Friday Five, Father’s Day

Last night I found perhaps my greatest internet discovery: an online stream of all of season 5 of Gossip Girl. In HD. For free. Now I finally know whose pregnancy test that was in the trashcan at the end of season 4 (I’ll never tell!) and you guys, Chuck Bass got a dog. That probably means nothing to the majority of you, but I know Theresa understands why this is so amazing. In case you were curious, my weekend will look an awful lot like it did last night: me, horizontal on the couch with my laptop perched on my stomach, eyes glued to episode after episode of the delightfully indulgent and borderline insane show. It is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures, after macarons, obviously.

Sunday is Father’s Day, and while I’ve taken several opportunities previously to talk about my dad and what he means to me (like here and here), today I decided to make a more generalized gift guide for Father’s Day. These are all still things he would have loved, but they aren’t so specific so as not to be universal. Herewith are five things to give the man in your life, whether it’s your dad, your brother with 3 girls of his own, or your puppy-daddy. Whatever works for you.

 1. T-shirt / 2. Scarf / 3. “Sh*t My Dad Says” / 4. Kiehl’s Soap / 5. iPad case

Despite our best efforts, men don’t like getting fancy. A comfortable t-shirt will keep him stylish yet unfussy, and make him extra huggable. Bonus: you get an extra shirt to sleep in (admit it, you do this, too). It doesn’t matter if his clothes are soft and steal-able if his skin is rough and dry. Kiehl’s has a line of skincare for men that is about as masculine as it gets. This bar soap is called Ultimate Man (testosterone!), and has oatmeal and bran in for scrubbing, and won’t leave him smelling like a girl.

When we were in Europe a few weeks ago, Boyfriend and I played two informal games as we walked around Paris, Ghent, Bruges, and Brussels: we’d point out all the girls in colored jeans and all the men in scarves. I was clearly on-trend with both bright red jeans and a turquoise pair, but I came away from that trip convinced Boyfriend needed a scarf. This one, from Club Monaco (they’re having a huge sale!), is plain and casual but will instantly make any dude look European and dashing (again, this is one of those things you can steal for yourself, too. Obviously I never gift a gift unless there is something in it for me. Ahem).

My dad could be super foul-mouthed and crass but simultaneously endearing and sweet. Still, nothing rivals the dad from this Twitter-stream-turned-book. You’ve read snippets online before, right? I don’t need to repeat how hilarious and crude this book is? Good. Buy a copy, give some laughs this Sunday. Or if books have fallen by the wayside in favor of an iPad, this case from Hasso mixes leather and canvas and is probably as close to a man-bag you’re going to force on him. I’d like to point out that my dad totally carried a murse and rocked it.

What are you up to this weekend, kiddos? Tomorrow night I’m seeing Keane in concert (!!!!!!) and sitting second row (!!!!!!!). I might even squeeze a trip to IKEA in between my Gossip Girl marathon. Best weekend ever? Have a good one!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five, Father’s Day

  1. Can I buy the iPad case for myself and use it as a purse? Because that’s just about perfect. Have a great time at the Keane concert!

  2. Lovely gift guide dear, on what I’m sure must be a bittersweet weekend for you. Hope you’re feeling better and that you have lots of fun. It’s too cool for the pool here, can you believe it? And the waves are HUGE with scary rip tides. Neel wants to go to Jamestown. Lord, I love him, but {yawn.}

  3. The scarf I would totally get for myself. Note to self, check out the nearest Club Monaco store!
    I’ll be heading to the shore tomorrow for a girls weekend on the beach. Hope it’ll be warm enough for the beach…Have a great time at the concert tomorrow! xx

  4. Gossip Girl: I do understand, Erin. I do, indeed! Man, I wish I had all of Season 5 in the queue, then I would totally have something to look forward to. I’m even through Season 6! So I have to wait until next fall for new episodes. Waa…
    Erin, I had never read that first post about your dad. Not sure how I missed it…Though, on second thought, I’ve probably missed a lot. I read the second post when I first found you…It was this post and your “seeing people get scared” post that first drew me into your blog. Both are beautiful tributes to your dad.
    NIce roundup (my dad loves tee shirts with pockets). So excited for you to see your favorite band of all time tomorrow night! Gosh, can’t believe its finally here. Enjoy and have a great weekend, Erin!

  5. Great round-up, duckie! The Hubster is notoriously difficult to shop for but I know he’d love the book and the T-shirt. Like Theresa’s Dad, he LOVES T-shirts (well, anything really!) with pockets. :D

    I had a lovely day out all planned for Sunday and now I’ve finally succumbed to conjunctivitis. I just hope the weather stays sunny so that I can continue to get away with wearing my large sunglasses wherever I go. :(

    So glad you’re well enough to go wild at the Keane concert! :D
    Have a great weekend, darling. xoxo

  6. R won’t let me wear his tshirts. In fact he gets really pissy if I wear any of his clothes without asking.

    Not heard of the book, don’t like GG, don’t like Keane!

    But I love your street style games! Richard and I have a few too they are as follows

    1. Should ‘Shard’ when you see the shard (you can see it everywhere). First to shout wins.
    2. WCLs. Wellies in Central London. What’s that about? There is no excuse for wellies in town unless it’s rain of biblical proportions.
    3. DD. Double denim.
    4. IPJ. Inappropriate Puffa Jackets. Not so much in London, we do this in Cheltenham, home of posh sloaneys like Zara Phillips. That lot all wear sleeveless puffa jackets with everything. Most especially over rugby shirts (or rugga shirts as they call them). Yuk.

  7. Gossip Girl, Ikea and Keane. Ok, I can do Keane but seriously????

    Anyway, will read in a mo how the concert went.
    2nd row, eh, impressive!!!!!

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