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This will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me in real life, but I rarely dress in color. I inherited this (along with my tendency towards night terrors and my sense of humor) from my dad, the man who would rather die than wear something that wasn’t black, brown, dark green, navy, or tan. I’ve one-upped him and pretty much wear only black. I just looked down at my outfit today to check and proved myself right.

I naturally gravitate towards minimalist, monochrome interiors as well (duh). I don’t think there is a color combination out there more perfect than good old black and white (hello, black and white cookies), so I decided to round up some of my favorite examples of the classic duo.

1. Blouse / 2. Bows / 3. Candle / 4. Shorts / 5. Cups / 6. Jeans / 7. Toothpaste / 8. Calendar / 9. Bag /  10. Shoes

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I’m half a second away from buying $13 toothpaste solely because of the packaging. Has anyone tried Marvis before and can attest to its worthiness? Also, to my UK contingent: how have I just now discovered Wallis? That store is amazing! I’ve mentally bookmarked a bunch of future work clothes.

21 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. I used to have a “uniform” of khaki and white. Pants/shorts & tee shirt. I’ve branched out considerably and have all sorts of crazy color in my wardrobe now. That being said: pattern? notsomuch. I can get on board with a lot of these things, but those jeans? YIKES.

    1. Yeah I don’t think those jeans would look good on too many people outside of rail-thin fashion models. Or those who can wear white without it ending with stains galore. I like the sound of your uniform! ;) xo

  2. Black and white is super chic. I’m stopped wearing as much black as I used to and if do, I have to wear colorful scarf, bag , or shoe. However, black with white is so great and surprisingly very summery!

    1. It is surprisingly summery, who knew! It’s such a classic combo, I’m not surprised. Love the idea of adding a pop of color to off-set a monochrome outfit, if only I had the courage to pull it off! xo

  3. Uh yes to black and white cookies. It’s SUCH a good thing that I’m not in NYC because I would eat them every day all the time. How can you reach a more perfect balance of cake and cookie??

    1. Oh man, we have a ton of places to get them here in Philly. It’s dangerous, actually. Those things are divine. I can’t go into a Starbucks and not leave with one, it’s just not possible. xo

  4. Such cute shorts. And I’m a sucker for good packaging too (and still regretting not buying that retro can of oatmeal at the grocery store the other day…)

    1. Oooh, I’m intrigued by this retro oatmeal container now. I love good branding, especially vintage! Even if I just used it for decoration (which I would with the toothpaste). xo

  5. Yup, black and white fan here, and darker, all one color outfits. Today: Navy tee shirt, dark boyfriend jeans, and tan belt. Have you ever visited A Merry Mishap’s blog? She is also a HUGE fan of black and white. I think you’ll die. Happy Monday!

    1. She makes jewelry too, doesn’t she? I think I’ve seen her blog a few times. Love your outfit, aren’t boyfriend jeans so comfortable? I have a pair and they look good with a casual tee or even a fancy top and blazer. Love. xo

  6. i received a tube of marvis toothpaste in my birchbox and in my glossybox and it was nice, but nothing amazing. i’d probably keep a tube around for guests or something to make them feel special but i don’t think it’s worth the price. and avoiding color should be my middle name (if you couldn’t tell by my blog already). my coworker used to make fun of me all the time for it, but who cares. if you look good in black, why not? every time i try to wear something colorful, i don’t feel like myself and i end up regretting it. minimalism for the win!

    1. Aha so that’s where I’d read about Glossybox before! Thanks for the advice about Marvis, I think I’d only be splurging for decorative purposes rather than its utility, so it’s good to know! And what about Glossybox, do you recommend it? I’ve looked into it but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m with you on wearing color, I generally feel so awkward in bright colors and just not “me.” Why fight it, you know? And yes, your love of minimalism is one of my favorite things about your blog! xo

      1. i absolutely recommend glossybox! i’ve been subscribed to birchbox for over a year now and just recently signed up for glossybox now that it’s offered in the US. the two aren’t comparable. i feel like glossybox actually delivers in terms of sample sizes, variety, and quality. birchbox used to be a lot better, but lately their samples have been small and a bit random. i’m actually thinking about stopping my birchbox subscription and just focusing on glossybox.

  7. pps: also, i’ve tried on those rag and bone jeans and they were not as amazing in person (at least on me) so i passed. i think intermix had them on sale recently?!

    1. I had my doubts about those pants! There isn’t an Intermix in Philly, unfortunately, but maybe that’s for the best!

  8. You little magpie genius, you. I NEED those jeans. If I find a black wall, and stand in front of it ALL THE TIME, it miiight look like I have slim(ish) legs. SOLUTION! FIST PUMP! AND OTHER EXCLAMATORY ACTIONS!

    1. I’m blushing at “magpie genius.” You! Better yet you could make Ban carry a giant black backdrop behind you everywhere you go in those pants. That’s what husbands are for, right? If you’re looking for slimming action (which you don’t need, you’re insane) white is generally not the way to go! Black black black all the way. Though I love your enthusiasm!! xo

  9. I love a bit of black and white, but I rarely buy anything white, unless it’s a work shirt or t-shirt. I did buy some top shop jeans last Summer, which I’ll have to get back out.

    Never heard of Marvis – it’s name doesn’t sound very appealing!! And Wallis, well that’s been around for years here in the UK, the go-to staple for all middle aged, middle of the road women. BUT, having just looked at their website, I think they’ve had a bit of a revival actually. That’s competition for you hey? Zara for example, would certainly have taken some market share here in the UK.

    So are there Wallis stores in the US now, or just mail order? xx

    p.s. can you purchase all said items and wear them and hold them together then take a photograph, I’d like to see if they all go together ;-)

    1. Yes! Wallis sort of seemed like it was for the older, professional woman, but a lot of their stuff is really adorable! Their prints and patterns are ace and everything is reasonably priced. They don’t have any stores here that I know of but they do ship to the US and for free if you spend a certain amount. Works for me!

      Can you imagine me wearing that dotted top and striped shorts together while holding the bag and cups? I’m dizzy just thinking about it! ;) xo

  10. Oh hello Marimekko! I’ve been eyeing up the plates that go with those cups forever. I REALLY want them. But can’t justify them.

    White jeans. Tres Liz Hurley.

    I buy black dresses and white t-shirts and that’s it really. I like monochrome art though for some reasons: posters and prints. and I LOVE pandas and penguins, both of which are black and white.

    I don’t know what b&w cookies are but they sound awesome.

    And diptique. ’nuff said.

    1. They’re not too expensive are they? I think they’re even on sale. Let me know if you want them! I have to return the favor somehow, you know. I’ll even throw in a black and white cookie and break all the rules about shipping food ;)

      Penguins are my favorite! And my dad’s favorite, too, which makes total sense now that i think about it.

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