This morning I’m undergoing an upper GI endoscopy as well as esophageal manometry (even I had to google it) at the same hospital I ended up in almost exactly one year ago when I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my big toe (that will never not be simultaneously humiliating and hilarious to me). I talked about the reason for today’s procedure briefly over here, but to make a long story short I’ve been having weird and debilitating pains in my chest caused by my esophagus spasming, which feels about as awesome as it sounds. Other symptoms include the inability to breathe or swallow and involuntary vomiting. I know all vomiting is pretty much involuntary unless you’re bulemic, but in my case it’s not like my stomach is upset or I’m even nauseated; my esophagus just forces food out of me in these super violent episodes where it feels like my chest is being hijacked by a really pissed-off, red-hot brick. Apparently endoscopies are super routine and common, but I’m 100% convinced I’m going to die today. This is probably just starvation talking; I wasn’t permitted to eat anything after 10pm last night, which is torture considering there is one last piece of Aero bar sitting my kitchen just taunting me. I’m looking forward to finding out wtf is going on with my esophagus, and also for the free day off from work, even if I will be loopy and sleepy from the sedation.

Obviously a welcome distraction has been all the outfit planning I’m doing for my upcoming trip to Belgium and Paris that I’m not going to live to see because I’m dying today. I bought this surprisingly chic red & pink colorblock top at Forever 21 for Brussels (and plan to wear it with simple black leggings and a black cardigan), and then I kept seeing examples of pink and red colorblock all over the place. Colorblocking seems to be a waning trend, but there are plenty of beautiful pieces that have caught my eye, especially in this color combo.

1. Top / 2. Bag / 3. Bra / 4. Socks / 5. Skirt / 6. Shoes / 7. Dress

It’s not like I even wear a ton of color, so making the leap from a monochrome wardrobe to a dress with three colors on it is a little more than I’m capable of. I’m impressed that I even bought the Forever 21 top; I’m really making an effort to give my wardrobe some POP for this trip. But how whimsical are those socks? They remind me of a Dr. Seuss character or something. And it goes without saying that Marc Jacobs bag is gorgeous.

Alright, kiddos. Happy Monday! What are you up to today? Feel free to regale me with stories about your own medical issues so I have something to read in bed today when I get home.

And in case my hypochondria is finally right and I do in fact drop dead, at least I can die happy and validated knowing that I was linked to on West Elm’s blog over the weekend. (Jennifer, you were too!)

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  1. Hopefully you are still around to read this :-) Poor you! sounds really rubbish. Does it feel like a really bad case of indigestion? I hope the doctors get you sorted out quick, bringing food back up is no fun, when the experience was so good in getting it down.

    I love, love, love colour so your red/pink combo is completely sold on me. The top is my fave. Did you wind up buying those mint Forever 51 jeans ??

    My last medical issue was a miscarriage which was pretty crap back in early Feb but at just 7 weeks, it wasn’t a major thing. But… I had kidney stones about 7 years ago. In the UK, if you don’t pass them in your wee then you go to an outpatients clinic and get them lasered, breaks them up and then you pass them. Not me, got excrutiating pains in my right side and wound up in A&E (ER) on a Friday afternoon. They kept me in all weekend and fitted a stent into my kidney and bladder so I could pass water and then did a scan – I had 3 of the buggers. I’ll try and cut a long story short. I had medical insurance at the time and when the surgeon told me there was a laser treatment waiting list of 6 months and a 50 mile trip to the nearest hospital at least half a dozen times, I called the private surgeon and got myself dismissed from the hospital. I went and saw the private surgeon and it took 3 key hole operations to remove the stones. I was under general anaesthetic 4 times in a 2 week period and it completely finished me off, puking and all sorts. I did lose a stone in weight though!

      1. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage and kidney stone ordeal, Sam – how awful for you! Still, it’s experiences like these that give us perspective and make us more appreciative of the little things.

    1. Oh goodness, you poor thing! That all sounds horrible. Way worse than what I’m going through, by far. I’m so sorry about all that. I’ve never had kidney stones or a miscarriage, and I can’t imagine the pain (physical & emotional) that goes along with either. What a tough cookie you are, darling. It’s like Chi said, it give us a nice appreciation for the little things. Take care.

      And no, unfortunately those mint jeans sold out! xo

  2. Euw those clothes just gave me a headache! I like your new top a lot, but please don’t wear with the rest of those items.

