Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday! I want to give a belated “Happy Birthday!” shout-out to my lovely friend Annie. The Pia Posse, spearheaded by über-generous Tina, arranged to have a bouquet of wildflowers waiting for her when she got home from vacation yesterday. Happy birthday again, my dear!

How was everyone’s weekend? I had a big dining room switcheroo on Saturday that involved a lot of sweating and even breaking out of a hand-saw. Thankfully, no one was injured. I’ll have lots of pictures of the before-and-after on Wednesday for you!

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but Tuesdays are generally reserved for music around here, I thought I’d do an early round-up of some cute heart-themed items in honor of the occasion. Because, come on. Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of underwear with Peanuts characters on them?

 1. Tote bag / 2. Card / 3. Sweater / 4. Ring / 5. Mugs / 6. Undies / 7. Nail polish / 8. Scarf

I know that Valentine’s Day is one of those divisive holidays that separates people faster than an argument on politics, but I happen to fall into the “love it” camp. Maybe it’s the limited edition pink & red m&ms, maybe it’s the fat baby cupids, who knows. All I know is that my brain sees little red hearts and becomes dizzy and euphoric. Can you imagine how woozy I would be if my nails were painted in bright red glitter? Couple that with an adorable red heart ring, a heart scarf, a heart tote bag (I have one of these from Alphabet bags with a giant serif “E” on it, and the thing is a champ. Sure, it gets dirty and you have to throw it in the wash, but I’ve had it for over 3 years and it’s still going strong; impressive, for canvas),  and a candy heart sweater that has French on it? You guys. I wouldn’t even be able to stand up. Couple that with a nice cup of tea (rose, obviously, for the holiday) in a mug that is one half of a set which, when put together, makes a cut-out heart, and a thoughtful hand-designed card from Rifle Paper Co., and you’ve got yourself one cheesy Valentine’s Day. Just the way Hallmark intended.

Where do you stand on Valentine’s Day? Love it? Think it’s a marketing ploy created by a greeting card company? Do you secretly love it even though you wish you didn’t? I’d love to know.

13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Hi Erin. Found you via Theresa at inspirationcooperative. Love your blog and I think the pink heart sweatshirt should be mine. I’m a sucker for anything with French printed on it :)

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Isn’t Theresa the best? Always bringing new bloggers together :)

      Thank you so much! I think you and I already have a lot in common; I’m also a huge sucker for anything French printed on it! How can you not be, right? Oui!

  2. You are too adorable for words. I love that you love Valentine’s day with such pazzazz.

    It’s drizzly and grey here in London, so thank you for cheering me up with your vivacious personality and colourful pics.

    Can’t wait to see the results of your switcheroo (love it) on Saturday. Sounds like a blast.

    Well, guess where I stand on Valentine’s Day? You have 3 guesses:) In view of your passionate confession, I will already wish you a happy Valentine’s today, as well as tomorrow, just so that it sticks a little more (bit like the red glitter nail varnish).

    So, gorgeous, beautiful girl. Happy pre-Valentine’s day. Feel smootched!!

    1. Oh geez, you’re making me blush! You always say the sweetest things, Tina, how is that possible? You have a gift for flattery! Vivacious? Oh you! I’m telling you, flowers can change even a rainy London (I have a tendency to call it Grey Britain…endearingly) day to something more cheerful. I really hope you bought yourself a bouquet when you were getting Annie’s! Thank you a million times over again for organizing all of that for us.

      Hmmm. So I’d say you’re not a huge Valentine’s Day fan? Haha, am I right? I bet I am. Otherwise I still have 2 guesses! I do love the holiday, for all its cheesiness and cherub-y goodness. That’s a good analogy you made with the nail polish, I give you credit for that. Happy pre-Valentine’s to you, beautiful! Hugs and kisses and little red hearts everywhere! xx

  3. Thank you so much! Had the best birthday. And got the bestest ever present which you might find out about tomorrow. And the flowers, how lovely of you all, I was genuinely touched by that and very confused at first as I thought they were from R. It was the feather pen that gave it away though. So lovely of you!

