A Guide to the 17eme

Remember when I went on that super weepy spiel about how much I love blogging because it fostered this wonderful little community of incredible people? And how I can’t believe that a year ago I didn’t know anyone and know I have friends? Well, I’m totally justified in being so sappy and sentimental about the amazing world of blogging, because Süsk of Süsk & Banoo sent me an email a few days ago saying she had something for me for my upcoming trip to Paris. Me, being the greedy little turd that I am, totally gave her my mailing address in expectation of a physical package, and then had to back-pedal and hang my head in shame after she awkwardly confessed it was “just a pdf.” But you know what, she didn’t have to apologize at all. Because that thing she called “just a pdf” turned out to be this absolute gem:


What’s that, you ask? Oh, just a personalized, made-for-me map of the arrondissement we’re staying in with all of her favorite local shops and restaurants numbered, described with the cutest Süsk-isms (“NOMFEST!”) and sweet recommendations based on my likes (“Little quirky shop with lots of things with French writing on them – I know you love that stuff!”). YOU GUYS. I just about lost it. How thoughtful is that?? Süsk used to live in this neighborhood and will likely be returning at some point, after she and her math-genius husband sell their gorgeous cottage in London (go take a look!), so I trust her judgement when it comes to where to get the best boeuf tartare or cup of tea in Paris.

This sort of map is what tourists like me kill for. Not, um, literally. But you know what I mean. I now possess an insider’s guide to my favorite city in the world. Hopefully it makes me feel like less of a tourist, but I might be a lost cause because I will undoubtedly be hopping up and down and flapping my hands out front of Ladurée. Possibly shrieking. Who knows!

Thank you again, Süsk (ladies, if you aren’t reading her blog, you’re seriously missing out. but don’t expect her to make personalized Paris maps for just anyone, you know). Try though you might to feign modesty, your design-skillz are amazing. You made my dreams come true. I will now forever associate you with this beautiful ballad by Hall & Oates:

17 thoughts on “A Guide to the 17eme

  1. Greedy little turd :)

    Ah how lovely of Susk (still haven’t work out the umlaut thing), bet she’s chosen some fab places for you. What a wonderful image of you flapping about in front of Laduree, don’t do a Carrie Bradshaw and literally fall into it (I did that in Hix, it was really embarrassing).

    1. I’m such a turd :) I’ll try my best not to fall down in Ladurée, that would be the equivalent of going on a date with a movie star and having spinach in your teeth the whole time.

  2. How thoughtful ……….. and clever!!! I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to create such a brilliant document.

    I’m so excited now! I can’t wait to read all about your Süsk-esque tour of the 17eme and to see it through your eyes. :D
    How many days/weeks to go now?

    1. Just under 2 months now! Actually in 2 months, I’ll be flying home! I’m so excited!

      Wasn’t that just so thoughtful of her??

  3. Oh my GOSH! How lovely is that! I think you should print two copies of the PDF and frame one to keep in your home. Because you know the other will be crumpled with your happy tears, right? Right?

  4. That is adorable and very much A La Tina taste:) Really thoughtful, generous and cool.

    I like Süsk just for being so adorable to you. Who is she? Why haven’t we been introduced? C’mon Lisbeth, do ya thing…

    Great idea Lauren, frame it as a memory!!

    1. She’s wonderful! Her blog is really witty and she takes awesome photographs and is generally lovely! xo

  5. That is an amazing gift! I know you recommended Süsk’s blog before, but I was bad and didn’t listen. Paying the price now. I will make amends.
    I’m with Lauren, you need to find a way to get this map printed and framed. It is original artwork.

    1. Ha, no worries! Always plenty of time to catch up. Her archives have a bunch of awesome house-reno-related posts and plenty of cute outfit posts. It’s a wonderful blog and one of the first I really started reading!

      I’m definitely going to frame one now. I have multiple IKEA Ribba frames lying around as it is, so it should be easy! xo

  6. Woah! What a great gift. You should definitely frame one printout. With tips from a former local it will be an even better vacation!

    1. Definitely going to frame it! I’m excited to check out all her tips and recommendations. xo

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