    Oh boo Sam that’s sad about your miscarriage and yuk about your kidney stones :o(

    And Erin, the endoscopy will be fine, as I told you I had one many years ago and I was fine. I was basically puking up blood for three days solid but didn’t realise. It was black and didn’t look very much like blood. I had a stomach ulcer and was puking so much that I ripped my stomach lining. Nice! Oh but I did have a real proper out of body experience, I passed out and was on the ceiling looking down at myself. It was so cool!

    Anyway, keep us posted as I’m worried about you, all that stuff does not sound good although it’s probably nothing serious it must feel like it is.

    Richard had his eyes lasered at Moorfields on Saturday. They cut the flap off his cornea and lifted it up and then stuck a laser in his eye and then stuck it back down. Nice huh? So he’s not feeling too great either. But already he can see better than he has in twenty years and is marvelling at everything. Although he now has the unbridled joy of waking up to me with no make up on and actually being able to see me. Lucky him!

    take care of yourself pretty one x

    1. Oh lord I’d never wear that stuff all together! Just one piece at a time! I’d make myself nauseous.

      Your experience sounds awful! Stomach ulcers are no joke. At least you didn’t realize you were coughing up blood, imagine how much scarier it would have been if it looked like blood! But maybe you aren’t terrified of blood the way I am. I think I’d die on the spot or be convinced I had TB if I started coughing up blood. Good thing you got that all taken care of!

      Congrats on R being able to see! Laser eye surgery sounds so freaky, but almost like magic. Unfortunately now you will have to sleep in your makeup so as not to ruin the mystique :)

  3. Oh Erin, I have it on authority you won’t die:)

    Endoscopies are very much routine these days so don’t worry. I hope they find the cause and quick. Hope you get better real soon!!

    I have no medical traumas to talk of, sorry ladies, but am sad to hear of miscarriages, passing out, puking etc. Will you ladies please look after your health. You are far too young to suffer from these ailments (miscarriage excluded)

    Am sure your new top will look great in Europe and congratulations to you and Jennifer for being famous!!!

    1. I didn’t die! You were right! The endoscopy was nothing, but the manometry was brutal. I don’t recommend it at all. So, you know, if anyone gives you the option…say no :)


  4. Oh, honey! You’re going to be just fine. I totally understand the alarm you’re feeling but I’m sure it’s a lot less serious than it seems. I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. xoxo

    The only thing more therapeutic than colour itself is shopping for it, so good for you for giving yourself that gift! :D

    Oh my! Yet another celebrity moment for a Pia – congratulations!!! It must have felt so good coming from one of your favourite haunts. :)

    My most recent medical story would have to be the birth of my daughter. Five weeks early.
    A few more hours and she may have been born in Ikea!!! :O

    1. I love that your daughter was almost born in an IKEA! I was early, too, but my mom wasn’t at my favorite store on earth, unfortunately.

      Thank you for all the positive vibes you sent yesterday! You’re such a sweetheart. The whole thing wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, thankfully. I can be a bit dramatic, in case you didn’t know ;)


  5. How cool that WE linked to you! I already waxed poetic about my own ailments on SPL, so I’ll spare you the recap, and just say that I’m happy you made it through with flying colors and your very own “FALL RISK” bracelet! I’m not a huge fan of the color blocking, but I am trying to add more color in my life, so I’ll trust you to forge a path!

  6. Erin, feel better soon! Hope they’ll find out the cause of your esophageal problems and be able to fix it soon. Vomiting is one of my big fears, I always feel as if I’m going to die so you have my sympathies.

    So awesome that West Elm linked to your blog! And love you new top from F21. The bra is super cute too…

  7. OH, Erin, so the day has come, has it? (Well, come and gone now.) I hope the doctors will finally figure out what ails you and get the issue resolved. It cannot be fun to live life in fear of another attack. With death heavy on your mind, it is a small miracle that you were able to put together this fun and very colorful round up. You’re amazing!
    Love your fabulous new top and that you were mentioned by the WE blog. You’re on their radar now. ;)
    Take good care of YOU, my friend. ((hugs)) Make sure to give us an update when you feel up to it.
    PS~Sam, sorry to hear of your loss. Been there and they’re never easy. xoxo

  8. Umm…the fact that you were still up and at em’ this morning to post prior to going into surgery is really blowing my mind right now! Is there some type of Blogger for Life award we can give you? So sorry to hear you are in the hospital in the first place, but I’ll be sending you hugs and good vibes for a speedy recovery! I also heart your new top and already know you are going to look tres chic in it – that color combo is just so spunky and lovely at the same time! Thanks for the heads up on the West Elm blog! So awesome to see you there – they should know what a big fan you are and what a stellar blog you have here! Hugs!! Xxo

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