Put A Bird On It.

So, I’ve never watched Portlandia, the quirky (read: obnoxious) show on IFC that pokes fun at Portland/hipsters, but I don’t need to because I have facebook. There’s no need to watch a single episode when all of your hipster friends will post ad nauseum about each episode and event. If you’ve posted superfluously about Portlandia, odds are I’ve blocked your updates from showing up, just an fyi. I know this sounds self-righteous coming from someone who has watched nothing but Gossip Girl in the past week, and it is. I own it.

But the show did make light of a noticeable design trend in one of their episodes, wherein they visited a store and proceeded to slap bird motifs on every product, saying, “In Portland, you can put a bird on something and just call it art.” Thus, “Put a bird on it” was born. (I don’t know any of this from actually watching the show. This is all just from internet-osmosis.) Here’s the clip.

And then I saw this Jil Sander skirt, and thought, “Huh, maybe they’re on to something.”

1. Skirt / 2. Plate / 3. Watercolor / 4. Bottles / 5. Candle / 6. Heels / 7. Belt

I’d gladly suffer playing right into their joke if this is what “Putting a bird on it” looks like. That watercolor is gorgeous, and don’t pretend you don’t love those Miu Miu heels. Birds are awesome and make everything better, don’t be jealous. Besides, isn’t birdwatching really popular in the Pacific Northwest? Don’t fight it, you guys. Put a bird on it.

PS. One week from today!

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  1. Birds ARE awesome. I should know, I am one!

    Last year it was owls, the year before swallows, guess it’s hummingbirds this year.

    I hate hipsters. They’re such morons. There’s a new burger place here that’s opened behind Selfridges which is way off the beaten track for the hipsters but they’re all such sheep that they queue up there for hours to get in becuase it’s ‘the’ place to be seen. I can’t be all that herd like behaviour, they think they’re all edgy and original but they’re all the same!

    Liking that belt. x

    1. You are my favorite bird of all! Owls really had a big hey-day, didn’t they? They were on everything, and I can’t tell you how many necklaces I saw with giant metal owls on them. I love owls, don’t get me wrong, but that trend was definitely overdone. I’m afraid it’s going to happen with hummingbirds, too. :(

      Hahah, love your assessment of hipsters. Thankfully the hipster hang-outs in the city are easily identifiable and avoidable. I feel like telling them that wearing tight pants if you’re a man is really not good for your chances of procreating later on, but alas. Socially that’s not really acceptable.

      1. Have you seen Grace Bonney’s closet? I mean I’m sure you haven’t been round her house but you know what I mean. She has this cute owl woodland wallpaper in it, it works so well, I love it.

        And they wear skinny jeans that are hanging down so you can see their ironically cheap pants over the top. yuk and yuk and yuk. What do you guys call pants anyway if pants are trousers?

        1. Underwear? Undies? I HATE the word “panties” so I avoid using that at all costs. Knickers is a good one, too.

          I’ll look for that wallpaper! In small doses owls are still precious.

  2. Your “one week from today” made me smile! As did that water color, which is absolutely STUNNING, by the way. I don’t watch Portlandia, and now, thanks to you, I don’t have to!

    1. :)

      And that watercolor is so cheap for custom art! Under $40! I love the colors so much. Don’t put off Portlandia because of me. You might love it! Who knows. Just not my cup of tea.

  3. I LOVE birds on stuff and my daughter is absolutely besotted with and fascinated by them. I’ve been eyeing up avian-adorned soft furnishings recently – not sure if I’ll actually take the leap, though …..

    Those Miu Miu heels are delish – shame my feet don’t approve! :(

    P.S. If you want a witty retort, put a Bird on it! Snigger!! :D

    1. If you’re looking for a nice cushion and have £50, I’d go for this one in a heartbeat: here. I love that you and your daughter are fans of putting a bird on it! Though not, you know, the middle finger. I think your girl is too young for that!

      1. “I love that you and your daughter are fans of putting a bird on it! Though not, you know, the middle finger. I think your girl is too young for that!”
        It was my idea of a joke/compliment. I meant put A. Bird (Annabel Bird) on it. Oy. :)
        Why do I get the feeling that we’re talking at cross purposes? :/

        That IS a lovely cushion and it looks like I might be able to get it in the UK – yay!!!
        Lisbeth strikes (and scores!) again. :D

        1. Haha, if you’d capitalized A before Bird I might have gotten it! I actually had a fleeting thought you were referring to our girl Bird, but figured if I responded in that vein you would have thought I was crazy. Turns out, I was right! Hurrah! xo

    1. People really seem to be responding positively to it, so I could be an outlier in not liking it! Totally possible. After all, my taste in television is questionable at best ;)

  4. I have a soft spot for birds. Coincidentally I’m wearing a blouse with a similar print than the Miu Miu heels today. Hope I’ll not end up in hipster hell for it ;)

    1. Nah, hipsters may make fun of birds, but we’re the ones laughing since I bet that bird blouse you’ve got is absolutely darling! I have a similar top, too! Apparently you really can put a bird on anything :)

  5. I rather liked the owl period. Whatever animal/motif is used the problem is everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and so diluting the freshness of it.

    Just returned from quick trip to Anthropology in Kings Road. I can report there is no bird in sight!!!!
    Actually, I didn’t notice any but I’m sure, being Anthropology, there are some flattering around:)

    Nice round up.

    1. Owls are darling, for sure, but you’re right. Everyone sort of sullied the freshness of it. Same thin can be said of a million different trends, too, unfortunately. I think owls and birds have staying power, though. Or at least, I hope so. I kind of like putting a bird on it!

  6. I love: the birds (especially all the pretty little items you selected above), the foxes/lemurs, the owls, the dogs, the geometric shapes, and the arrows. It’s all good. ;)

    Ah, the skinny jean with the a** hanging out. Did you know this look started in prison because inmates are issued ill fitting pants and aren’t allowed to have belts for fear of strangulation? So, some inmate was released and continued wearing his pants in that fashion. The inner city kids picked up on it and copied. Then, hipsters copied the inner city kids. So, to be fair the hipster was indirectly influenced, but still…The look is ridiculous! This is one opinion I don’t blame on my getting old.

    Wait, how did we get on this subject? :)

    1. Lemurs! Lemurs are adorable. Dogs, obviously. I love how preppy things automatically become when you slap a dog on something, or maybe that’s all the time I spent in Martha’s Vineyard seeing everyone in Black Dog t-shirts and ephemera (side story: on my first date with Boyfriend, he wore a Black Dog t-shirt…and 13 months later, we got our own black dog :)

      I had no idea that’s how the whole “let your cheeks show” style movement started, though it makes perfect sense now that you put it like that! The look is ridiculous, and the little old lady inside of me always has to bite her tongue to refrain from yelling at people to pull their effing pants up. It’s obscene!

  7. Love bird fabrics. I have drapes in my bedroom that are made from a fabric I love with birds. I wanted to do the entire house in them, but thought it a bit much! Teri

    1. Ha, I’m sure it all would have worked together! On the plus side, you could have told everyone your house was an aviary :)

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