Friday Five

We survived another week, you guys! This week at times felt like it was whizzing past me and at times made me feel like I was stuck in quicksand. Have you ever had one of those weeks? I’ve been really busy at work, which is great, and after my amazing review last Friday I feel prepared to handle whatever workload is thrown at me. Of course, my rampant productivity burns me out so this whole week I’ve been passing out even earlier than my usual and preferred 9:30pm bedtime.

This week’s Friday Five seems especially spring-y to me, which I’m sure was directly influenced by the bout of gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Without further ado…

1. Scarf / 2. Shoes / 3. Bag / 4. Print / 5. Carafe

My favorite thing about spring, aside from keeping the windows open and seeing the sun stay out past 7, are wishy flowers. More technically, Taraxacum, which I didn’t know was their name until I googled it. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been unable to walk past one in a patch of grass and not pick it and blow on it and make a wish. I did it yesterday, in fact. I think it’s magical and fun and I’ll do it no matter how old I am. And I’ll always call them wishies; Taraxacum is too hard to pronounce and nowhere near as whimsical. This antique book plate from a Swedish (!) flora book published in 1905 (!!) is a steal, and would look beautiful in a small frame on a nightstand next to that gorgeous sea-foam carafe. Don’t they complement each other nicely? You could have both for under $20.

I’ll admit, I kind of have a thing for scarves, and I don’t need to remind any of you I have a thing for Sweden. This is totally one of those Gary-Oldman-eating-macarons things: two of your favorite things coming together magically. Stockholm map on a scarf. You guys. If it weren’t over $100 and I wasn’t sticking to a more stringent Europe budget, I might indulge. The same can be said for that gorgeous tote bag from Flea Bags, the creation of Brooklyn-based designers Shira Entis and Alex Bell. Their mission was to create eco-minded bags that were also fashionable. Mission accomplished, ladies. I am crazy in love with it, the mix of canvas and leather and those buckles! I’ll make it mine one day.

Nina reminded me in this post on Wednesday that I’m overdue on buying a new pair of white Converse. I practically live in these shoes, and have since high school when I was super cool and used to write Pink Floyd lyrics on the rubber part around the sides. I don’t do that now, but I wear a pair to death and always hate having to throw them out even when the soles are coming apart and the canvas is permanently brown from dirt. I took advantage of Zappos free overnight shipping and bought a new pair. In case you were going to point out my aforementioned strict Europe budget, I’ll have you know I might just incorporate these into my wardrobe over there. So, win-win.

This weekend is my brother’s birthday (he’ll kill me if I put his age on here, but let’s just say he’s older than all of you) and we’re also going to a double-header at Boyfriend’s college to celebrate the new baseball facility, in honor of their late Athletic Director. If the rain holds off, it should be a really nice weekend. What are you guys up to?

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  1. Ooooo, fab scarf! Wonder if you can get one of Malmö too? Looove the shoes,the carafe….this could turn out to be an expensive visit! Have a great weekend!

  2. I feel certain that your brother is not older than me, and in fact, in a few days I will probably be older than him. So there. I. want. that. carafe. Must have. Really. I read a book last night, for most of the night, really that made me think of you. It’s called Paris My Sweet and it’s about a woman whose job with Louis Vuitton takes her to Paris for a year (or more). Memoir. Whole chapter devoted to macarons and Laudree. Another whole chapter devoted to Angelina, a chaud chocolat that my friend Seamane brought me from her trip to Paris last fall. It was not a great book however. A little too “I’m so lucky!” Self-congratulatory. So I won’t be sending it to you. I don’t want to be *that* friend.

  3. I love wishy flowers! My 13 year old self always wished to marry Joey McIntyre but that didn’t work out so well ;) Would buy everything on your list and already own the Converse sneakers. Do you also have problems with getting dirt on them for the very first time. At first I’m really anal about it but once they have the right look – not too new, no too ratty – they are perfect.

    Have a great weekend! I will be dusting off my bike tomorrow and hopefully be able to do a nice bike tour…

  4. This weekend I’m going to NY to visit Columbia with my sister, and I am considering visiting Ladurée only because of your rave reviews!

