Friday Five

I know yesterday I said not to believe me if I claimed I was dying, but I am totally dying. My throat went from being sore to just scratchy and tickly, which means I’ve started coughing, and my nose is attempting to be the president of phlegm production. Like it’s going for a gold medal or something. Guess what, nose? You win! Despite this tremendous set-backs, I’m actually in pretty high spirits for someone who is clearly at death’s door. I don’t have a fever or any body aches, thankfully, so I’m planning on muscling through today at work and then spending the whole weekend on the sofa. Except, you know, for when I have to make my weekly trip to IKEA. You totally think I am kidding. It would be daily but I don’t think my boss would appreciate it.

In an effort to distract myself from my impending demise, I poured all my efforts into this week’s Friday Five. Had I gone with my original list of things, you would have seen a collage of tissues, orange juice, sweatpants, tea bags, and Cadbury Dairy Milk pieces (you know, for their healing powers). I’d like to think this one is a little more jolly and a little less “woe is me.” 

1. Pillow / 2. Mango Body Butter / 3. Kate Spade Renwick Street tote / 4. Desk / 5. Paris Calendar

 I came across this pillow in a post over on Emma’s Blog. Danish design brand Louise Roe was previously unknown to me, but now I am obsessed. That feather is so incredible and elegant, and there are tons of other pillows in their shop that are just as amazing. Like this one of an aerial view of Manhattan. They also have a ton of other fantastic and minimalist home goods and a line of clothing, which features tons of neutrals and stripes (!!). If I didn’t have a black dog that sheds like he’s molting and didn’t insist on perching himself on top of all of the other pillows in my house, I’d snap this one up in a heartbeat.

I received a giant tub of this Mango Body Butter for Christmas and have been applying it to my pasty gams every morning since. It’s thick and creamy without being greasy, and you get the satisfaction of walking around and smelling like a delicious bowl of fruit all day. This morning my fingertips touched the bottom of the jar and I had a moment of panic. Yes, panic. Remember what I said about my tendency to be dramatic? Case in point.

Kate Spade is evil. They sent me an email about a sample sale earlier in the week, and I had no intentions whatsoever of buying another bag. After I bought that Marc Jacobs bag a few weeks ago I told myself I was done. I should know myself better by now. I should never have even clicked on the link to the sale, but I did, and I ended up snagging that lovely gray and coral nylon carry-on. For less than half of its original cost, which I’m telling myself justifies it, but it doesn’t really. My thought process was that I needed a good carry-on piece for our trip to Europe in May, and this one was big and sturdy enough to hold my laptop, camera, chargers, and a change of clothes just in case. Plus, it’s gray. It’s currently en route and will be here Monday. I can’t link to the bag on the Kate Spade site because it’s totally sold out now, but trust me when I say it’s for the best. You would have wanted one, too.

Like I need one more piece of IKEA furniture in my house. Shut up, I know. But there is a small nook in the bedroom that is just begging for a small desk, and this happens to be the exact right dimensions. Remember when I half-joked about my weekend trip to IKEA? This is why.

And last but not least, this beautiful, magnificent Paris calendar. Sure, it’s March, meaning 1/4 of the year is almost behind us, making the purchase of a full calendar somewhat insensible, but have you seen it? To better explain myself, go take a look at the Paris photographs for sale on Eye Poetry’s shop. Go on. Check them all out and come back here and tell me if you weren’t moved to tears by how gorgeous they all are. Because you will be. That shop is setting the bar pretty high for my photographs of Paris when I’m there in a few months.

Alright, kiddos. What are you up to this weekend? Any trips to IKEA planned? Have a great one, lovelies.

13 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. That Marc Jacobs bag is ace, lady after my own heart you are, Marc Jacobs is my favourite handbag man. Collected 3 myself but ALWAYS looking out for the next one.

    I agree that the Paris images are lovely, good prices too. You can go buy some IKEA frames to put them in?

    No IKEA for me this weekend. Hair cut and colour tom morning, followed by a girly lunch, and painting to finish off in the living room, some Ebay trawling and that’s probably just about it.

