It’s been a while since I posted some fabulous interiors, and since I got a splitting headache last night and spent the evening in bed watching old episodes of the Office (I woke up this morning in my clothes from yesterday), this was honestly the easiest post for me to pull together. Sorry to call this one in, you guys, but I’m pretty sure my head is going to detach from my body any second. I’m such a delicate little flower.

All sources can be reached by clicking on each image. 

All white interiors with splashes of color. Please don’t tell me you’re surprised at this point. I’d kill for a whole wall of white subway tile, and some exposed brick. Which of these is your favorite, if you had to pick? Indulge me, I’m feeling like death on legs today.

12 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Well none of them are to my taste (obvs. ketchup). but I love the exposed brick and dark frames. and wow look at that sunshine streaming through.

    And OMG. What are those palm tree dish things. I TOTALLY need those in my life! Love a bit of palm tree action.

    And how come J didn’t have the decency to undress you and tuck you up? (& take photos whilst he was there and post them on the internet).

    Hope you’re feeling better, goldfish on the way! Let’s hope it arrives in one piece xx

    1. When I asked him why he had let me fall asleep in my clothes his response was, “You always yell at me when I wake you up.” Noted. Though I told him that I had grounds to yell at him because he had done the opposite. Poor guy, can’t catch a break ;)

      Yay goldfish candle!! I can’t wait til it gets here. If it’s broken, oh well, I wasn’t intending on burning it anyway. There’s nothing superglue can’t fix!

      Ketchup xoxo

  2. I can’t believe you posted at all considering how you feel, you poor thing! You have absolutely no reason whatsoever to apologize – just because it was easy to put together doesn’t diminish it in the slightest.

    It just proves that you are more Lisbeth than Lisbeth herself. ;D

    I love the supersize artwork in 1 and 2, the metallic pendants and silver chesterfield (also in no. 2) the exposed brickwork in no. 4 and, of course all that white as far as the eye can see yum!!! :D

    Feel better soon, honey! xoxo

    P.S. You better not be on the computer right now. Get to bed, young lady and I don’t expect to see a response to this until you are feeling (a lot!) better. :)

    1. I had a wicked migraine that didn’t break until Thursday afternoon! And I was at work the whole time! Woe is me :) I’m better now though, you’re so sweet to be concerned!

      I LOVE the artwork in the first one. I sort of want to try to replicate it. Or use my Lisbeth skills and track it down! xoxo

  3. Aww, sorry you are feeling under the weather, but your posts are still fun, so don’t apologise and feel bad about it, so there.

    Well, there’s a lot of achromatic action going on in these images. (learned that word today :-)). Loving the copper pendants (BIG LOVE) and large colourful artwork, the chequerboard floor and the palm tree glassware.

    I’m thinking of putting copper tiles in my bathroom I’m about to do up, I got a sample through today but I cannot decide whether I’ll get bored with them quickly.. mmm. A bargain at £5 per tile – What do you think ?

    GWS xx

  4. Number 1: meh. Number 2: meh. Number 3, number 4, number 5: FABULOUS. Now go to bed. My head is splitting and my allergies are killing me. I might join you.

  5. Im such a sucker for a nice kitchen, mine is the size of a closet which is fine considering it is only used once a week for my recipe posts. Sorry to hear about your headache, I used to get gnarly migraines…sleep is usually the only thing that works, sleep and painkillers…obviously. Anywho…hope you feel better dear!


  6. Erin, get thee to bed! Ok, you’re probably already in bed by now…Maybe even feeling a bit better by now ??? Sorry, I am. Killer headaches are NO fun. Well, for phoning this one in, it’s pretty darn good. I need you on speed dial.
    Indulging you now: #3 – Dark cabinets with a wall of subway tile. !!!
    Feel better, Erin. xx

  7. Oh noooo, not fun. Although there’s nothing at all wrong with lying in bed and watching past episodes of the office! It’s prob good to stock up on the box collection of Californication for the next time too! Definitely would go for the black kitchen and the DIY light bulbs on the pole – sooo cool. I hope you’re feeling better today! x

  8. I hope you are feeling better today!

    I’m drooling over the black kitchen cabinets and the white kitchen with the checkered floor…

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