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Well, I didn’t find a dresser I was crazy about at the flea market on Saturday, but that is probably for the best as I can’t imagine attempting to sand a giant dresser outside on my front steps. I sanded and repainted a small table a few months back and that was awkward enough with people walking by. Also, something about sticking my clothes in something 30 years old gave me kind of the heebie jeebies. Yep, I just said heebie jeebies.

Whenever I’m starved for something to post about, I scroll the hundreds of pins of interiors I have on Pinterest, and inevitably something inspires me. Last night it happened to be this picture, which I’ve featured before in an Inspiration post, but still makes me swoon a little bit. Because I’m a total internet-squirrel, I decided to hunt down the items in this perfectly-styled (and surprise! Scandinavian) interior so that if I wanted to I could recreate the look in my own home (and let’s be honest, of course I do).

 from here

 1. Pendant light / 2. Radio / 3. Shelf / 4. Bag / 5. Tape / 6. Basket

I have that radio (it was my dad’s) and the sound quality is seriously unparalleled. I know, who listens to the radio anymore, but Tivoli also makes iPod docks now, too! I’m thinking of buying that shelving unit for our laundry closet to create some organized storage in there. And come on, who doesn’t love some neon pink washi tape every now and then?

How was everyone’s weekend? I’m pulling a longer week at work to prepare for my trip next week (have I mentioned this trip yet?), but not so long as to not allow for a trip to IKEA today for lunch with my favorite coworkers. Can you tell I’m really excited?

9 thoughts on “Inspired by Industrial

  1. That radio is killer! I just bought an old dresser and am now facing off with the restoration work that needs done. Turns out, of course, that it’s more than I thought. I think it’ll be worth it though!

  2. I love the little spruce up and tweaks you made to the blog! We really do need to talk about you switching me over to WP. I would pay you of course. :)
    I do love that photo and the roundup you did. Who wouldn’t love some neon tape. It’s adds the perfect pop of color to that otherwise black and white decor.
    I have a 1960’s stereo cabinet that is in serious need of sanding and repainting. Maybe I will take it on as a summer project. We actually have a backyard now, so I should take full advantage of it.
    Happy Monday!

    1. I’d love it if you moved to WP, then I wouldn’t have to type in my credentials every day!

      If Erin can’t / doesn’t want to do it, Tina’s developer has done mine and Richard’s and she was pretty cheap x

  3. Yes and you have every right to be excited! I’m excited for you (and I love IKEA food – isn’t that weird?)

  4. A Tivoli radio is a necessity – you don’t even need to turn it on, they just look pretty….On the tape front, I put up a picture with just black masking tape the other day and my husband was completely baffled.

  5. Oooh hello new blog header! Lovely, I love your social media stuff up there.

    Seriously that gave you the heebies??? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard! What about sleeping in a victorian bath? knowing dead people have been naked in there! bet that’s given you a new complex….?

    I love that you even include the tape :o) But seriously, who wants a photo of a woman’s bottom on their wall?

    Oooh ooh so where will you be this time next week…?

  6. Shame you didn’t come back with any goodies from the Flea market. You crack me up, now you know why they are called Flea markets! Coming back empty handed would have been far too depressing for me, I did that at an antiques fair a couple of months back and was miserable for the rest of the day.

    I love that you spend so much time online sourcing products and you always seem to know where you can go to get everything. I thought I was obsessed with interiors shopping (I am) but you may take the crown love :-)

    What did you get in IKEA?

    p.s. I listen to the radio, but on my ipod!

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