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I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU yesterday, but guess what song came on during my haircut on Tuesday night?? “Africa” by Toto! The very song I said was one of my all time favorite 80s songs just earlier that morning. The stylist was in the middle of drying my hair and I could still hear that iconic drum beat over the blow dryer. “Is this Toto?!?” I asked him. “Um, I don’t know?” he replied, looking mildly terrified. “IT IS! IT’S TOTO “AFRICA!”,” I shrieked. And then proceeded to sing along, not just to the words, but to the drum and synth lines as well. Don’t worry, I tipped the stylist well for his trouble.

Anyway, the inspiration for this post was this picture, which I found during one of my many internet-scourings, and fell instantly in love with. It’s so moody and evocative. I wanted to incorporate it in some way into a post, and the idea came to me to find home decor elements that matched the color and tone of the image. But this post almost didn’t happen, because I couldn’t for the life of me capture the texture and warmth of her sweater in anything that I found.

And then last night, I was laying on the sofa in the den downstairs, and I pulled a blanket over me and snuggled up while Boyfriend and Fitz were playing on the floor. I made the same comment I make every time I use that blanket, which is that it is unbelievably soft. It’s an Assiro Herringbone throw, which I wrote about in a Friday Five here and which Boyfriend bought me for Christmas (yes, I received many presents that I’d written about on my blog, like these boots, this lens, watch, and book. This sets a bad precedent for next Christmas, and Boyfriend is totally aware of that fact). It is without a doubt the snuggliest and most luxuriously soft blanket I’ve ever felt. Unfortunately I can’t use it on the sofa in the upstairs living room or even on the bed because Fitz has claimed those areas for himself and I don’t want to have yet another blanket ruined with dog hair and dog stink. The downstairs den is generally an off-limits area; we keep the door closed when we’re not in there.

But that blanket reminded me of all the other colors it comes in, and I vaguely remembered a warm chestnut brown. Sure enough, it was a perfect match to the picture. And thus, a post was born. And once I finished one picture, I immediately wanted to do a second.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle

 1. Blanket / 2. Candle / Picture

I went with blankets and candles because, well, I’m a Crazy Candle lady and you can never have enough throw blankets. If you’re in the market for a new one, I cannot recommend the Herringbone throw enough. If my dog wasn’t such a (lovable) smelly jerk I’d have 3 of them, one for every sofa and chair in the house. I think I’ll make this a weekly feature, what do you say?

8 thoughts on “Like a Picture

  1. I do like the picture that you found! My nails are currently bright green but not nearly as well manicured as in the pic

  2. Oh, yes please! I love this post and the photos that inspired it (isn’t turquoise just the most serene colour?!). I found that I got lost in the first one for a few minutes! :D

    “……. I received many presents that I’d written about on my blog …… ”

    Now, why didn’t I think of that? That would be a great incentive for finally coming out of the closet about my blog! ;D

  3. Oh wow. I lovelovelove that photo. Both of them, but the moody top one especially. I like that you brought us out of winter into summer with the swimming pool blue, so yes. More please.

    Can I tell you how THRILLED Cal was with your comments. Beaming all evening long! ;)

  4. Sounds like an excuse to legitimise wasting time on Pinterest to me!

    Lovely picture though isn’t it? I seem to remember we bonded over that picture of the pretty blonde lady in the camel jumper and gold watch? Clearly we only like the middle bits of women!

    Yes a great idea for a feature. More blankets please! And I’m totally with you on snugglyiness, it’s the most important thing in the world :)

  5. Sorry I wasn’t able to come by yesterday. I was watching Hunger Games. Even though I didn’t loooove the book, the movie wasn’t bad.

    Anyway, that top photo is gorgeous. Isn’t it amazing that just a shot of her sweater and hands can evoke so much emotion. Granted the colors and textures are all working harmoniously together adding further interest. Her nails are THEE perfect crimson color. (I wish everyone would keep their nails that short and trim. But that’s just me, I have a weird reaction to long nails. Something must have happened to me in childhood.) Then the blanket and the red candle, be still my heart. I also love the second set, but loving the first just a bit more.

    PS~ ‘Africa’ coming on while getting your hair done made me smile. The gods were smiling down on you.

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