Two of a Kind

I’m having one of those funky, not-myself days today. I lost my iPod sometime after work on Friday but didn’t realize it until yesterday on my walk to the subway, our internet is out at home and I’m pretty sure the crazy neighbors across the hall who fight about their pet rabbit at 3am and who conned Boyfriend into giving them our wireless password have something to do with it, and our upstairs neighbors’ washing machine is leaking into our water heater closet again.  Not even a little retail therapy yesterday could lift my mood. I just want to crawl back into bed and mope around.

But I won’t, since I’m an adult. Kind of. I still sleep with a nightlight sometimes.

1. Pillow / 2. Skirt / 3. Shoes / 4. Mug

This week’s Two of a Kind was the easiest one I’ve ever done. Everything came so quickly and so effortlessly, it makes me think I spend too much time on the internet (I do). I have this giant rolodex of objects in my head from scouring sites all day, so when that pixelated mug popped up I knew instantly I’d seen the same pattern on a pair of flats before. In compiling yesterday’s Black & White post, I found the pillow and skirt separately, but within minutes of each other. It’s as if the Blog Gods are smiling down upon me.

12 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. I am not at all happy to hear that you are feeling blue. And the Phillies won. I told Callum that it was the start of the big comeback. Seriously though, don’t you hate it when there’s a cascade of seemingly random things that line up together to make you feel horrible. Remind me to tell you about the Harry Potter Cloak of Crap someday. Feel better, my lovely. If it’s any consolation, I love this two of a kind. And I want that skirt.

    1. I’m so hoping you’re right about the Phillies! They’ve been unwatchable this season, including the game I went to! For Cal’s sake (and everyone’s) I’m crossing my fingers that you’re right.
      I’m going to need to know the genesis of Harry Potter and the Cloak of Crap, please and thank you. xo

  2. I want that skirt too!

    Was all the pixelation inspired by Christiane Lemieux’s painting in her sitting room by any chance? Although I think really you should include my Missoni through

    Harry Potter Cloak of Crap – I totes want to hear more about that please Lauren, sounds awesome. But not in a good way?

    Sorry you’ve been having a flat related nightmare. I remember the post you wrote about the rabbit! If it’s any consolation, my washing machine has flooded the ceiling of the flat below so now I have to sort all that out :(

    1. Oh that throw is fabulous! If only I’d seen it before, I could have done a Three of a Kind and really tested my limits. I think you’re right, subconsciously that pixelated painting has stuck with me. Sorry about your flat problems!! Do you guys have renter’s insurance and all that to cover the damage or does your landlord take care of it? Total nightmare either way! xo

  3. Man, I hope your crap day gets better soon. My friend’s iPod got stolen out of her car this weekend by the valet guy – super suck

    1. That’s so shitty for your friend, Rooth! And thank you, it totally did turn around. Lesson learned: never blog while grumpy! :)

  4. Balls. Balls. Balls. If it’s any consolation, I too am having a FUH day. Commiserations over coffee and cake down the local caff? My treat- no human can be down with a bakewell tart in front of them, FACT.

    1. Sorry if I stood you up, I hope you ate my portion of cake and tea! Sorry your day was sour, too! Must’ve been a bad Tuesday all around.

  5. I have not bought a new item of clothing in a few months. I’m on a strict shopping moratorium until I saw that skirt. Oh wait, even on sale it’s outrageously expensive. Some day!

    1. Haha, whew. Now you can’t blame me for ruining your no-shopping streak! I bet it will go on sale even further soon. xo

  6. Sorry to hear, Erin. Man, when it rains it pours. Hope it gets better. Take Süsk up on her offer…Sounds like a good one.
    You are so good at this two of kind. My problem is my bad memory. For example, if I saw that pixelated mug and remembered previously seeing those matching flats, I would never remember which site had the flats. Know what I mean? How do you keep it organized in your head? You probably just have a killer memory.
    Anyway, put me in line for that skirt. It’s a beauty!

    1. I wish I lived close enough to her to take her up on it! Unfortunately a big old ocean separates us. Just one more reason I need to move to Europe! :) My day got a lot better by the end, thankfully, and I feel bad for grumping in the first place.
      I do have a pretty good memory sometimes! Other times, like when I walk into a room and forget why I was going there, not so much. I’m sure I’ll develop what you call “mom brain” once I have kids and this series will go right out the window!

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