Friday Five

Remember the Pia Wallen Crux blanket I bought and was super excited about? It’s been living comfortably on the back a chair in our living room ever since, and has come in handy when I feel like lounging (read: always). Last night, after a great dinner at my mom’s house visiting with my aunt who had flown in from Australia, I came home to discover that Fitz, in his infinite jerkdom, had eaten a perfect hole in it. A HOLE. THE DUDE ATE MY BLANKET. I’m going to level with you, I was inconsolable. Boyfriend kept saying he’d buy me a new one, and while that is extra sweet and totally unnecessary, it isn’t the point. The point is my dog is a jerk and I now have one entire cross missing out of the blanket. Thankfully it’s near the bottom seam so by folding the blanket in half and tucking the back of it behind the chair cushion, the damage is completely invisible. But the moment someone tries to use it they’re going to see his handy work. UGH, FITZ.

(I don’t plan on calling my kids jerks when they do stuff like this later in life, I swear. Maybe just on my blog. Never to their faces.)

Aside from that, dinner was wonderful and my mom sent me home with far too many leftovers, including an entire cake I picked up on the way over since she went all domestic-goddess-y and made homemade ice cream and chocolate lava cakes. I’m honestly still full this morning, but luckily the increased sugar intake didn’t have any affect on my teeth; I had a dentist appointment this morning to kick off the weekend, and passed with flying colors (no cavities!). Tomorrow morning Boyfriend’s parents are coming in to visit their (jerk) grandpuppy and spending the weekend with us. In the meantime, here are five things tickling my fancy this week:

1. Duvet set / 2. Shampoo & Conditioner / 3. Tank top / 4. Macaron Soap / 5. Plates

I am perversely excited for the new IKEA PS 2012 line. This duvet set will be making an appearance in my home as soon as I can get my hands on it. The collection launches in Europe in May, and then in the states in August, but I’m already mapping out where the closest Belgian IKEA is. What? Going to IKEA on vacation is lame? Don’t judge me. If you’re going to pass judgment for anything, let it be that I spent $60 on the Kevin Murphy plum shampoo & conditioner at the hair salon on Tuesday after my haircut. It was more than the haircut itself! I got talked into it without knowing the price of either, and was too wrapped up in how shiny and delicious my hair looked and smelled (respectively) to put them back. I don’t know, I was high on endorphines or something. To be fair, the packaging is amazing and my hair really does feel way better, but that’s probably because this is the first non-drugstore hair product I’ve ever used. Yikes! Admitting that made it sound worse.

It’s no secret I’m a stripe-aholic, and this tank from H&M meets more than one nautical requirement, and comes in at under $13. What’s not to love? I have to run some errands in town today anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to check the store to see if they have it in stock, right? Right. And while we’re on the subject of cute strips, can we take a look at the Daschund in the striped bathing suit? Or maybe the jaunty hat and drink with a straw? Or maybe the Daschund surfing? Come on. West Elm hits it out of the park yet again with these adorable plates. Their only downfall is that they might just be too cute to eat off of.

And I know, I know, macarons, again. God, I’m so predictable. But these aren’t just any macarons, no no. They’re bars of soap! You guys, I have at one time in my life asserted my love of macarons runs so deep that I’d rub them all over myself if I could. And now I get to without it being creepy and unhygienic! In fact, now it’s the exact opposite. Etsy has a million different kinds of macaron soap, which just goes to show you I’m not the only one obsessed with the French delicacies. It’s oddly comforting.

Alright lovelies, what are you up to this weekend? I said I’d make curtains last weekend but then I had really important naps to take and never got around to it. It likely won’t happen this weekend either, but I’ll keep you posted! So, tell me your plans. Anything fun going on? Have a good one, kiddos!

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  1. I only use Aveda shampoo I’m afraid. It’s the best in the world and smells divine. And they do these 1litre bottles which look so cool and industrial in the shower and they last for about eight years, especially if you’re as skanky as me and only wash your hair twice a week. HATE washing my hair. Or rather I hate drying and straightening it.

    I think you need to change your domain name to ‘’ Holly Becker says we all need a niche (something I don’t really agree with) and that could be yours!

    I can’t believe that naughty pup ate your blanket! You must be so upset :( I like to think that really it’s Jeff that does these things when you go out and blames it on Fitz :)

    This weekend we’re on in law duty too! we’re dropping the kids off there for the easter hols as R can’t take time off work. I’m looking forward to getting out of londinium.

    R gave me a mulberry iphone case yesterday. I’m so excited. He was given it as a thank you for a talk he did and even though he loves it he gave it to me. How sweet is that? Only problem is that my friend at work has just pointed out to me it’s a blackberry case, not an iphone case. How annoying! Still sort of fits though…..

