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Today is our last day in Paris before we make our way back to Belgium for a quick stop in Ghent. I’m pretty sure Boyfriend is going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to the train. It’s been a great two days so far, I can’t wait to finally explore Belgium! You know, the country we planned this vacation around. Today’s post is an especially romantic one. Without further ado…

Hi guys, it’s Sam here over from Bright Space, guest posting whilst the lovely Erin is skipping her way around Europe.

Erin’s asked me come up with best holiday themed post, and having been inspired by her trip to Paris, I’m sharing with you today, my special and romantic trip to California and Nevada with my husband Den in December 2007.  It’s particularly special to me because it’s where we got engaged.  “Awww,” I hear you say!

This US trip was the second holiday we had together, the first being a surprise trip to New York just two months after we first met in 2006 and as a girl who loves the TV show “Sex And The City,” it was a place I always wanted to visit.  Den had set his stall out for uber ‘girlfriend impressing’ trips early on in our relationship so when we talked about going back to the States for two weeks and having a West Coast self-drive experience, it was a hard act to follow yet a very exciting prospect indeed.

On a wet dark January earlier in the year, we were in a taxi after a social event and I forget the nature of the conversation we were having but we got onto the topic of spending the rest of our lives together.  At our very first date I’d bluntly told Den that I would not marry again so when he announced in the cab that he would propose to me by the end of 2007, I was very surprised and just laughed the conversation off.  Believe me when I say that when we arrived in San Francisco all those months later and with only 3 days until the year was out, I had absolutely no idea he was about to pop the question.

My fiancé-to-be got down on one knee in the hotel room in the early hours of the first morning in SF, we were wide awake with jet lag and poor Den… the engagement ring had travelled those thousands of miles in his hand luggage without me knowing and the pressure of ensuring he did not lose it before he had ‘done the deed’ had become so stressful, he could not wait any longer.  Den is never lost for words, but this is the one occasion where he had trouble deciding what to say and how to deliver it.  Okay, so it wasn’t the most romantic of locations but very special nonetheless.  Such fond memories and a fantastic start to an awe-inspiring trip.

It’s amusing to think that the ring had been hidden under my nose at home for days and then in the hotel safe and I had not stumbled across it.  I think Den grew a few more grey hairs over the whole experience.

As the popular saying goes “Never say never,” and that couldn’t be truer in this story.

Here are some of my favourite shots of the trip.  Do tell, what’s been your most romantic experience ?

How sweet is that?! I don’t know what’s more amazing, Sam’s gorgeous photographs or her gorgeous engagement ring! Thank you so much for sharing your story, Sam!

12 thoughts on “Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Sam of Bright Space

  1. Ah bless that’s so sweet Sam! What a lovely story. Poor Den, he must have been terrified of lsoing it. How lovely that you then got to spend the whole holiday together, just the two of you :)

    The photos are amazing, that one of the sunset! Great post Sam! xx

  2. Awww such a lovely proposal, I think the fact he couldn’t wait makes it even more romantic :) Beautiful photo’s too, the one of you sat on the rocks at the beach is gorgeous.

    I love the Wynn, did you stay there?

    Feel a little teary, I’m such a sop! Fab post :) xx

  3. Aww! How lovely!! I agree wholeheartedly with Kelly – the fact that he couldn’t wait for the perfect time/location (and the fact that he was quite obviously nervous – poor thing!) scream romance to me.

    M and I have always wanted to take an American road trip and your glorious photos are making me want to do so sooner rather than later ……

    What a heartwarming post – loved it! :D

  4. P.S. Most romantic experience? Hmmmm …..

    Watching a movie on the beach under the stars with The Hubster on our honeymoon is right up there … :)

  5. That’s gorgeous and truly romantic. He was/is obviously the right one…. good on you..

    I’ve actually never been proposed to. I think all men knew I would have said no because they were not the right ones:)

    Great photos.

    Most romantic experience? Surprise 1st class trip on the Orient Express…. I kind of messed it up though:)

  6. Sam, thanks for sharing your engagement story with us! I feel like I know you just a little bit more, which is always nice. California, baby! Have to give my home state a shout out. ;)
    My (now) husband also proposed to me in a hotel room, in Las Vegas. Oh my, that sounds terribly cheesy! It wasn’t, I promise.
    I love engagement stories. No matter the circumstances or details, it’s always romantic. Love all the gorgeous photos of your trip too. Hope you come back!

  7. Oh my GOSH, what a lovely story and so romantic. I’m not very romantic, I’m afraid. Too self-conscious maybe, but this was downright wonderful. I love all your photos, and I love that it took place in California, one of my all time favorite places in the world. I agree with Theresa, it *does* feel like we know you a little bit more. xo

  8. Thank you lovely ladies for your support, it was a really difficult choice since most holidays are pretty special. But this one seemed the perfect fit for Erin’s Paris break. Much love x

  9. Yet another reason to visit California someday- what a cute story.

    I love the long-exposure traffic photo, too- gorge!

  10. What a sweet story! A road trip through the US was my first vacation with my husband. The planning already started when we weren’t even dating. He mentioned at a friends bbq that he was going to drive from coast to coast by himself and asked if I would like to join him. I said yes. He didn’t believe that I was really going on the trip with him, on the other hand I thought he might not really want me to go. But I got a passport, a credit card and booked a flight. We’ve been together ever since and that was almost 15 years ago. I guess in one way that was the most romantic thing I’ve ever done ;)

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