Friday Five

I got a phone call from my doctor yesterday, the results from the biopsy had come back. As I suspected (slash googled furiously in between Monday’s endoscopy and yesterday), I’ve been officially diagnosed with a condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either, but from what I’ve been able to find out online, EE is an allergic inflammatory condition in the esophagus that causes food impaction, difficulty swallowing, and heartburn-like symptoms (basically everything I’ve been experiencing). It’s common in children and people with asthma, but can be triggered by a food allergy or environmental allergy (my doctor thinks it is a gluten allergy). It’s often incorrectly diagnosed as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, and is therefore resistant to any sort of heartburn medication. Which explains why the prescription of Nexium he gave me leading up to the procedure didn’t do anything to help. It only gave me one more thing to be neurotic about Fitz finding and eating.

I’m happy it isn’t cancer or something and I’m happy to finally have a name for what I’m dealing with. Part of what was so tough about these episodes is that they made no sense. It was confusing to deal with and not be able to call it something other than “OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP.” So there’s that. The downside is that the first line of treatment is to take an asthma inhaler and pump it twice into my hand and then LICK IT. Asthma inhalers are corticosteroids, and since you can’t apparently get a prescription for a liquid corticosteroid, this is how it has to be done. I had to have the doctor repeat that to me a few times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. “So you want me to take an inhaler, but not inhale it?” “Yes.” “You want me to pump it into my hand, twice, and then lick the liquid out of the palm of my hand?” “Yes. Oh, and you can’t eat or drink anything for an hour afterwards.” “Uh…” “And you have to do it twice a day.” “This sounds awesome.”


But, I’m looking at the positives, and hopefully this will treat my symptoms and I won’t have to spend any more nights arched in pain and unable to breath or swallow or vomiting reflexively. But I mean, come on. Who has ever even heard of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, let alone been diagnosed with it? Seriously.

Obviously I’m consoling myself with material things. But you probably could’ve guessed that. Without further random medical interruption, here are this week’s Friday Five:

1. Scarf / 2. Necklace / 3. Perfume / 4. Duvet / 5. Bag

It’s clear from this collection of things that I’m very happy it’s officially Spring. Lots of bright colors, lots of florals, a straw bag for wandering around farmers markets and carrying home peonies, and a perfume that smells like candy. I first sniffed this Prada scent in this month’s Vanity Fair and instantly fell in love. Usually I find those perfume ads in magazines olfactorily offensive, so this was a rare feat. Unfortunately the smallest size they sell is way more than I’d ever spend on perfume, but that hasn’t stopped me from huffing that one page of the magazine every morning on the subway like some big weirdo.

Between that gorgeous scarf by Ash & Anchor (totally bought it for myself as an “I’m sorry you have a stupid problem with your esophagus” present) and the floral duvet cover by Urban Outfitters, I’m really embracing florals so far this season. I didn’t really peg myself as the type of girl who would pine after a Grandma-style bedspread, but it’s just so pretty and colorful. It reminds me of the type of bouquet you’d carry home in that tote bag from J Crew. I see those straw bags everywhere in the summer, and they seem perfect for the beach or just for a stroll around the city.

I’m so sad that necklace from seller Son of a Sailor on Need Supply (still obsessed!) is sold out. I signed up to be notified if it comes back in stock. I love the color combination on it and I bet it would look great with any outfit. I’m also making an effort to be better with accessorizing, because as it stands I don’t accessorize at all.

Okay, dudettes. What are you up to this weekend? I think I’m making curtains! In between licking medicine out of my hand. IT’S STILL WEIRD. Have a good one, kiddos.

26 thoughts on “Friday Five

    1. I’m not sure! I certainly hope not, and it looks promising because they only gave me a 2 month prescription of the inhaler with no refills. So…fingers crossed?

  1. I guess the bright side is that you know what’s wrong and hopefully you will be feeling better soon. Def interesting how Dr.’s repurpose meds when they don’t have an exact fit – the worst I’ve had to do is shoot some stuff up my nose. I think you get the award for most unusual delivery of meds. I know you will have a huge smile on your face when that lovely scarf arrives and if you are up to it, stop by Saks or Neimans this weekend and get yourself a sample of the Prada scent. When I was trying to figure out which Joe Malone scent I wanted, they gave me 4 samples that ended up lasting me almost 2 months! As always, great round-up. That necklace is really gorg too..wonder if we can find something similar over at Etsy? I’ll be on the hunt over the weekend along with working on planting spring flowers and continuing the never-ending project of cleaning out my closet. Have a great weekend and rest up! Xo

    1. Would you believe there isn’t a Neimans OR Saks within walking distance in Philly? You have to drive to both, we only have a Macy’s. Crazy, right? Though this might be worth the drive to track down some of that perfume, especially for free! That’s a neat idea, to get free samples. Thanks, Jen!

      I found the necklace on Etsy! From the same seller and everything, so it’s not a knock-off or a close approximation. If you order this one and just add a note to the seller that you want it to be orange, they’ll make it for you! I ordered mine on Saturday :)

      Hope your closet-cleaning project went well! I’m avoiding doing mine, haha.

  2. Even if the end result is random and weird, it’s always better to know than not know, right? Even if it’s really random and weird. And at least you’re in good company. Seems like everybody is coming up allergic to gluten these days. I have a Prada perfume that I love that we first got in Hungary…Neel gets it for me every year now. But I’m clearly going to have to check out that new one. And I’m totally wishing that #1 was the bedspread.

    1. Wow, that would be a beautiful bedspread. I’d order that in a heartbeat! As it is I wasted no time buying it as a scarf, haha. That’s really sweet that Neel buys you that perfume every year. Good man :)

  3. Yikes, sorry to hear about your condition. I’m glad it’s treatable though! And thanks for providing the colour on my blog about macarons – VERY HELPFUL!

