Feeling Tomboy-ish

This all started with a backpack. And not just any backpack, but the Fjällräven Kanken I wrote about back in September. That particular Swedish brand has been everywhere recently, all over street photography and even popping up over on J. Crew. In a very un-me decision, I’ve held off buying it because I don’t have any need for it, though I do think that many (MANY) years from now it will make a pretty hip diaper bag. And while I haven’t bought it and snuggled with it yet, it’s making me appreciate backpacks again. So when I saw this Abingdon backpack (also from J. Crew), I couldn’t help but pull together my ideal Spring/early-Summer outfit, letting the masculinity of the bag influence the rest of the pieces. To be honest, this is much more my style than a frilly summer dress.

1. Shirt / 2. Shorts / 3. Fedora / 4. Glasses / 5. Backpack / 6. Loafers

Yep, those are my exact glasses, and it was just a stroke of luck they happened to work so well with this round-up. I love the simplicity of a white button-down and a simple pair of chino shorts, and even those $600 loafers. Doesn’t that backpack look so comfortable, like you could just throw your camera and a magazine and maybe a scarf in it and walk around all day? But you have to do it in style, so make sure you wear a fedora; I had one a few years ago and I swear, I’ve never gotten more compliments from random strangers than when I wore it. Some might have been sarcastic, now that I think about it.

24 thoughts on “Feeling Tomboy-ish

  1. This totally and absolutely seems to suit you. Down to your toes. $600 clad toes. I love the shirt. And the shorts. Mine need to be a bit longer, perhaps. More walking-shortish. But I can get totally on board with everything else. And, ahem. I’ve started shopping again. I need a dress to wear to Callum’s lower school graduation in June. YIPES.

    1. $600, ugh. If only they were cheaper! I’d say congratulations on shopping again but I’m not sure you’re excited ;)

  2. Awesome round-up, duckie!

    This is my all-time favourite look EVER!! I love that whole androgynous, slouchy thing – super comfy and über-stylish. I’m a huge fan of fedoras, too.

    Huge. :D

  3. Haha, I think this outfit is perfect for travel too. I say you can definitely pull it off and rock it during your trip

    1. Oooh, careful girl, don’t encourage me or I might just buy the whole thing! (not the shoes, though. too pricey)

  4. I wish I could wear loafers. My feet end up looking like oversized Weetabix if I do though.


    Also sausage legs in shorts= chubrub. Awwwwkward.

    This outfit is still in my “If I ever lose, like, 40 pounds, and suddenly develop Klum legs” file though. Fer sure.

    1. Big lol at Weetabix feet. Your poor legs! Listen to you maligning them so. You’re hot and you know it, and Heidi’s legs are all sinewy and like little pretzel sticks. So there!

  5. Yep I can definitely see you in this ensemble. I’m rather baulking at the $600 Chloe loafers (or £410 here in the UK), I would demand a cute kitten heel for that price.

    I have a fedora just like that, with a black band from Urban Outfitters but it’s only been on my head a couple of times. I’ve got fine hair so you can imagine how flat it looks after wearing it for a couple of hours. Those people that possibly mocked your fedora wearing obviously have no taste :-)

    1. I read that at first as “I’d demand a cute kitten for that price” which would make the price so much more appealing, if it came with a cute kitten. Obviously I do not have my glasses on! :)

      I totally get what you mean about having thin hair! It’s a curse, I bet. Your hat sounds cute though!

  6. Love the outfit. Would totally wear it but pair it with a pair of white low converse sneakers, just for comfort and lack of $600 to buy a pair of shoes ;) I’m glad the backpack came back into style, it’s much easier to schlepp around than shoulder bags. I was looking at getting a Kanken backpack for myself but I can not decide what color to choose…

    1. YES to the Converse! I love the off-white/cream ones rather than the bright white. I finally had to throw away my last pair they were so beat up. Now I only have a high-top red pair that I wear to and from work (not crazy enough to attempt heels outside the office, haha). The colors of the Kanken backpacks are so neat, I love the blue colors the most though.

      1. I’m really loving the peach pink or warm yellow Kanken backpack but would probably go with black out of fear I wouldn’t like the bright colors after a while. And yes definitely the off-white Converse!

  7. GREAT kit! I love your glasses, I have seen so many cool pairs lately that I am feeling a bit left out. Maybe it’s time to fool the opticians…..?!

    1. I finally needed my first pair last summer, and was so thrilled I got to add one more accessory to my wardrobe! The cool thing about Warby Parker (where I got mine) is that not only do they give a pair to someone in a 3rd world country once you buy yours, but you can also buy a pair with regular non-prescription plastic lenses and just wear them as a fashion statement. So, that’s an option if you’re interested!

  8. I love this entire outfit, Erin. It totally speaks to the tomboy in me and I would wear it from head to toe. Yes, a woven fedora is a must in sunny weather. I always know I’m wearing a good hat when my dad says, “Like your hat.”
    I’ve got a pair of silver, wire rimmed eyeglasses right now. I’m dying to trade them in for a black or tortoise frame pair. On my long list of to-dos and wants.

    1. I’ll gladly share this outfit with you, T! I think you could pull it off very well. Your dad would let you know too, it sounds like. He seems so nice!
      Definitely upgrade your specs if you’re thinking about it! I think you could pull off a nice thick pair like those ;)

  9. That’s very you Erin. I can see you dressed in it all standing by the Eurostar, weaving hello. Oh, forgot, that’s not going to happen:(

    The backpack is totally cool. I must admit I have an aversion to them but this style is very cute and kind of ‘creative’. It reminds me of one of my favourite bag designers: http://www.allycapellino.co.uk/

    Yah. I’m on team fedora… but like Sam have very fine hair so impossible..

    T, I knew you had tomboyish side to you:)

    1. Ohh, hush now you’re making me all sad, haha. There’s still a chance something could happen in the fall, if my cousin and his fiance ever pick a date!

      I’d think you’d be all over Team Backpack since you ride a Vespa and need your hands free! Or do you keep your purse by your feet? I’m still so jealous you own one of those! That bag designer looks awesome, thanks for that link. Or, rather, NO thanks for that link because now I’ll be tempted to buy something! haha

  10. Just spat sandwich all over my keyboard at “I’d demand a cute kitten for that price” :)

    I’ve been umming and ahing at a fedora and now I’ve made my mind up yeay!! Love a good hat. Wish my dad would say “Like your hat.” to me, so cute!

    I do love this outfit and reckon you’ll look really cute in it but what is it that’s making me think of Tintin? xx

    I too can totally see this as your go-to Euro outift!

    1. Well, I would! Though I couldn’t keep said kitten because Boyfriend is deathly allergic. Glad you bit the bullet and bought a fedora! You’ll look adorable in it no doubt.

      I think you’re picking up Tintin from the shirt and loafers? Haha, now I see it too! I don’t think it will be warm enough in Europe while we’re there to warrant shorts, at least that’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t buy any more clothes! xo

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