Feeling French

If someone were to track my activity when it comes to the internet, it would look like a rorschach test: a giant black cloud made up of furious clicks all spinning off wildly in different directions. Comme ça:

this is actually a mousepath, get your own here

Despite some of your assertions, I’m less Lisbeth (expert and deliberate) and more manic squirrel who has discovered an entire world of goodies. When I get into the zone, I cannot click fast enough. It’s like a race to see how much information I can absorb, and then it turns into a down-the-rabbit-hole adventure and I end up finding the most incredible stuff simply because a click here turns into a click there, and then voila!, before you know it I’ve gone and found a picture like this:

 from here

Once I was done having seven simultaneous heart attacks at the sheer gorgeousness of the styling, my squirrel-brain kicked into overdrive in an attempt to curate a room full of items that recreates the raw yet luxe French country chic of that image. I’ve been in total “Europe” mode ever since we booked our tickets for May, and though we’re only stopping in Paris for a few days before heading back to Belgium, I’m beyond excited. Plus, you know I love a challenge. Think I can’t find 8 things that match this aesthetic? WRONG.

1. Framed map / 2. Chandelier / 3. Mirror / 4. Pillow / 5. Candles / 6. Enamel Sign / 7. Chair / 8. Footstool

Maybe I relied too heavily on Home Decorators for some stuff, but they have an awesome collection of French shabby chic-esque stuff. My mom bought me this tote bag from them for Christmas. She knows how I roll. I think I need a vintage enamel sign in my life. You know, to put it behind my sink for decoration.

Is French country chic too shabby for your taste? I can picture a whole house styled this way, with distressed chevron floors or old stone tiles in the kitchen. What do you think? Too frou-frou for you-you? I crack myself up.

20 thoughts on “Feeling French

  1. I like that your mum knows how you roll:)

    French shabby chic is good in small doses. I like the idea of you having an enamel sign somewhere in your place.

    May I suggest you take an extra suitcase when coming to Europe? You’ll shop till you drop.

    For fear of sounding slightly repetitive, this will be the last time I inquire about whether you’re thinking of dropping by London for an afternoon. You have actually never answered this. A simple ye, no or maybe will do:)

    1. I love the idea of taking an extra suitcase with me! Especially considering what I’ve read about Bruges so far is that there are frequent flea markets in the city square. Plus, I’ll need at least an extra suitcase to take back all the Ladurée I’m planning on buying. Three day shelf-life be damned :)

      As much as I’d love to pop over to London to meet all you lovely ladies in person finally, I don’t think there is going to be enough time! As it is, we’re already squeezing in too much to 10 days (Brussels, Bruges, Paris, and the Belgian countryside). My cousin is getting married in the fall, though, so I’m planning on flying to London for the wedding. Depending on how long I can swing it, an outing is in order! xo

      1. Thanks. I like to know so that I can stop hoping… of, course, I knew this is a long shot but hey, worth a try:) look forward to hopefully seeing you when you come over for the wedding.

        1. Ooh, Happy International Women’s Day to you too, Tina! Sorry to disappoint, but hopefully when I’m not so frazzled on my next trip over we can plan something!

  2. It’s too French, too shabby and um, too chic as well for my taste. All a bit too hessian. But I love the enamel number and the mirror. And Diptyque, like duh. And i HEART that mouse track, that’s so cool! That looks more like that flight path art that I still haven’t found.

    Can’t imaging you’re going to have time to squeeze London into your hectic trip too somehow! I guess it’s like when we go to the states, we want to do LA, SanFran, New York, Washington, Seattle all in the same long weekend. Doesn’t quite work.

    Frantic squirrel :) Internet ferret x

    1. You still haven’t found that flight path art?? Shucks. My internet ferret skills are clearly not up to snuff! Must get on that and resume the search at once. You’re right about fitting in London to my Europe trip. The distance isn’t quite the same as it is across the states, haha, but it’s still a lot. The good thing about Europe is that it’s all pretty easy to get to! Not always the case in the states.

      I think I’ve asked before, but how expensive are Diptyque candles over there? For some reason I think they’re cheaper here, but I could be wrong. The mini ones are adorbs.

