Remember when I said Boyfriend made it home safe and sound? Well, he did, but at the time we were both operating under the assumption that he was in the clear, sickness-wise. Turns out, the Cold From Hell was incubating, laying dormant, waiting to strike. Oh, and strike it did. You’ve never seen a more sniffly and sad human being in your life. I made soup yesterday (SOUP. From scratch! Not a can!) for him, and kept shuttling glass after glass of Gatorade or orange juice and cup after cup of tea to the bed (gotta keep your fluids up!) and¬†disinfecting¬†everything in a 10 foot radius of wherever Boyfriend happened to be.

A few of you asked why he didn’t bring me anything back from India. India isn’t a place you bring souvenirs home from. You bring back diseases and a newfound respect for the First World, clean running water and sanitary living conditions. You bring back clothes that are covered in 30% Deet mosquito repellent, and the Cold From Hell. It was 95 degrees in India, and Boyfriend returned to temperatures below 40 here. Take that coupled with a 26 hour trip home, and it’s no wonder he has been laying in bed contemplating whether or not death is preferable to blowing his nose one more time.

I armed him with my small point and shoot before he left and told him to take lots of pictures. “Lots” to someone that was working 11 hour days in Bangalore equated to 4. Four pictures. Three of which were taken from the window of a cab, and one from his hotel the day he checked in (sans luggage, thank you British Airways) of a plate of macarons and mini-cakes because he thought I’d appreciate it. He knows me well.

I’m happy he’s home but pretty confident that I’m going to chain him to the water heater in the basement the next time he brings up potentially having to travel back to Bangalore. Fingers crossed this cold breaks early and he regains his will to live. It sucks to see him so sick, but it could definitely be worse. And at least he’s home.

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  1. Oh sweetheart. So sorry J is so very sick. That sucks. But hey, he is home with you and Fitz and home-made soup. Hooray! You know chicken soup is penicillin. I haven’t really been ill in 20 years (except for just after my dad died) and put it down to my weekly chicken stock/soup I feed myself. Oh, and I don’t travel to Bangalore!

    Thank him for the pics. Happy to see some. Ibis hotels do macaroons? What next?

    Look after each other x

    1. There really is something magically healing about a good batch of soup. And thankfully I didn’t burn the kitchen down in making it. I was pretty impressed with myself! I don’t know if it made much of a difference, as his cold has turned into the flu. Sigh!

    1. I certainly hope so! I’m crossing my fingers, but the cold has morphed into the flu. He’s on strict bed-rest orders (from moi), so hopefully he’s resting up and taking it easy! xo

  2. Four photos?! What a shame! Poor Jeff, sorry the fish and chips didn’t fortify him. And well done you for making soup, I’ve never done that in my whole life, well done! What flavour?

    I’m watching Jeremy Paxman’s documentary about the British Empire in India. It’s hilarious! There is an entire town that looks like, um, Surrey. And cricket clubs in Singapore that look like they are in, well, Surrey! It’s so weird and funny.

    1. Four! Isn’t that atrocious? I can’t fault him entirely, he was busy working and obviously contracting some sort of Indian-flu. Those things take time. I made celery and potato soup with carrots. It involved pureeing the veg (but not the carrots) after they cooked and then adding more chopped potato. It was pretty delicious, but you could put anything in 8 cups of chicken stock and I’d eat it.

      I’ll have to check that documentary out! Did I ever tell you that at Boyfriend’s college they had a famous cricket team? Super random, but it was historic and everything. Go figure!

  3. Ugh, just when you thought he was out of the woods. Sorry to hear J. got hit with a nasty bug.
    You’re always saying that you’re not a cook, but look at you making soup from scratch! Consider me impressed. You’re a good girlfriend, and J. is a great BF for getting those photos for you, even if there are only four (that made me smile).

    1. Ugh, I know, right? And it looks like it’s actually the flu. Major bummer. I’m trying to not catch it! He is quite the champ for getting those pictures. And yes, even if there are only four. Four. Good lord.

  4. Even Neel cracked up that J. only took four photos. And here I thought I was being circumspect last week. Being half Indian himself, Neel’s been to India twice, and (I feel certain I’ve told you this story somehow) my Dad almost DIED there when he was in college. I’d love to go someday, but at that price…I’m not so sure. Still, I hear they have emeralds.

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