a Due Colori

I discovered artist Alberto Seveso through ApartmentTherapy a few days ago and my jaw hit the floor. Seveso took high-speed photographs of ink mixing into water, titling the series “a Due Colori.” I’d be doing the images a disservice to call them flawless and stunning, so I’ll just shut up and let you take a look:

They look more like silk or chiffon scarves swirling around than ink. I am absolutely in love. Texturally, these are making me want to dip my hands in them. Prints are for sale here, and you know I’m going to ask for the first one above for the next holiday that warrants presents. Which would that be, by the way? July 4th? Labor Day? I need to own one of these gorgeous prints, stat. What do you guys think of these? Be advised there is only one acceptable answer.

10 thoughts on “a Due Colori

  1. Wow they are weird! So three dimensional. They make me think of funny deep sea creatures for some reason. the detail is extraordinary.
    I know I know it’s mid summer tomorrow, that sounds like a good excuse for a present? xx

    1. They DO look like sea creatures! Like jelly fish or something. They’re so fascinating. The longer I stare at them the more I see. That sounded like I’m stoned or something, but I swear I’m not. I’ll not so subtly drop hints about wanting a print and see what happens ;)

  2. I love the colours, especially the fuscia/blue one (one of my favourite combos!). That said, they remind me of internal organs/intestines.

    Perhaps, the anatomy I did at university is coming back to haunt me! :/

    Don’t mind me, though – go on, treat yourself!!! :D

  3. Honey, it’s the first day of summer!!! What better reason than for someone (or better yet, you yourself) to get that first print for you? These really are jaw dropping gorgeous, and interestingly, they remind me of some stuff my dad has been doing since he had to stop sculpture. Not as three-dimensional, but he’d like them. We’re getting ready to frame one that he and Cal did together, so I’ll take a photo to show you and see what you think.

  4. Ah, really beautiful, Erin. I’m going with silk chiffon scarves…That’s what they look like to me. The colors are amazing and so vibrant. I would like to see black and white ink with just a drop of crimson mixed together. Or, what about a sky blue and red one? I’ll pop over and see if they have. I seem to recall an anniversary coming up soon. Hm…
    This artist is new to me, so thanks for the introduction, Erin.

  5. OMG they are so beautiful! I want to touch the swirls of color, they look so silky and touchable but that would ruin them ;) There is always something that needs some celebratory shopping and first day of summer definitely calls for buying one of the prints for you. Happy summer!

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