Dude, Where’s My Paper?

Our Sunday New York Times subscription was supposed to start last weekend, but the paper never showed up. Imagine Boyfriend’s confusion when I very uncharacteristically hopped out of bed early Sunday morning to “help him walk the dog” (it generally takes an act of God to get me out of bed on the weekend before 10am, and having his head bitten off on more than one occasion, Boyfriend knew this) and then stood in the foyer of our building looking at the floor in complete bewilderment, like I’d dropped a contact lens. My plan was to accompany him outside and then feign delighted ignorance at the Times sitting by our door, and then be all, “Surprise! Early anniversary present!!” Only it wasn’t there. It never got delivered, and I was stuck actually having to go outside at 7am. Brutal all around.

One week and one strongly worded email to the subscription department of the NYTimes later, and yesterday morning we got to lay in bed reading the paper like a cliche right out of “Stuff White People Like”¬†(“White couples usually fight over who gets to read the Sunday Magazine first. How do we know this? They will tell us repeatedly about how they always fight over the Sunday magazine.”) Sunday Style for me (two Bill Cunningham features!) and everything else for Boyfriend.

Our weekend also included watching episode after episode of “The Wire,” which I just found out also appears on the list of Stuff White People Like at number #85. “For white people to like a TV show it helps if it is: critically acclaimed, low-rated, shown on premium cable, and¬†available as a DVD box set.” Yes, yes, and yes, I bought the complete series on ebay for $50. If you haven’t seen this show, go. I didn’t lead you astray with “Homeland,” did I?

How was everyone’s weekend?

14 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s My Paper?

  1. That’s the most cultured your blog’s ever looked! ;)

    Poor you having to get up that early. I couldn’t stop sleeping this weekend. Really unlike me and ridiculous. I stopped reading the papers for exactly that reason – I only actually wanted to read the style magazine so the rest just went straight in the recycling.

    Don’t you just love the typogrpahy of the header? so iconic! x

    It rained all weekend. I was soooo depressed. Hate feeling blue at the weekend, such a waste of free time but the weather really got to me!

    1. Only getting it on Sundays might be good for us since we have the week to read through it and there isn’t this great pressure to finish it in one day. I hate rainy weekends! So unfair. I’d much rather it pour when I’m sitting in my office.

  2. It honestly boggles my mind that you can stay in bed until 10. I don’t mean that meanly. I honestly wish I could do it. Sigh. 5-5:30 Every freaking morning. When we were in CA, I would wake up at 2:30 Pacific Time each morning. Un-fun. But enough about me! You have the NY TImes! More reason than ever to lounge around in bed! I say go for it! I would need that Sunday Style feature post haste.

    1. That might be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. What time do you go to bed?? I’d be exhausted if I got up that early. I bet you’re productive though, with all that extra time! I always wondered how you were on Twitter before I’d even gotten out of bed.

  3. I got my parents the Sunday NYT and my mom calls me every time they forget to deliver it – she’s really upset about it. My dad, the super conservative, is still upset that he gets the NYT now instead of the WSJ. But really, do they need two weekend papers?

  4. oh man, the wire. it’s my favorite tv show, hands down. as a hopkins student, it was pretty much a requisite that we all had to watch it. i, of course, made the grave mistake of starting the series while living in baltimore at the time. bad decision, seeing as most of it was filmed in places i frequented daily. the actor who plays omar was invited as a guest lecturer last semester and he was even more awesome than i had imagined him to be. let me know how you like it!

    1. I watched season 5 back when it first aired (as a Journalism student it was super interesting) but am now going back and watching the rest of the show from the beginning. Boyfriend has never seen it. It’s SO good! Though I can imagine that living in Baltimore and watching it was probably nerve-wracking. The few scenes they’ve had in Philly (we’re only two episodes into season 2) have definitely scared me, haha. That’s so cool Omar spoke at your school! He’s pretty terrifying and fascinating at the same time.

  5. Newspaper reading in bed sounds like a great way to start a Sunday! I never managed to read even half the Sunday paper so we are not getting it anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t get certain TV channels because I’ve never heard of The Wire. Was it on HBO? Btw. I wish I could sleep until 10am, most of the time I wake up at 6am and if I’m lucky I can fall asleep again until 8am. The bad thing is it doesn’t matter how late I go to bed I always wake up at the same time. Never had problems sleeping in but the older I get the earlier I get up in the morning ;) This works only on the weekends though, when I have to go to work I feel like I can sleep all day when the alarm rings…

    1. Yep, The Wire was on HBO, but from 02-08, so that might be why you missed it. Funny how 2002 feels like a million years ago! I don’t know how you manage waking up at 6am, I’d be a zombie! Everyone says that the older you get the harder it is to stay asleep in the morning, but my mom can sleep til noon if you let her! I’m hoping I inherit that gene :)
      And I totally understand the alarm clock thing. It makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

  6. Oh, The New York Times. I never knew I wanted a subscription until I read this post. It just sounds like utter bliss to read this newspaper in bed on a weekend. You two certainly know how to live life.
    I never did get a chance to watch The Wire, but I’ve heard good things about it. Someday I’m just going to relax in bed all day and just switch between watching great shows, reading, and napping.

    1. They’re running a great promotion right now where you get a bunch of weeks at half off! If that sways you at all :) I’m sure this will all change in a few years but right now we are definitely enjoying being as lazy as we can on the weekends. I love your plan for a long stint in bed reading and watching tv. Totally support that!

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