    Valentine’s Day. Well, being as R always makes such a huge effort for my birthday, it would be too much for him to have to contend with V Day too so we don’t really do that. It’s just too close and whenever we go out for dinner on my bday we’re always surrounded by super-organised vals people celebrating early so it feels like we’ve done it anyway.

    So glad to be back in the mix! Have been so curious what you’ve all been up to.

    1. Aww, I’m so happy you had a good day! I love that we were able to contribute a wee bit to that happiness. It really wouldn’t have been possible without the lovely Tina, I have to say. I can’t wait to see what you got! I have some guesses as to what it is so we’ll see if I’m right! Teehee. I just teehee’d. Good lord. Anyway, glad you liked the flowers!

      Yes, I can imagine that if your birthday is as close to Vday as yours is, you’d want more focus on that than a silly holiday. And it sounds like R does a bang-up job in celebrating your birthday with you, so you’re not left feeling slighted when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

      Happy to have you back! You were missed. xx

  4. Love all your cute heart picks. I wouldn’t pin you for a Valentine’s Day fan. But, I guess that’s why I heart you, always full of surprises. Let’s see, where do I stand on V-day? Indifferent, I suppose. We don’t make a huge deal of it around these parts. Just a few extra kisses and hugs…A handwritten note slipped into my son’s lunch bag. I’ll be back tomorrow to wish you a Happy V-day.
    PS~I am so HAPPY that you are going to Paris!!! This reminds me, I once knew a girl whose boyfriend flew her to Paris for the weekend as a V-day surprise! That’s amazing and crazy at the same time.

    1. Aw, my darling! Always so sweet. I definitely heart you, too, especially for your indifference to V-day! I love that you slip a handwritten note into your son’s lunch bag! I loved when I got those from my mama. As much as I love all of these heart-themed picks, I have to say, the way you celebrate with your hubs sounds very sweet. That’s really what the holiday is about.

      Who is this girl you knew whose boyfriend flew her to Paris for Valentine’s Day?? I need to meet her and tell her how jealous I am of her. I can’t be too jealous, because I’m going to be there soon, but still! That’s a crazy (and amazing! you’re right) Vday gift! Jeez!

  5. You, my friend, have impeccable taste! :)

    Here’s why:
    Firstly, you have chosen my favourite colour – red.
    And secondly, I happen to be the proud (and smug!) owner of that scarf. It cost me an arm and a leg in customs charges but boy, was it worth it! :D

    As for Valentine’s Day, my husband and I give it a brief nod on the day but generally, we prefer to share little tokens,etc. regularly.
    I once chowed down heartily on a note that had been tucked between the slices of bread in my sandwich. True story.

    1. Ha! I didn’t know your favorite color was red! I do know, though. Noted! It’s a popular color several times throughout the year! Vday, Christmas, Chinese New Year…I’m sure I’m forgetting something. You have great taste in colors and scarves! That scarf is awesome! How lovely is it? You should post pictures! And I don’t know what American stores charge to ship things to you, but I bet it’s more expensive than say, having me send it to you next time. We could look into that, and that way you can avoid all that fussy customs stuff.

      I laughed out loud at the mental image of you chewing on a love note. What an ingenius place for your husband to hide it! Do you check your sandwiches now? I don’t think I’d be able to shake that habit after eating paper accidentally, haha!

      1. “And I don’t know what American stores charge to ship things to you, but I bet it’s more expensive than say, having me send it to you next time. We could look into that, and that way you can avoid all that fussy customs stuff.”

        Would you, really?! That’s so sweet of you, Erin! :)
        Lately, everything I like seems to be in the States. As a matter of fact, my husband went to Mechanicsburg, PA (superb name, by the way!) on Friday and I had Rifle Paper Co. birthday invites (for our daughter) sent to his hotel! :D

        Re. the love note: Isn’t it funny? I never really knew what it said because I’d chewed most of it by the time I realized!!! :D

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