    Have a great weekend :-)

    1. Three?! Oh, I’m so jealous! That was my first and I LOVELOVELOVE it. I’m actually so in love with it that I’ve stopped using it in anticipation of my trip to Belgium so that it doesn’t get too “worn in” before then. Isn’t that neurotic? I want it to be in amazing condition when I take it with me. I’m so weird.

      Your weekend plans sounded lovely, but you ended up sick instead! I’m so sorry! Are you feeling better? I hope so. I love IKEA frames, they are the only ones I use. Seriously. Maybe you needed a bit of IKEA in your weekend to fend off your sickness! xo

  2. Ah we can bond over our love of MBMJ bags. Do you have the hillier hobo too Sam?

    I love that Kate Spade bag. I don’t own a nice carry on but I think it would be the one thing that would get me excited to get on a plane. Because planes are so bloody boring. Love the bowling bagness of it.

    Erin I feel your pain, I feel the same. rubbish! although it’s coffee and ginger cake for me, not diary milk (can’t believe you still have some left). And I didn’t eat that minging soup.

    I have blogshop tomorrow and sunday. Full time, 9-6. Feel like that like a hole in the head!

    Get better soon and have a mini yummy hotdog for me x

    1. That soup sounded SO WEIRD. Good thing you didn’t eat it, it would have set you back in your recovery. I hope you rested up and had a great time at Blogshop! It sounds like you did :)

      I can’t believe you don’t love plane rides! Boring, sure, but the excitement about landing somewhere fun and new is just thrilling. Our flight to Brussels is an overnight flight but I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep a wink, I’ll be so buzzed with anticipation. Though you’re right, a nice bag can help! xo

  3. What? You didn’t forward that KS sample sale email to us? BFF fail. :) That bag is a beauty. Great buy. I’m still on the hunt for that MJ nylon bag. It used to be at our nearby Bloomingdales, but of course they don’t have it now.
    I was at Ikea on Wednesday. I was shouting your name throughout the store, but I don’t think you were there that day. I ended up buying two of those black and white little cross pillows (for lack of a better description) and then I came here and saw Fitz lying on top of one in your 365! Great minds…
    Take the weekend to heal and get better, my friend. xx

    PS~Annie, I saw the space where you’re having Blogshop on DLF. The space alone is worth the price of admission. Erin, go take a look – It’s all white! ( Have fun and learn lots!

    1. Ha! I should’ve forwarded it, shame on me! It was dangerous though, girl. If I had sent it to you and you ended up buying stuff you would be cursing me now! It was a lose-lose for me :)

      Heads up about those black and white pillows! Fitz doesn’t mind, but they’re feather-stuffed, and sometimes the feathers poke the shit out of you while you’re laying on them. They are super adorable, though! They work well with my monochrome tendencies. Speaking of, YES I saw that space on DLF and my jaw just about hit the floor. Do you think they’re renting it out as an apartment? I’ll move right in. xo

  4. Too much shopping girls:) seriously, what do you all do with all these bags?
    I must put you on a shopping spree diet! Surely there must be other things to occupy your interests?
    OK. I think we need to devise a 30 days no frills shopping month, only necessities and the odd magazine or chocolate or stuff like that. You’d feel rich by the end of the month.
    Ikea, every day? That’s serious addiction:)

    Right, lecture over x I do feel like granny sometimes… feel better and have a great w/end!

    1. I do have too many bags, even I’ll admit that. I need to give a few away to charity that I’m not using (just the ones I’ve bought at h&m and places like that, not my fancy shmancy ones). I think under any sort of shopping restrictions my head would surely combust. I’d drop dead within a day. I love shopping. I’m good at it! :)

      Hope you had a great weekend, Tina! xo

  5. handbags are my weakness. Just when I think I have the perfect one, and will never need another… a new style catches my eye. Hope you feel better after what I hope is a relaxing weekend! Teri

    1. Ugh, that’s my life in a nutshell. I swear off buying any new bags because the one I’ve just bought is so perfect why would I ever need another one? And then…well, you know the rest :) xo

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