Two of a Kind

I took last week off from compiling a Two of A Kind post only to regroup and get re-inspired. This series is one the most nebulous and time-consuming for me, but I’m not complaining. I’m the only weirdo forcing myself to do this, but it’s like getting an assignment in college from that one hippie Philosophy professor where the requirements are so vague and you don’t even understand the question let alone how to begin answering it. A better analogy for those like me who crumble at tip calculation: it’s like getting any math question, ever. But you know, way more fun.

So yes, this week I feel good about my comparisons and excited to track some more down for next week. But, one post at a time.

1. Heels / 2. Clutch / 3. Tote / 4. Shorts

Before you say anything, yes I know those shorts are hideous and look as if you waded crotch-deep in some overflowing sceptic tank in your grandmother’s lace curtains. Not a pretty mental image, now is it? But apparently dip-dye is back in, as is evidenced by that Zara tote bag. It’s like ombre, only sad. But I can totally get behind those gold-toe heels, even if I couldn’t ever put them on my feet. They’re kind of sexy, aren’t they? The clutch could be better quality leather (or leather at all, for that matter) but it matches the shoe nicely, even still.

22 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. Did you finish this post? (I’m just asking)
    That shoe and bag is uncanny isn’t it? Great match!
    And I think I really like those shorts. I think I’d really like them for France this weekend. I really like the tote too :)

    1. Nope, I hadn’t when you commented! That’s what happens when you schedule a post and then walk away from it before its finished without changing the post-time. Woops. Blogging 101.

      I’m surprised you like the shorts! And whoa, back up a minute. France this weekend?? AGAIN?? Annie, I might kill you from jealousy. xo

  2. Oh ok finished now! Well I like the shorts so there. The shoes are very 1980s aren’t they? A decade that you’re too young to remember xx

    1. Well, considering I was born in it and only 4 when the decade ended, I’m pretty sure my memories only include tv shows that aren’t on anymore. Oh well ;)

  3. I’m sorry, I have to start with “France this weekend?” What the monkey? Dang Annie! Please tell us it’s for work so we don’t have to come over there and hurt you!

    Now, Erin. Great job with the matches this week, and who says, like with math, you have to *like* everything you put into these posts? I only rarely find ombre that I like and those shorts, well. No. Sorry Miss Bird. But I do agree about the shoes, Annie. They’d look great with some fierce shoulder pads, yes?!

    1. Good lord, I am far too opinionated to love everything I include in one of these. There just isn’t enough stuff online if I’m going to make this a forever thing! :) I’m with you thought, Annie is one lucky duck isn’t she?? xo

  4. I’ll take the black and gold leather objects except I think I have too many. Can one have too many things like that? Maybe not…

  5. What is ombré?
    Just another two nighter. Cannes this time. Richard’s work so I’m going for the free hotel.
    Erin I didn’t write more about Paris as I was only there for 36 hours and I he’d have killed me if I’d spent the entire time taking photos ;) I might squeeze another one out if you’re lucky tho x

    1. Ombré is that trend of going from light to dark in a piece dark dark brown all the way up to white, for example in, say, curtains. I just can’t fall in love with it but people are finding ways to ombré their hair!

  6. @Annie: Soooo jealous! You couldn’t smuggle me in your holdall, could you? I fold up really small …. :D

    @Lauren: And there I was thinking it was Spanish for “man”. Kidding! :D x

    @Erin: Only you could put together a post, totally rip into it and make me collapse into fits of laughter!

    I have size 8 feet and pointy shoes just make them look more like clown feet – doesn’t stop me loving the pair you’ve chosen, though. Who can resist a bit of mettalic, after all? ;)
    I’d happily buy everything else but those shorts? Yeesh!

    1. She’s got no more room in her luggage as I’ve already claimed it for myself, so there. :) Though I’m sensing we need to organize a giant trip to tag along with her one of these times, yes? Yes.
      I have size 8.5 and my coordination issues aside, my feet are too big to look attractive in heels like that, too! We have that in common. xo

  7. You are so clever with your two’s of kinds, and this one is bang on. Agreed on the 80’s angle for the top two, I LOVE the clutch x

    Awww, Chi, I have clown feet too, but with size 3/4 feet and stick ankles – a bad look.

    I never knew what Ombre was either Annie, thanks ladies. You have a huge short theme going on lately Erin, are they your wardrobe staple? I agree these ones are awful! I also recommend that no lady over the age of 30 should seriously step foot in a pair of shorts, especially short-shorts. Just my humble opinion!

    And Annie in Cannes – well jel!


    1. Haha I didn’t even realize but I guess I do have a thing for shorts! I wore a wool pair of trouser-type shorts to work last week and didn’t realize that it might not be appropriate until someone said something. My mistake!

      So jealous of your stick ankles, as someone with cankles I routinely lament my chubby ankles. Harumph. xo

  8. Hey great matching girl! I would love to think I’d get away with those shorts but I think it would be safer for the people of Malmö if i stuck to the shoes and the clutch!

    1. Hahah Niki I’m sure you’re being hard on yourself! I love a lady who can rock a pair of shorts ;)

    1. I’m not sure how to take that, but aren’t we supposed to be fostering discussions amongst our readers? I was just trying to add to the conversation! No slight intended, promise. xo

  9. Oh, late to the party, per usual. Well, I like your matches. Isn’t it funny that those self-imposed columns are the hardest to put together? We must like torture. You’re so right, I can never back down from a challenge…Even one from myself. I need to get out more. Those poor shorts never had a chance.
    @Annie – Stop being interesting, will ya? ;) xx
    @Chi – Ombre, Spanish for man. I love funny Chi.

    1. We must be sadists (or is it masochists? Chuck Bass would know) to put these stringent rules on ourselves! Hahah, don’t be so hard on yourself, after all you backed off your own self-imposed schedule and seem all the happier with your new 3-a-week posting regimine! xo

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