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Clearly my wanderlust from yesterday hasn’t subsided, because last night I watched “Midnight in Paris.” Twice. I’ve always been one of those people who can watch a movie a million times and find it just as amazing as the first time. I never tire of my favorites, books included. I’ll re-read books over and over again, and each time I’ll find something new that I missed before. I think today’s Like a Picture plays with that idea.

 1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

That candle is especially romantic, given that it says “A room without books is a body without a soul.” In French, swoon. I love that the gold lettering is mirrored in the gold trinket box in the photo and the typography of the book cover. The creaminess of the photo is picked up in the blanket and the frosted glass of the candle. Picture of course comes from Veanad. Again. And again, that blanket is from Lands Downunder (I’ve used them a million times in this series so far). They are the softest and most wonderful blankets I’ve ever felt.

13 thoughts on “Like a Picture

  1. Thanks for confirming it’s in French, I was wondering what that funny language was ;)
    Love those sunglasses and the battered compact. I need a compact in my life. There’s something so glamorous about them. Should always be used to apply red lipstick imho.

    1. Oh, you’re welcome! I’m so helpful, aren’t I? I could moonlight as an interpreter ;)
      Compacts are so elegant! You should find an old one at a flea market or something and snatch it up! xo

  2. i’m always so excited to see what picture you’re going to choose and how you’re going to pair it :) this one definitely reminds me of paris!

    1. Thanks! I might as well title this series “Picture I Stole from Veanad” though ;)

  3. I can watch the same movies over and over as well… If Dirty Dancing is on, I’m watching it. Same goes for Brides Maids, you’ve got mail (sniffle, sniffle) or Devil Wears Prada.
    Oh, and that candle…I always send those as gifts, Assouline also had a great collection of reasonably priced books that with the candle make the perfect book nerd gift. Clearly we are both suckers for anything literary :)


  4. I am exactly the same way with movies and books. Well, before kids, of course. When I was living alone in Boston, I liked to watch Toy Story over and over. Sometimes I would just have it on in the apartment as background noise. For some reason, it brought me comfort. Similar to how your Like a Picture is making me feel right now. That photos is stunning and I totally agree with that quote.

    1. T I love how you drop bits of glamorous previous lives into the conversation ‘when I lived alone in Boston…’. I want to read your autobiography!

  5. I love Midnight In Paris too, saw it at the cinema when it was released here last year. A bit of fantasy, romance and culture all squished into one wonderful film.

    I love that blanket, looked at their website and they do all sorts of beautiful colours don’t they? I’m torn between the pretty pink or the lime green. Soft & beautiful – tick. No UK delivery though xx

  6. Can you believe I still haven’t seen Midnight in Paris? What’s wrong with me. It feels like every new Like a Picture is my favorite, but I love the color palette in this one. I want the compact, but I might need that candle. And blanket. :)

  7. Oh my gad. I’m in love with everything about this post. I just bought a Lands Downunder blanket and I kind of don’t want any other texture near my body now. SO. SOFT. And that candle – definitely fueling my online shopping addiction :)

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