  4. What a relief it must be for you to finally put a name (and hopefully an end!) to your condition! Awaiting test results is just nail-bitingly awful – they should have support groups for that sort of thing, if you ask me! Lucky you, though – you had us! :D

    That necklace has just earned itself the verb, “darling” – isn’t it just?!
    Note To Self: Must check out Need Supply. It sounds like a cool place to hang out. :)

    Have a super weekend!!! xoxo

    1. Thanks, doll! Knew I had my Pia Posse behind me, xo. I expected to have to wait until the follow up appointment in April to find out, and I’d have gone mad trying to wait that long! Four days was long enough.

      I found that necklace on Etsy from the same seller: here, all you have to do is specify that you want it orange when you order it! They’re making one for me as we speak :) Horray!

  5. I believe you must eat SLOWLY, and many little meals during the day and not just eating too much (waffle house) once a day!!! And, yes, I can pronouce it, lol

    1. I can eat as slowly as I want but if it’s a food allergy it will do no good. And I’d never live without Waffle House! There’s one in Lancaster I might have to visit…

  6. Oh I was reading and thinking ‘I’ll write something lovely and sympathetic and supportive’ and was formulating my comment in my head but then I read that and burst out laughing on the train! Lick it??? I’m laughing at when you have to do that in public, people will think you’re so oddball and you can’t pronounce the name of your illness so you won’t even be able to tell them why!

    But obviously boo. Obvs glad it’s nothing life threatening but that doesn’t sound very nice. Poor you :( Please make sure you wash your hands before hand if Fitz has been licking you!

    Remember Chi’s a compulsive licker so she’s probably well jell ;)

    I is going to see Lucien Freud. Well hot him obis as he’s dead. But the exhibition. Just for Theresa x

    1. Haha, yeah it’s pretty ridiculous I’m not going to lie. I hope I never have to do the licking thing in public, it’s bad enough as it is! And to not be able to eat or drink anything for an hour after…I mean, come on. When am I not snacking on something? It’s torture, that’s what it is.

      Hope the Lucien Freud exhibit was ace! xo

  7. Well, I am happy ‘it’ finally has a name and has been diagnosed. Will you have to do that licking thing for the rest of your life? Man, with your licking hand and my momnesia, we would make an awesome pair. Surely we would provide someone with plenty of comic relief, like Annie.
    I loved all the things you picked for a tribute to spring. For some reason, the floral bedspread is reminding me of Anna Bond (Rifle Paper Co.). Do you see it? Anyway, it’s pretty. I just bet you and Jennifer can source a similar necklace on Etsy. You two are becoming quite the online bargain sleuths. Government workers by day, internet sleuths by night (or, more appropriately, whenever duty calls).
    Have a great weekend, E!
    WAIT! Making curtains?! Show and tell, please.

    PS~Annie, so wish I could go with you.

    1. HA, what a comedic duo we’d make. “Why are you licking your hand?” “I can’t pronounce it.” “Oh. Wait, why are you licking your hand?” haha, Annie would definitely get a kick out of that. Aren’t you jealous she got to see the LF exhibit? Wish we could’ve beamed ourselves there. I’m always jealous of bloggers that hang out in real life, too.

      I totally see the Rifle Paper Co. similarity! Their work is exquisite, though, and that Urban duvet I’m betting lacks the same hand-made care, but the florals are really similar. I love it. Good eye, Theresa!

      The internet sleuth strikes again! I found the necklace on Etsy, and not even a similar style, but the exact same one! It’s this one and you can just specify bright orange in a note to the seller when you order it. I jumped on it on Saturday, haha. I impress even myself sometimes with my sleuthing abilities. Annie calls me an Internet Ferret, and now I totally see why!

      No curtains this weekend! In fact, I didn’t do anything this weekend. Sigh.

  8. Poor baby! I wondered why you were told results wouldn’t arrive until 11 April.

    I know it’s a shock for now but hey, at least you know what it is and you can do something about it. I’m sorry but I get the medal for weird med intake ( although mine not med but alternative stuff). I have bathed feet in olive oil and cayenne pepper, drank pure olve oil and lemon juice. Done liver packs, enemas and many more such sexy treatments. Only telling you this to feel better love. Licking some stuff off your hands twice a day is manageable.

    In terms of allergies and intolerances, they are widely spread in our modern world. I think this might help you with maybe aiming for a better nutritional diet which will help with many facets of life.

    If you need any info re: glutenfree stuff always feel free to ask me:)

    Glad we have a name for it and now we can all support you in the healing process.
    Have a good weekend. x

    1. I guess that was me misunderstanding them, with the April 11th date. That’s my follow up appointment, and I didn’t know they would call earlier with the results. I’m glad they did, though, because I would have died waiting that long! I’m so intrigued by your holistic remedies! I knew kids who used to drink olive oil before choir concerts as it lubed up their vocal chords, haha. The other stuff….not so much :)

      I might call on you if the gluten allergy comes back positive! Hope you had a lovely weekend, doll. xo

  9. I now know how to identify you in Paris when I hotel-stalk you: The girl lickin’ her palm. Thanks, oddball illness!

    But seriously. Don’t touch remotes then lick palms. They are the dirtiest things on Earth – especially in hotel rooms. This is pertinent info for your upcoming travels, y’see.

    1. Yuck. All this is going to do is cut into my macaron-eating time, and therefore I am FUSSY. If you see someone scowling and covertly licking her hands right near Ladurée, c’est moi! xo

  10. I’m so glad you got your results back and finally have a name for your condition, albeit a very unpronounceable one, and a way to treat it, even if it involves licking your hand…Hope the treatment already helped!

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