Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Chi of 106 Kids

Today is our last full day in Brussels, we’re flying out tomorrow. Boo! I’m trying to cram in as many moules + frites as I can before returning stateside. Kicking off this week is the lovely Chi of 106 Kids, with the very apropos (and romantic!) story of a recent birthday. The floor is yours, Chi!

I was lucky enough to be whisked away to Paris by my husband for my thirtieth birthday. I had always wanted to go and by a rather fortuitous coincidence it remains one of my favourite “holidays”. We journeyed by Eurostar and I was so utterly beside myself with excitement that the 2 hours flew by.

We only had a weekend in which to cram our itinerary and so no sooner had we checked in and freshened up than we set off armed with maps, rusty school French and a spring in our step. For the most part, we went to all the usual tourist haunts and did the usual tourist things but there were three firsts that I remember fondly.

One afternoon, as we debated over which quintessentially French café to dine in, we spied a sushi restaurant.  Egged on by my husband, I finally mustered the courage to go in and have my first ever bite. We had broken our cardinal rule of only ever eating local cuisine on holiday but I absolutely loved it and I’ve been indulging happily ever since.

I also shrugged off my fear of heights and walked all the way up the Eiffel Tower and was rewarded with a breathtaking view that is never quite the same in photos.

The highlight of the entire weekend was a sumptuous 7-course dinner aboard a glass topped boat. We sailed along the Seine serenaded by a live jazz band and watched the sun set over Notre Dame – the perfect end to a heady weekend.

boat pictures from here 

I haven’t been back since but I look forward to doing so with our little girl who will, no doubt, skip unabashedly down the Parisian streets just as excitedly as I did.

Gah, Paris! I can’t believe it was a week ago that I was there. Time moves too quickly sometimes. I wish we’d been able to do a dinner cruise! There’s always next time, right? Thank you for sharing your story, Chi!

8 thoughts on “Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Chi of 106 Kids

  1. Ah how lovely Chi! That boat cruise sounds brilliant. I’m not afraid of heights really but I still found the Eiffel Tower a bit scary. and it’s the one place in Paris that you can’t see the damn thing from!

    We’re trying to get to Paris next weekend for a mere 36 hours. So excited! x

  2. Woo-hoo. Paris. The city of ‘amour’.
    You have a thing about heights and got up the Eiffel Tower? Wow!!

    The highest up for me was by lift to the second level of the Eiffel Tower to the Jules Verne restaurant where I’ve eaten a couple of times. Of course views are spectacular… didn’t even have to walk up:)

    Glad you still like your ‘sushi’ :) Dudu, by any chance??

  3. I am SO impressed by so many things in this post, not least of which is the trip up the Eiffel Tour. I just know that’s one trip I’ll never make. Your pictures make me wish I weren’t such a wuss…so stunning. I can handle Tina’s trip, so maybe I’ll make it that far.

    And way to go for trying sushi in a strange land! We often try to find non-local stuff in different countries, because that’s as much an experience as anything else. Are you a sushi convert now? Because for sure you’re a Paris convert!

  4. Chi, I can’t think of a better way to ring in such a momentous birthday. What a wonderful gift! I love that you seized the occasion to try new things, some for the very first time! Thank you for sharing this really special moment with us.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments and to Erin for having me!

    @Annie: Jealous! I hope you manage to find a nice hotel. :) x

    @Tina: Gotta love the Dudu – haha! Mmmm, I can still taste it ………… *drools* x

    @Lauren: “Are you a sushi convert now?” You betcha! :D x

    @Theresa: “What a wonderful gift!”
    It certainly was – my husband could do no wrong for ages after that trip! :D x

  6. You went up the Eiffel tower, well done you! I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t go up there when I went to Paris. I’m not good with heights at all but I should have given it a go, the problem was that the queues were so large, the thought of waiting a nail biting hour, watching that twisted metal to get to the front and then chicken out, was too much to deal with. What a wuss! Great post Chi, thanks for sharing it with us x

  7. What a great gift being whisked away to Paris for your birthday! I’ve been on the Eiffel Tower about 17/18 years ago with my then boyfriend. Other than the great views from the top I can’t remember much about that trip. Guess I have to make my husband take me on surprise trip for my 40th (OMG!) birthday…

  8. @Sam: Aww, thanks – you’re too kind! :) x
    The ridiculously long queue for the lift, encouragement from The Hubster and the knowledge that I only had two nights in Paris got me up the Tower more than anything.
    That and not looking down! :D

    @Nina: Paris does lend itself well to being whisked away, doesn’t it? It just oozes l’amour!

    If you do go for your 40th, I hear Mama Shelter ( comes highly recommended. I’ve been toying with the idea of another trip to Paris ever since I visited their website! :D

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