Vacation Photos: Paris, pt 1

Two weeks ago today, we landed in Brussels at 8am and took a train straight to Paris. The weather was incredible, warm and sunny. Our first day there we walked the entire city it felt like, stopping only for lunch, Ladurée (verdict: they taste better in Paris, and they’re less expensive), and then later, drinks when we were exhausted and needed a pick-me-up. The first time we rounded a corner and caught sight of the Eiffel Tower I actually started crying. Wept, openly. We took a late nap (at 7:30 at night! thanks, jet lag) before heading across the street from our hotel for dinner. I’ll never get over walking out of the front door and seeing the Arc de Triomphe at the end of your block. Or having champagne at every meal.

“To know that Paris exists and anyone would choose to live anywhere else is a mystery to me.” – Midnight in Paris

Part 2 coming tomorrow! What, you didn’t think I would only have this many photographs of Paris, did you?

15 thoughts on “Vacation Photos: Paris, pt 1

  1. Err no I imagine that’s a teeny weeny sample.
    Lovely photos, and nice to see J too! So glad you had so much fun.
    Techie question, what ISO/aperture/WB/shutter/mode/whatever do you use for these phots? am really struggling with all my photos being underexposed and yours look so lovely!
    Aren’t you supposed to be on holiday today duckie? x

  2. Even their trash bins photograph nicer! (Paris 9)
    I MUST have #Paris 2 for my walls!!

  3. C’est magnifique!* Love your photos, can’t believe you hate the pictures you take. The macarons look delicious. Now I’m hungry. Enjoy the holiday!

    *hope whatever I remember from my french class in high school is somewhat accurate ;)

  4. I actually welled up when I read your description of seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time. You are so sweet that I can hardly stand it! :D

    Your photos are absolutely exquisite. I’m eagerly looking forward to your next instalment! :) xoxo

  5. You tease us with guessing how many European installments you are going to do, but I think these images are just the tip of the Iceberg! The eiffel tower is stunning, I particularly like image No. 3 when he is poking his head through the buildings. And champagne at every meal – good girl!

    It’s true, you do take a lovely photograph x

  6. Heyyyy I know that alley three photos to last- it’s right near the McDonalds which the trendy kids sit outside of on their shitty mopeds. Ahh…memories. So nice to see the old ‘hood again- and I’m chuffed you guys liked it too!

  7. Such great pics. I love Paris it’s soooo romantic! So lovely that you cried when you saw the Eiffel tower, it is FABULOUS!!! :)

  8. Oh, stunning, Erin! You did such a great job of capturing not only the beauty but the “feel” of the city. Your reaction to seeing the Eiffel Tower was exactly mine to seeing the Parthenon. You know it’s there, you’re expecting to see it, you’ve maybe even seen it before, but then there it is. And you’re moved beyond words. I’m so glad that happened to you. All of it!

  9. Erin, These photos are absolutely beautiful. You better put a watermark on them because someone is (for sure) going to “borrow them. I can definitely appreciate the fact that you openly wept at seeing the Eiffel Tower. It must have been such an amazing moment.
    Cannot wait to see more!

  10. It’s such a magical city isn’t it? I’m not surprised that your first glimpse of the ET made you well up with emotion. It’s one of those places that you just don’t want to leave. I’ve been obsessed with the cafe chairs in your photo for ever and am still determined to have them in my house someday. Love all your photos. They made me smile and brought back great memories. Thank you!

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