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Remember my fascination with Ork Posters from a few weeks ago, those magical typographic maps of cities around the world, split up into neighborhoods? At the time, I was lamenting that there wasn’t a Stockholm poster. But then I saw this picture, from Swedish interior designer and stylist Lotta Agaton’s new shop in Stockholm:

from here

It’s hard to spot on the wall, but there it is. It’s obviously an Ork Poster, right? I mean, it looks exactly the same as all the other posters of different cities, with the different neighborhoods are typed out in varying heights and sizes. After a furious search of the internet (someone should hire me to be a private investigator, I’m telling you), I discovered that NO, it wasn’t an Ork Poster at all, but rather a print from a Swedish company called LocalGraphics.

I love them so much I’ll let it slide that I’m pretty sure they’re directly ripping off Ork’s entire idea. Or maybe they came first, I don’t know! Either way, a void has been filled by the missing Stockholm print, and if I could only decipher their site to figure out how to order one of these (they have a bunch for different areas of Sweden, including the adorably named Malmö. Pretty sure I’m going to nickname my future child that, it sounds like Elmo and Marshmallow mixed together), I’d have it hanging in my house by now. They’re pricier than their Ork equivalents, at almost 3 times the cost not including shipping, but when has price ever stopped me? I thought so.

Around the same time as this was all happening, a Chicago-based architect and designer Jerome Daksiewicz emailed me a link to his portfolio site, a multi-disciplinary creative studio called Nomo Design. He has a series of Runway posters, which are prints of airports around the world with their official 3 letter code, and a linear sketch of their runway layouts.

What I think I love most about them is that they look almost like the inverse of an Ork Poster in their minimalism and color. Where Ork Posters/LocalGraphics posters are busy and cluttered, these are simple, elegant, and almost eerie in their shape. Doesn’t San Francisco’s kind of look like a gun? They’re also extremely unique. There are currently 4 available for purchase in the Nomo Design shop, 3 available for pre-order, and 4 more coming soon. I’m eyeing up the Heathrow print, and wishing a Charles De Gaulle runway print makes an appearance soon. Okay, fine, and an Arlanda print to round out my Stockholm poster-lust.

At $26 a piece, they’re well priced for their size and craft. A portion of the proceeds from each poster sold goes to  Challenge Air, a program that works with special needs children and provides flight experiences and aviation training, providing “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to special needs children and youth through the gift of flight.” So it’s art for a good cause, and you get the karmic satisfaction of having enriched the lives of a disabled child by decorating your home. Win win.

Would you get one of these Runway prints of your city? Unfortunately, PHL is like the world’s worst airport so I’d rather have a European one, if for no other reason then that I could always be reminded of trips there. Also, what’s your take on that LocalGraphics vs Ork Posters situation? I know I should be more stringent about blatant copies (oh, and that site I accused of copying my Tangerine Tango post tweeted me basically saying they had no idea what I was talking about. Right.) but until Ork gets on their game and makes a Stockholm print, this is really the only option.

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  1. Callum just did a whole invention thing for school and he invented something called “New Read” a stand that holds your book so you can read hands-free. Neel led him down this whole path of coming up with the idea of New Read and a whole host of other things to show him that two different people or groups can come up with the same brilliant idea independent of each other. And Neel should know because he’s a scientist. And apparently scientists do that all the time. So ha.

    Minneapolis? Really?

    1. I wish we had projects like that when I was in school! We probably did, but I’ve forgotten about them. I can’t wait until I have kids so I can help them with inventions for school projects! I love the idea Callum came up with.

      Yeah, Minneapolis but no Philly! Go figure.

  2. “……….. Neel led him down this whole path of coming up with the idea of New Read and a whole host of other things to show him that two different people or groups can come up with the same brilliant idea independent of each other. And Neel should know because he’s a scientist. And apparently scientists do that all the time …….”

    So do fashion students and designers! :D
    Either that or I’m incredibly naive in thinking that people would never copy each other – heaven forfend!!!

    I love those runway posters – what a great find, you internet sleuth, you! Monochrome, minimalist AND for a worthy cause!!! :D

    *Scuttles off to add to Wishpot*

    1. Oh man, so many things in this world are derivative of other works. Especially in the design world. Everything is referential or inspired by something else it seems.

      Yes! Aren’t those posters great? They’d look great in contrast to that all-white studio of yours!

      One day I wanna know/see everything that’s in your wishpot! It sounds like I’d enjoy it.

  3. I love those airport ones and in fact I’d quite like to get R one for his birthday as he would flip over those. Heathrow or Gatwick though, that’s the question!

    Guess it depends who came up with the idea first?

    There’s some really cool modern art that shows the world’s flight paths. One’s in daylight and one’s at night. I’m going to try to find it now and show you and waste about three hours no doubt!

      1. Would this happen to be it? I found it from this NYTimes article that said it was on display at the V&A, so I’m assuming it’s close. If not, I just found another option for you! You’re right, though. Those are incredible (assuming it’s them). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re available for purchase. :(

        I’ve never flown through Gatwick, but I love love love Heathrow because it always gives me such happy memories. I think as soon as it’s available, I’m buying one.

        1. No wasn’t those. I did see those but the real ones had the world map and the flights paths over the top, one night and one day. They were a bit more Catch me if you can.

  4. It would have to be Heathrow for me too…

    Erin, what is it that you do for a day job? You are seriously starting to remind me of ‘Lisbeth’ from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… of course, the original version!!

    She is fast, fearless and totally amazing at research and hacking into computers. A bit like you. (oh, not sure you hack computers?) Do you?

    1. I work for the government, actually! A job I’m sure Lisbeth would despise. Also, I am the opposite of fearless. I am full of fear! And I’m sitting here in full head-to-toe J. Crew and pink tights, sooo….haha. But I am flattered beyond belief you’d think that!

  5. TINA! Erin totally reminds me of Lisbeth too! The very best of Lisbeth, I promise. The kick ass part, not the bad hair cut part.

    I love those prints. Though, I don’t particularly love LAX.
    Hm, it’s hard to say anything regarding the LocalGraphics vs. Ork poster situ. The who came first or who copied who is a slippery topic, for sure. The topic of copying reminds me of this blog post that Jessica Hische wrote titled, Inspiration vs. Imitation. It’s lengthy, but if you have the time it’s definitely a good read (especially the debate that ensues in the comments).

    1. Ha, you didn’t like her hair cut?? For shame! You guys are the best though, even though I think you’re full of shit, hahah. I’m nothing like Lisbeth, and I’m pretty sure if she were real she’d hate my guts. But again, super flattering you think I’m kick ass! I aspire to be more like her sometimes, but I can’t be so detached because I get too excited about things like macarons and Ace of Base.

      Thank you for that link! That was a very interesting read (made more interesting in the comments) and sort of inspired my post for today! Thanks, T!

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