Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your celebrations were wonderful and not too tiring. I wore sweatpants to a friend’s house (fancy sweatpants, okay?) paired with a sequined tank top and blazer. My thought process was that I’m going to be sleepy and fussy once the clock hits 9pm, so I might as well be comfortable, but it only ended up backfiring because I was so comfortable that it made me even sleepier. The party was (thankfully) very low-key and relaxed; we ordered Indian takeout and played Catchphrase (followed by a few rounds of Adult Catchphrase, which was way funnier) before watching the ball drop at midnight and popping open bottles of champagne. The brilliant part was that I got to go home and crawl into bed in my (fancy!) sweatpants, and then I wore them out to a diner the next morning where I stuffed my face full of greasy breakfast food. It was awesome.

I spent the better part of Sunday making good on my 2012 resolution to participate in the 365 Project. After debating over whether to post my daily photo on here with the rest of my posts or on a separate part of the site, I settled on creating a subdomain. I then had to figure out what that meant and how to go about executing it. This of course meant I had to undertake a design to create an uncluttered and simple layout to focus on the photographs. That was a fun few hours. I proudly present to you: 365 @ like / want / need. There’s even a fancy (fancy!) little icon over on the sidebar to your right. I haven’t posted today’s photograph (yet!), but January 1 is up as of yesterday!

So. What better way to kick of a brand new year than by continuing to indulge my obsession with all white interiors? If you thought I was bad in 2011, you are really in for it this year.

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 I’ve already heard from most of you via blogs, twitter, or elsewhere about how your NYE went, but feel free to tell me about your night! Did you wear sweatpants? Have you stuck to your resolutions so far? I know it’s only been a day but there was one year I broke my resolution to not be sassy within 15 minutes of the clock striking midnight. So. You know.

8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I can’t wait to see all your photos, that’s such a great idea! Really looking forward to seeing some snippets of life in Philly as I have no idea what that city looks like!

    I’ve decided that you and I won’t ever be able to live together. I can’t deal with all that white! It makes me want to squirt tomato ketchup everywhere for some odd reasons.

    Yum to greasy breakfast food! xx

    1. It never occurred to me to take pictures of the city more than little vignettes, but I guess that’s because I’ve always lived here and I know what it looks like. I hadn’t thought that other people would be interested in seeing it. Thanks for inspiring me with ideas for more photos!

      And I swear, if someone squirted ketchup all over any of these white interiors…I would have a heart attack and drop dead. Instantly. I feel like you and I would be the Felix & Oscar (from The Odd Couple) of the blogging world. We might not have similar design aesthetic, but we would have entertaining stories!

  2. I’m in yoga pants now, does that count? Can’t wait to follow your 365. I’m doing a Project 52, details of which I’ll well, detail, later on this week. xo

    1. Yoga pants totally count, unless they are just leggings you’re calling yoga pants, which is what I used to do when I took yoga. I was too cheap to buy real yoga pants so I settled for my $4 black leggings from Forever 21. I also failed out of yoga because I apparently cannot stop laughing during forced silence, and my mom and I almost got kicked out a class we took once for giggling so hard. Anyway…

      I’m looking forward to your 52 Project! Can’t wait to hear (and see!) all about it.

  3. So the Project 365 site has photos so manipulated by photoshop that they have left the domain of photos. With enough money to buy ever plugin available on the market, I too could make a mediocre shot look “artsy” to the untrained eye. Just sayin’
    So I’m posting Day 2 and regretting that I signed up already!
    Your love for all things white comes from your father’s propensity for specking MAB’s Pelican White….all the time. It took real arm twisting to get some color into this house!

    1. God, I know, it’s so frustrating. That’s why I hardly use flickr anymore, all of the stuff that’s up there with the exception of a small handful of people (Eric included in that) is over-processed photo-art, not photography. It’s super infuriating, especially since we weren’t allowed to use photoshop in school, so all of us were actual photographers. I always think about what Dr. Trayes said, “Either you got it with the camera or you didn’t. End of story.” Just post yours to a designated facebook album or get your own blog! I’m sure the thought of blogging is giving you heart palpitations though.

      I knew Daddy had to have had an influence on my interior preferences, especially when it comes to teeny tiny studios!

  4. I had so much fun chatting with you and Annie on NYE! We were driving to my brother-in-law’s house (for a super low-key evening with Chinese food) and there I was just giggling in the passenger seat.
    “What’s so funny?” my husband asked.
    “Oh, Erin just sent me a photo of her NYE outfit and Annie just sent me a photo of her feet.” I answered.
    “Who are these people?” he asked.
    These are my peeps ;) (Darn, we should have gotten Lauren to join with her tapas.)
    I didn’t wear sweatpants, but I did wear furry slippers. I believe they’re on par.

    Just popped over to your sub-domain, 365 Project…Oh, this looks good. We are all in for a treat!

    1. Hahah I had to explain the same thing to people at NYE when they asked why I was giggling at my phone and typing away furiously. That was such a fun night! I wish we could have gotten Lauren involved, too! I would have loved to see what she was up to. Furry slippers totally count. Next year I’m wearing mine, you’ve inspired me. I have a hot pink fluffy pair that are super comfy. Although my friend, upon discovering I wore sweatpants to the party goes, “You wore SWEATPANTS to my house? You write a fucking fashion blog!” It was hysterical. He didn’t understand they were FANCY.

      Thanks for the encouragement re: 365! I’m hopeful and excited about it, I love that you are as well!

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