There’s Something Fishy Going On

I had to pun, you guys. I had to. Times of extreme joy call for it.

Remember when I got back from Belgium and the first thing I wrote about was that I finally got to visit a Zara Home store in Brussels? Leave it to me to turn a vacation into a post about all the things I wish I could have bought, right? Anyway, in that post I mentioned my love of a certain giant candle, shaped like a big gold fish (at the time I was jet-lagged beyond belief and I actually collapsed into giggles at the gold fish/goldfish joke I made. Awesome). I lamented that I couldn’t buy everything in the store, but that candle should’ve been a no brainer. I guess I was too nervous about it making the journey back home safely or was too concerned with getting a very sneezy Boyfriend out into unscented air.

Annie, my darling, my dreamboat, the blogger who started it all for me and found me through our mutual love of the West Elm Parsons desk, just so happened to be near a Zara Home last week and just so happened to mention that if I just so happened to still be in love with anything in particular, she could maybe pick it up for me and send it to me. It just so happened that I deafened half a city block screaming so loud with delight at the prospect.

Cut to two days ago, when I arrived home to an overflowing mailbox. The other half of the street that had retained its hearing was swiftly deafened as well. Also: holy crap Airmail is fast these days. That was a 4 day turnaround!

Remember when I said I had been worried about the candle making the journey in my luggage without getting broken? Ironic, since the first thing I saw on the outside of the package was this:

WTF is that?! I got kind of deflated, obviously, but figured there’s nothing superglue can’t fix, right? Plus, how can anyone stay upset when they see the package addressed to them like this:

I mean, COME ON. This almost makes up for all the times she’s called the lead singer of Keane a hobbit.

Even if the candle would be crushed to bits or broken in half or missing a fin or something, I was still beyond grateful that Annie would send it to me because she knew how much I loved it. It’s the gesture that counts. So imagine my surprise when I pulled this out of the package:

THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. It’s perfect! It’s even better than I remember. Fitz immediately tried to eat it. I tried to make out with it. And to complete the circle of life, it’s now resting on my West Elm Parsons desk.

Annie, Annabel, you have made me so ridiculously happy. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my gold-fish-loving heart. The next time I’m in London I’m buying you all the gin you can handle.

14 thoughts on “There’s Something Fishy Going On

  1. Hee hee you’re VERY welcome! I’m doing a lot of transatlantic posting at the moment it seems. Did you like the par avion sticker too?

    I can’t believe the state it turned up in, no wonder you thought it was broken! Wonder why they put it in that bag?! Maybe just to whip you up into a frenzy? I love the ‘we care’, as if they actually do care. I don’t know anything about the US postal service but Royal Mail couldn’t give a toss whether things turn up at all, let alone what state they’re in. They lose so much post and have the cheek to make us pay for insurance so we can claim it back when THEY lose it.

    Sorry, wasn’t supposed to turn into a rant about the royal mail!

    slightly disappointed about two things: 1) no photo of it in situ on said parson’s desk and 2) where’s the really cute photo you sent me? I showed it to Evan and told him ‘see this lady, that’s the lady you said sucked’. He looked a bit alarmed and then started sniggering.

    Stupid fat hobbitses, as Golem says :)

    As much gin as I can handle? You might regret that!

  2. When I read the headline I instantly knew it was about the goldfish candle ;) I had to hold my breath when I saw the USPS bag around the original envelope, that instantly screamed broken fishy to me. So glad it arrived safe and sound!

  3. i have been dying to visit a zara home ever since i knew they existed, but something tells me i would be tempted by EVERYTHING. your fishy is adorable eek!! and i’m happy to hear he didn’t suffer any damages :)

  4. Awww, lil fishy got to you in one piece. Naughty post people pretending it was damaged, still what a surprise to open it and find it well. So lovely to see a goldfish that’s actually gold and not orange.

    Lovely Annie.

    Are you going to light it or is it just for ‘show’? x

  5. Annie is too sweet and that’s a lovely candle. I also want to know if you’re going to light it? As much as it look so cool, I bet it would look even more neat half melted

  6. Can I tell you just how happy the friendship between the two of you makes me? Of COURSE Annie would do that for you. Partly because that’s the kind of gal she is, but also because of who you are and who the two of you are together. Really lovely. My only question is, are you ever going to burn it?

  7. Puns are my favorite, especially of the fishy variety. I can totally understand your obsession with this particular fish…I mean it’s gold and it’s a candle.I don’t think I would ever have the heart to light that wick though.

    P.S. I decided to make my love for your blog official and added you to my blog roll :)


  8. Ah, this post is making me all kinds of happy. To think that all of this – the friendship, the hilarious banter, the fishiness – is due to blogging! It boggles my mind, yet makes complete sense. So it’s official: Annie is a great friend. (Not that there was any doubt.)
    PS~Don’t burn it!

  9. Awww! That is the sweetest gesture EVER!!! *Melts*
    So typically lovely of Annie. :)

    I know it totally defeats the aim of buying a candle but please, please don’t burn it!
    You MUST keep it as a memento! :D x

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