face, too. Maybe glasses are just difficult that way! I like that you’re on board with the masculine-feminine thing, too. My wardrobe already leans in that direction!

  4. The man sure knows how to dress. I have never got the hang of wearing a scarf in brisk weather, or even hot weather for that matter. I only swing them around my neck when it’s freezing outside. Then again, I could never really rock turtlenecks either. I really like that leather envelope. I am on a clutch obsession lately

  5. I really want you to get those clear framed glasses. They would look great on you.
    Shh, that’s one of my style secrets: Find a man who has great style and pinch it (within reason, of course). I’m sure you noticed that those are hearts on the second scarf, and I think the first scarf has polar bears? I love little details like that…Charming. You definitely picked a winner in GO, Erin.

  6. Sorry I’m late to the parade ;-)

    You are too cute Erin and so is GO, I agree. Not sure about the silk scarves though….

    Does he have a fan club? If not, you should definitely start it up. BUT did you see this picture of him on holiday with his really young wife ?

    It was in one of our national trash rags, check out the image captions, crack me up!


    Look at her awful fitting swimming costume though, eugh! You’d still be in the running if he were going strictly for style ;-)


    1. Well that was just about the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen. That lucky bitch! Her bathing suit (“swimming costume” is too cute!) is horrid but I’m about as pale and gangly as she is, so I have that going for me! xo

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