Feeling Preppy

All the Gossip Girl I’ve been watching in the last few days has obviously gone to my brain. I’ve been having Blair Waldorf overload. Old Blair Waldorf, when she was still in high school and had a penchant for headbands and knee socks and having sex in the back of limos. It all started with these shoes. Come on, look at them. Best part? They’re under $60 (!!). I’m debating buying them to channel my inner Upper-East-sider. You know, without all of the scheming and gin martinis. Okay. Maybe with the gin¬†martinis.

1. Chanel No. 5 / 2. Book / 3. Headband / 4. Chloé bag / 5. Earrings / 6. Pumps

True story: back when Gossip Girl first started, I took the whole “dressing like Blair Waldorf” a little too seriously. I was in a drop-waist dress with oversized red glossy buttons down the front, and matching red patent ballet flats. My mom studied me and said, “You look very….’Gossip Girl’ today.” Flattered, I said, “Thank you!” Her response? “That wasn’t a compliment.”

Mom burn.

21 thoughts on “Feeling Preppy

  1. I can’t do head bands, but I could totally manage those shoes (oh, to die for!) AND the gin martinis! I’m almost halfway there and I don’t even watch Gossip Girl! Wait! I want the handbag too…I AM halfway there! Shopping is hope for the future.

    1. Shopping IS hope for the future. I am already planning out what I’m going to wear in Europe on a day-by-day basis and figuring out what I need to buy and making a budget. Somehow I need to finagle those shoes in there.

      I can’t do headbands, either, really. They give me headaches if I wear them too long. Which is anything longer than 5 minutes. Now, gin martinis on the other hand…

      1. Headaches are exactly why I can’t do headbands, and I have to pace myself on the martinis. But I’ll sacrifice. Oh, yes. I’ll sacrifice.

  2. OMG I have to have those shoes! They are so cute, they remind me of the Rules of Civility (see Lauren, I did listen!)

    And omg how much do I want a gin martini? Let me count the ways…. mmm gin…..mmm…..

    And you know what, they’re not just shoes, they’re Aeorsoles.

    Since when did NetAP sell books? Confused. I really want that book though.

    You’re obviously very bitter about your mom becuase you’ve told me that anecodate before ;)

    1. I prefer dirty martinis, just because I love how salty olive juice is. Extra olives in mine, please. Thanks. Next time I’m in London let’s go out for gin drinks at that fancy hotel you talked about before, oui? And since the shoes are Aerosoles it means we can walk around in them all day with nary a pain or blister. Best.

      I didn’t know they sold books either, but I’m sure you can find it on Amazon or something, too. Fits perfectly, don’t you think? Also, typing “fits” without a “z” seems so strange to me now!

      Haha, that story is such a goodie I can’t help but sharing. She’s so sassy! And I wonder where I get it from. ;)

      1. Like totes! St Pancras hotel. That’s where the Eurostar goes from btw so why don’t you and J just pop over for a quick drink when you’re in Belgium?! Ha that would be crazy and fun.

        Naught wrong with sassy.That’s just how I like my women.

  3. Can’t follow this conversation. Am I too old? Can I still join for drinks without Martini? Probably not! You’ll e all happy clappy, on a different planet and I will be, well, err feeling like a spare part!

    I will come shopping though.

    Erin, when you’ve decided on your daily outfit for Europe can you blog them for voting purposes? That would be so much fun. Your mum included!

    1. Personally I always find it much more amusing (or annoying, depending on the company) to be the only sober person in a group. You get to remember everything dumb everyone says and then use it against them the next day! What’s not to love? :)

      I love the idea of posting all my outfits! Will have to be a little closer to our departure date, as I’m no doubt going to change my mind a million times until then. But what a great idea! Thanks, T!

  4. I always loved Blair’s look the best – such fun and so frivolous! :D
    You don’t happen to have any photos of your Blair Waldorf phase, do you?

    Let me re-phrase that. You don’t happen to have any plans to get drunk enough (on dirty Martinis) to post photos of your Blair Waldorf phase, do you? ;)

    Those shoes would be beyond perfect as brogues – *drool*

    1. You know, I don’t think I have any photos of me from that phase! What a waste! I bet I could recreate it, though. I still have a large collection of blazers, some with crests on the pocket…and I do have knee socks and headbands…hmmm. Haha now you have me thinking! But the part about getting drunk on dirty martinis requires no extra thought: Yes please!


  5. What, no link to you dressed as Blair Waldorf? No fun.

    Ok, here’s the solution. We will drink the martinis first then put on the headbands. Can’t feel the pain with a little alcohol in ya.

    As a fellow Gossip Girl fanatic, thank you for this post, Erin. I love all your picks inspired by Blair. When I look back, Blair’s look has changed a lot from those early GG days, right? Let’s do Serena Van der Woodsen next. Then CB. Then…Oh, let’s just do them all. Jenny would be extra fun and edgy.

    I must say I’m always so bummed I can’t comment until late in the day. I’m always late for the party and miss all the fun. Boo!
    PS~I really do hope you all get to meet up when Erin is in Europe. How fun! Make it happen.

    1. Hey, late to the party or not, it’s not a party until all my girls show up. Don’t worry, we still reserve some fun for you! Besides, who else would give us the amazing idea to drink first, then don our headbands with oversized bows. I actually think I have a bright red headband with an enormous bow on it. I’ll have to check. Except a twitpic if I do!

      Blair’s style has changed, I think they all have. Especially Jenny, geez louise! I love the idea to do one inspired by each character. Except for Nate who, as pretty as he is, has to be the most boring person on the show. His character is so normal. I’m definitely going to repeat this series, thanks for the idea!! I’ll credit you, of course ;)

  6. Love your Blair pics. I think that she has BY FAR the best style on the show and I love how it has evolved..Serena has her moments, but I have to give my award to Blair. So funny you wrote about this today. I just finished watching the last episode on my DVR while my husband and daughter were sleeping. I’ve got to tell someone how much I heart Chuck Bass so I guess I’ll just write it here:)

    1. Blair really does have the best style, without question. Serena doesn’t seem to really have her own style. She’s in bohemian clothes one day and a gold strapless dress the next. I haven’t seen anything of season 5, and in fact just finished season 4 last night (OH MY GOD, by the way). I love Chuck Bass so much, I think I’m going to do one of these for him next!

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