      1. Large ones are £38 and little ones are £20. They are a brilliant thing to stock up on when you get free Liberty vouchers because then they’re like, free. I am fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who loves them more than me so I have only ever bought one, and that was for his Christmas present. Ha ha talk about buying someone a present that you use yourself!

        1. Ah, so they’re about the same price once you account for the exchange rate. Dunno what I was thinking. Good for R for stocking up on them for you! I love a man who appreciates a good candle!

  3. I like French country in small doses, but after spending a week in Paris last fall, I came home OBSESSED with French decorating a la Louis XIV. Seriously, I wanted to fill my house with gold gilded mirrors, opulent drapes, objects d’art and vintage oil paintings. I let that obsession subside and decided to indulge in small doses, especially since my house is Spanish style with pavers tile flooring:) I agree with Tina that you may want to bring an extra suitcase. Although I thought I was going to go crazy buying clothes, I ended up mainly buying things for our house. I did splurge on a few pieces of costume jewelry at Chanel, but that was it. Sooo excited for your trip!!!!!!

    1. Ooh a Spanish style home filled to the brim with Louis XIV style furnishings! Wouldn’t that be delightfully confusing. Small doses are good, a little touch here, a little gold gilded mirror there…none of it will work in my new construction condo, unfortunately. If only! I’m so jealous you splurged on Chanel! You lucky lady, good for you! I’m sure I’ll get stuck shipping stuff back to the states with me, like some large chair or rug or something. Haha, I’m so excited! xo

  4. I do like the look, especially the furniture upholstered in linen part. Restoration Hardware is all over this look. There is also a great flea market here in Southern California (Rose Bowl Flea) that happens once a month. There are handful of great vendors that specialize in this look. You would love it.
    For now, I’m just trying to cobble together some kind of cohesive look for our Spanish home (holler, Jennifer!).
    Can’t wait for your trip abroad! Hope you’re planning to share tons of photos and every last yummy detail with us. ;)

    1. Look at you recognizing RH! That’s where the chair is from, good eye ;) I’ve heard about the Rose Bowl Flea and I’m so jealous you guys have flea markets that frequently. There’s a big one in Philly that happens twice a year and it’s a mandatory full-day experience. I love it. But it’s a lot of the same vendors so you kind of know what to expect. I love flea markets. That’s a dumb statement, who doesn’t??

      I’m so excited for my trip, too! I think I’m going to arrange for some guest-blogging action the days I’m gone and wait until I get back to do a big, multi-day, photo-dump. Just something I’m considering (and yes, I’d definitely repay the favor you gave me of guest-blogging for the WitW post by extending an invitation to you!). xo

  5. I like it! I love the gold ornate mirror and would put it in any style house, just because. I’m so fickle and can’t decide on a design style I like best. I’m always drawn to different styles. Living by the beach,however, it’s hard to build a french chateau and not have it look out of place. I love flea market finds and can get carried away. I like the mix of modern with vintage flea market finds if you can pull it off (modage!). Teri

    1. I have the same problem! I’m constantly drawn to a hundred different things I like and end up feeling like my design aesthetic is super schizophrenic or something. I’m with you on the flea market finds as well. I got the greatest piece a few years ago for only $35 and I’m so in love with its vintage-y goodness. I wish we had more frequent flea markets here though!

    1. Careful, Rooth! That site is dangerous because they’re always offering free shipping and discounts. But their stuff is so cute!

  6. I like the look Erin, but in little doses too. That’s because I’m greedy and love lots and lots of styles and I couldn’t possibly fit everything I covet into my house.

    That gold mirror is gorgeous – love it – big, bold, brash statement piece.

    You’re gonna need more than another suitcase for your Europe trip. You’ll need an itinerary to keep on track and I reckon one of those big metal containers to ship it all back will do it:

    http://www.londonshippingcontainers.co.uk/ :-)

    1. Unless I somehow come into massive amounts of money and can buy an enormous home, there is no way I could ever fit all of the different styles I love into one space without having it looks insane. Or like that Christian Lacroix interior you posted! Ha! Isn’t that mirror fabulous though?

      I think I might look into that shipping container… :)

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