    Have a good one chicken xx

    1. Oh, I tried using Aveda Rosemary Mint for a few months and it gave J horrible allergy attacks. We couldn’t figure it out for the longest time but the moment I stopped using that shampoo, he was fine! Plus, they stopped making the detox shampoo I used to love. It smelled like death but totally stripped your hair of any gross build-up and you were only supposed to use it once every two weeks or so. I used to use it in the summers growing up when I went swimming to get rid of the chlorine, and I loved it. I was sad to see it go!

      I wash my hair everyday, and I feel totally dirty if I don’t. I try to never leave the house without showering and washing my hair. In fact, I never take a shower and NOT wash my hair. I’m weird, though. And I don’t judge you for only washing it twice a week. Though, heads up, “skanky” over here means slutty ;)

      I’d totally blame J for eating is since he was so quick to offer to buy a replacement, but he was with me the whole night! He’s off the hook, haha.

      The kids get that much time off for Easter? That’s impressive, I’m jealous! And I’m also jealous of your Mulberry iphone case (even though it might be a blackberry case, haha). Tweet me a picture! I want to see and drool over it! xo

      1. I use their colour conserve stuff, their stuff just smells so darn good but bummer about the allergies, I get bad eczema and there’s really helps my scalp so I’m surprised by that. Shame!

        Skank is a slut? ha ha, not sure which is worse really, being dirty or being a slut!

        They get two weeks, one with R and one with their mum. We’re sat in his parent’s garden right now in the baking heat, it’s so hot here! Really bummer we can’t take the week off too.

        It definitely a blackberry case! I’m so gutted. He never gives me random presents and I was really touched but now I’ve had to give it back to him as he has a blackberry and I don’t :( I’m hoping he’s going to feel guilty enough to buy me a replacement :)


    1. Hahahah you called him Boyfriend! I love it! The nickname is sticking.
      I know, we totally learned our lesson with crate. Never again! Love you too!

  2. Oh cool, macaron soap! I know people who would try a bite just because. Sorry about your dog and blanket. I would’ve been just as pissed as you were

  3. Oh, Fitz, bad dog. I hate to say it, but I think it’s time for dog obedience school or the dog whisperer. ;) I mean, what’s next? Your MJ hollier bag? Noooo!

    I use Aveda products, too (holler, Annie!). I also get the industrial size shampoo and conditioner. Though, I love the shampoo and conditioner you purchased at the salon. I think having the openings at the bottom is genius. I always get suckered into buying product after a hair cut service. I don’t know how they guilt me into it every time. I must think I owe them something for making my hair look so good. Ha-ha-ha!

    The dessert your mom made sounds decadent. Ahh, let me just think about it for a second. Thank you.

    Have a great weekend with the nLaws! Does that mean lots of fun stuff is planned? We are just doing a mud run on Saturday, which literally means what it implies – We will be running an obstacle course in mud. Fun stuff! xx

  4. Aww, honey!!! I’m so sorry about your blanket – I know how much adore it. I’m sure that when Fitz realizes what he’s done, he’ll be feeling absolutely rotten.

    I’m excited about Ikea’s new line, too. I actually haven;t been in a while so I think this’ll be a fabulous opportunity to remedy that, don’t you?! ;)

    Oh, I can’t wait to see photos of your new ‘do!! Have you posted it on 365 yet? Must take a look.:D
    I feel your pain regarding the cost of haircare. My hair is pretty expensive to maintain (and always has been!) even though I stopped going to the hairdresser’s over a year ago – harrumph!!! :(

    That cute top encompasses two of your great loves: stripes aaaaaaand France! Très vous, chéri. :)
    Macaron soap?! Whatever next? Candles in the shape of goat legs?!!!

    Haven’t really got anything special planned for the weekend apart from my usual obligatory baking session. Perhaps I should schedule in some Important Naps! :D

  5. Our first pup together, one I still miss very, very much, ate our KITCHEN FLOOR once. Our FLOOR! We were living in an apartment at the time, and they were so wonderful…mostly worried that our sweet Phoebe was okay. She was fine. Lived for 14 wonderful years with us. Can’t even be replaced with the 3 we have now, but don’t tell. Despite the fact that Violet follows me from room to room and sleeps on my discarded clothes while I shower.

    My hair care is expensive too. You get what you pay for in things like that.

    I wish I lived near an Ikea. Sniff.

  6. I was just at west elm last weekend and saw those adorable dog trays. I had to stay focused as they were not on my list or close to anything I needed. But they would be super cute to put jewelry on or as a catchall for keys, etc. Teri

  7. Sounds like Fritz is giving you a glimpse of what life will be like with kids:) Don’t know about the blanket, but I know my tailor has rewoven some of my sweaters before..I have a feeling that you, the queen of internet research may just be able to find someone who can reweave/fix that lovely blanket right up! We had a small party for my daughters second birthday today (Sat.)..I’m not sure if I was more excited about the party or the pink chiffon Chanel-esque drop waist dress that I found for her to wear. Hope you have a wonderful time with your weekend company!

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