  5. Your weekend sounds like fun – we’ll be running around Houston with Frenchie’s parents trying to eat everything in sight

  6. Young lady, it’s not just a scarf it’s a JOSEF FRANK from Svenskt Tenn… bow quickly! That’s Swedish Royalty love!!!

    Can you explain one thing to me… Chucks. WTF, I have never worn a pair in my life. They must be the most uncomfortable flat soled shoes ever!! Why does the whole world wear them? Do they not realise they are uncomfortable?

    When younger I used to wear Superga’s which are back in fashion. All the same junk, there to ruin your feet. Zappos, love them…

    Your brother is older than me. Explain please..

    There is another Tina, oi, I was here first.

    Happy weekend x

  7. ..used to write Pink Floyd lyrics on the rubber part around the sides…. you did! That’s so cool. I LOVE Pink Floyd and listen to eat regularly on Spotify.

  8. I LOVE that tote! I’m going to be in NYC all next week – might have to see if I can see it in real life! I love my black cons too – they seem to with just about everything in a pinch! Going to spend the day at the beach tomorrow (its supposed to be in the mid 90’s this weekend here in Cali) and then going to the Pasadena Showcase House with my mom on Sunday – they pick a different mansion in San Marino or Pasadena every year and then a bunch of interior decorators come in and redo the whole thing. Have a great time at your BF’s alma mater!

  9. “it’s about a woman whose job with Louis Vuitton takes her to Paris for a year (or more).” Ugh. Some people make me sick. Jealous!

    Chicken if you find Taraxacum a mouthful, you can call them dandelions as that we call them. I used to love making wishes on those too.

    I’m with Tina. I don’t get the converse thing. I had a pair and also found them very flat footed and uncomfortable and canvas over leather? No way. I love that you used to write pink floyd lyrics on them, so cute! :) For me it was New Order lyrics everywhere. But never on my DMs!

    Yeah how come he’s so much older than you?

    Little bro’s wedding today. And a break from coursework I think. I had a really big deadline at work yesterday, plus was working in Bath for two days this week so I’ve been mentally busy and am really tired so looking forward to spending the day with my family. Although it’s the first time my parents have seen each other since their divorce was finalised eight years ago so let’s see how that works out! xx

  10. My you have an eclectic mix of Friday Fives this week lady.

    Wishy flowers! how cute – makes dandelions sound very bland hey Annie? I recall doing the he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not rhyme blowing on them, much like the picking of the petals on a buttercup thing.

    I have a black pair of converse, I bought for Barney but he didn’t like them as they were too uncomfortable. I’ve recently purchased a pair of Palladiums in red which made me reminisce as I first wore these canvas wonders in the early 90’s and yes, they are very comfortable. I think they started in America, yes guys?

    Have fun with your brother, a quiet weekend for me but I shall pop to Columbia Road Flower Market early on Sunday morning. Have fun xx

  11. Ooh, that scarf is just lovely! I want to use more scarves and be casually sophisticated like Grace Kelly you know. I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon but hey, a girl can dream right.

    Converse is a true indication that spring is here. I’ve got a pair in almost every colour even if I use my white ones the most. They’re so comfy and add a playful touch to every outfit.

    Speaking of my post on Berlin and Paris, I have to explain. It was my bad. You miss my sense of irony cause Carl-Jan isn’t famous in Triladelphia. :) Here he however is, very very famous. I’ve been invited to mingle with him at a preview for an exclusive auction. So, I happily miss Berlin and Paris for a night of wine, minisandwiches and one of Sweden’s funniest men. :) How is your weekend my friend?

    All my love

  12. Hope you are having a nice weekend. It’s hot in California everywhere but the beach, where it’s fogged in. Hoping today will burn off. Teri

  13. Well, loving Chucks must be an American thing. No, I take that back because Chi is a huge fan. I’ve got a low top black pair and high-top silver leather pair. My white pair died a slow death in the mud run. It was their time. I think your new pair definitely deserve a European holiday.
    Love wishy flowers. My son has already been taught to blow and make a wish. It’s beautiful child play and brings you back to center, I think.
    I had no idea your brother was older than any of us. For some reason I thought he was younger (don’t know why I thought that). Happy bday, bruddah (as my daughter says).
    As I’m late to the party, hope you had a great weekend with family and at your BF’s Alma.
    PS~That tote is beautiful.

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