Black Tie Affair

It goes to show how lucky I am that within the past few days that not one, but two different lovely ladies kindly pointed out a fashion piece in The Telegraph featuring Gary Oldman. Thank you Sam & Chi for thinking of me, and for remembering my enormous crush on him! While I like to think of myself as something of a talented internet-squirrel, I have to admit I never would have come across that article and the amazing accompanying photographs had it not been for you girls. Can we just take a moment to admire the eye-candy provided in that profile? Look but don’t touch or I’ll have to kill you.

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I mean, come on. It is so unfair how gracefully men age. He looks better now at 51 than he did at 31. And I have to say, he cleans up rather well (but I guess that’s easy when you’re wearing a £2,500 Paul Smith suit). I want to go to whatever party he’s going to, and it looks like he’s heading to a black tie event. The pocket square, the piping down the side of his pants, the jaunty bow-tie. Be still my heart!

While we’re on the subject of Black Tie Affairs, I couldn’t resist gathering a little round-up of party-perfect accessories for a chic event. A little black dress, a bright red lip, Mr. Oldman on your arm and you’re good to go.

1. Monogrammed Napkins / 2. Cheese Knives / 3. Champagne Flutes / 4. Topiary / 5. 3-Tier Stand / 6. Coasters / 7. Candle

Nothing says “Black Tie” like a topiary! Or monogrammed napkins. Or cheese knives with French on them. If you guessed that I’m itching to buy those coasters, you’d be 100% correct. They’re on sale! Let me know if you need an invitation to Gilt Group, I can send out at least 2.

28 thoughts on “Black Tie Affair

  1. Oh I love the polka dot silk square, that looks so cute! I’m sending this to the bf as he needs a new dj. He wears his dad’s who is a completely different shape, the jacket’s too wide and the trousers are too short and he holds the braces up with one of my kirby grips. He also wears his grandad’s tails and white tie which I really like, even though they’re wayyyyy too short for him. He was wearing those the first time I met him :)

    I like those cheese knives. I’d like the second one down please as it’s the largest and I can shovel the mostest cheese down my gullet. Yum. We had an English vs French choose competition on Saturday and you’ll be pleased to know the Frenchies won.

    How was your weekend chicken? It’s quiet in blogland this week isn’t it? x

    1. I’m surprised you decided to date him after meeting him in that outfit! Kidding, kidding. But the way you described it made it sound like the least flattering suit of all time. Tell him to go buy a proper one that fits him! Men always look better with tails ;)

      Go French cheeses!! I’m not too surprised they won, but I do love some English cheddar now and then. My weekend was good, definitely very low key. It does feel a bit quiet around here, doesn’t it? Everyone is on some sort of break it seems!

  2. A black tie affair would call for a ball gown right? I’m off to find a gown then. Preferably one that fans out when I twirl…

  3. He really is a handsome fellow! I have a thing for man with glasses. Seeing the picture reminded me to put on my reading/computer glasses, just got them and I’m still not used to them…Love the cheese knives, we eat a lot of cheese in our house, with the knives we could fancy it up a bit.

    1. Ha, I have the same problem with my glasses. I got my first pair not that long ago specifically for sitting in front of a computer all day and there are still days I forget to put them on….like right now. :D I like that you eat a lot of cheese. It’s like half of my diet, haha.

  4. Thank you for the mention hon x (need all the links I can get!). It’s true that I literally set eyes on the article and you were the first person I thought of. He really is a lovely looking man, so sexy and wonderous. It’s so true about men ageing gracefully, apart from Brad Pitt, he is awful now. That Angelina has killed him. Johnny Depp on the other hand, he’d be on my dinner guest list and he’d get it lol, as well as Russell Brand – ahh the list goes on…..

    Anyway, those elegant champagne flutes are divine.

    p.s. please, please, please post a photo of your dad, I wanna compare.

    1. That’s seriously the best association I can think of other than macarons as far as I’m concerned! :) Brad Pitt really fell off in the last few years, didn’t he? Never been a Johnny Depp fan (I know, I know, I can already feel you yelling at me!) but I have to say he really does not look his age at all. I love older silver-foxes too, though. John Slattery? Yes, please.

      PS. Here’s a post all about my dad for comparison ;)

  5. Happy to oblige, honey – I just knew it would make your heart go pitter-patter! ;D

    What an absolutely spiffing round-up you’ve got here. I love the fact that the coasters are from “zee gallerie” – c’est magnifique, n’est pas?

    I see you’ve also got the mother of all candles – be still my beating heart – and the one thing I’m convinced will drag my sad, neglected garden kicking and screaming into grown-up respectability. For someone who isn’t remotely green-fingered, I have a bit of a crush on topiary.

    Wonder what Freud (or Jung) would make of that!!!! :D

    P.S. I hope you had a great Easter weekend! :)

    P.P.S. I’d love to join Gilt if only for the stunning homeware ………… *swoon*

    1. Well pitter-patter it did! Even the second time, or the third, or the fourth…Sigh.

      Thanks, Chi! I love those coaster so much. Does “Zee Gallerie” (teehee, totally going to pronounce it like that from now on!) ship to the UK? I know I offered before when you were lamenting having to ship things to your husband’s hotels, but if something really catches your eye I’d be happy to have you order it & send it to me and then I could mail it off to you! Trying to pay it forward after all the nice things other lovely bloggers have done for me recently!

      I sent you a Gilt invite! Let me know if you got it! Happy belated Easter, I hope you and your family had a wonderful time! xo

      1. “I know I offered before when you were lamenting having to ship things to your husband’s hotels, but if something really catches your eye I’d be happy to have you order it & send it to me and then I could mail it off to you!”

        Thanks again for the offer, honey – I’ll certainly let you know but in the meantime, I’ve got to figure out a way to show my appreciation ………. :)

        Thanks for the Gilt invite, too – you’re so good to me ……..

  6. That’s a very tender post about your dad, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’m sorry you lost him to such an awful illness. I sit here and wonder if I would be able to write something so sentimental and respectful and proud and funny. I guess I’ll find out one day. Thank you for sharing x

    And yes, there is a resemblance between Mr O and your dad.

    1. I’ll totally forgive for you saying my dad & Gary look alike because of your incredibly kind, sweet words. Thank you so much, Sam. That really means a lot, but I hope you never have to write that sort of post (or, at least, not for a really, really, really long time). xo

  7. I’ve been trying to comment all afternoon, but life (and my damn computer freezing up) kept getting in the way. I should be happy since it kept me coming back to that gorgeous photo of Gary. Ah. Gary.

    But I’m loving those champagne flutes especially too. Lord, I miss you people.

    1. Ah, Gary. Seriously, keep those hands to yourself there, missy.

      We miss you more!! Hope you’re feeling better and less congested all around :) xo

  8. I’m desperately trying to convince Ban to get some clear glasses á la Gary, but he isn’t buying it…yet.


    Thanks for the Thursday Morning Cup of Tea Eye Candy, Erin!

  9. Yes, he is dapper and cleans up quite nicely. I love those clear plastic eye glasses. Love that Sam and Chi were able to make your day. They are kind of amazing like that. ;)
    (Missed you.)

  10. Yes he is lovely and the glasses suit him very well though i do fear rather a lot of our dear friend photoshop may have been used?! Not that i wouldn’t look twice in real life of course. If i were not married perhaps!

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