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So, it’s official: I think I’ve caught the cold that everyone seems to be getting. I’m crossing my fingers it’s just allergies from letting Fitz cuddle in bed with me, and then somehow getting dog hair up my nose while I was sleeping. I woke up around 2:30 this morning super congested and freaked out that I wasn’t breathing, only to hear a rattling noise coming from my noise every time I tried to breathe in or out. I am the opposite of excited about this. I do not handle being sick very well; my desire to stay in sweatpants skyrockets to a level much higher than average (and honestly, it’s pretty high to begin with).

This weekend I think I’ll be taking it easy, and by taking it easy I mean maybe painting my living room? I’ve been threatening to do that for weeks now, though. Despite sounding stuffy and pitiful, I’m spending tonight with my lovely lady coworkers, which includes drinking wine and eating nachos and sitting around and enjoying a girls night in. I couldn’t be more excited. Actually, I’d try, but my brain keeps yelling “SWEATPAAAAAANTS” whenever I try to think about anything else.

Without further ado, this week’s Friday Five (germ free, I promise!).

1. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” / 2. Body Shop Rose hand cream / 3. Airmail shopper tote / 4. Arne Jacobsen monogram cups / 5. Voluspa Goji candle¬†

I’m back on my routine of reading voraciously on my commute each day, and this week I picked up “Dracula”. I know, I know. We’ve covered how terrified I am of, well, everything, so I know it doesn’t make sense that I’d start reading perhaps the most classically scary book of all time. But I’ve made the wise decision to not read it when it’s dark outside. I know that I should be embarrassed by the fact that, at 25 years old, I am spooked so easily that I cannot read an antiquated vampire novel after 5:30 at night, but considering I was once so in love with the boy band O-Town that I made my dad take me to 4 concerts, not even “Dracula” can shame me. It takes a while to get used to the writing style, and I can’t stop picturing Gary Oldman in the role (which is very distracting), but so far I’m really enjoying it.

I mentioned last week that Boyfriend got me a whole bunch of Body Shop products as one of my Christmas gifts, and this Wild Rose hand cream was one of them. I keep it on my desk at work and use it several times a day; between the cold weather and my constant hand-washing (I pee a lot), my hands are like sandpaper. This hand cream smells delicious, like rose macarons (interesting macaron story over on 365 yesterday, in case you missed it!) and isn’t paste-y or sticky. Like most Body Shop products, it’s made with a Fair Trade ingredient: Brazil nut oil. Bonus: the tube is really neat looking and jazzes up my desk. Always a good thing in a cookie-cutter cubicle.

I’ve been in love with this tote bag from British company Paper Plane for a few years, and if I hadn’t just bought the Marc Jacobs nylon Hillier last night (!!!!!) I’d consider buying this bag, too. Eventually, I probably will, let’s be honest. It’s so adorable! The straps are measuring tapes, there is a little handwritten grocery list on the front, along with a pouch for “parking tickets [or] stolen grapes.” Plus, it has an airmail theme, which we already know I love to bits. And it’s reasonably priced at only $15.

Continuing my mid-century theme from yesterday, these Arne Jacobsen mugs are killing me. I first saw them in the same photo from Lotta Agaton’s shop in Stockholm where I saw the LocalGraphics Stockholm poster, and it took me just as long to track them down as the poster. But of course I found them eventually, because I am a Champion of the Internet and part Lisbeth Salandar, according to you crazy ladies.

Pretty soon I’m going to be sourcing the tile on the wall or something. But aren’t those cups sweet? I love the type on them. Unfortunately, the only place I can find that sells them charges more than double the cost of the cup to ship them anywhere. Clearly this won’t do. The only solution is to go to Sweden and buy them at Lotta’s store (obviously, my obsession with this store is reason enough to go to Stockholm). At dinner last night, Boyfriend and I struck up conversation with an older mother-daughter duo at the table next to ours, and we got to hear all about how incredible Stockholm was and that if we go, we should take an overnight ferry ride to Finland and spend some time there. So hopefully travel plans will be solidified in the near future and I can finally live out my life-long dream of traveling to Scandinavia. Fingers crossed.

And since I am definitely a Crazy Candle Lady, I couldn’t leave off this amazing smelling goody from today’s Five. I went to Anthropologie a few weeks ago and picked up this Capri Blue Volcano candle and got in line to check out, impressed with my restraint of going in and only buying one specific item, only to be pulled out of line by the overwhelming desire to sniff out and track down whatever the delicious and sweet scent was wafting over from the next room. It was this candle, by Voluspa, and I think I fell in love. The candle is a mix of goji berry and tarocca blood oranges and you guys, it is unbelievable. The glass jar adds a bit of glamour to it, and would make a great gift for someone who happens to be obsessed with candles.

13 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I can’t believe you caught a cold from Lauren over the internet. That really sucks.

    Also I can’t believe you said ‘I pee a lot’ on your blog!

    If you think Dracula is scary, here’s how to ramp it up. Go to Whitby (where he lands in England) and go to the church and the big house that is at the top of the cliffs. It’s terrifying! I went there in November 2010 in the snow and wind. It’s possibly the most soulless and creepy place I’ve ever been. This is the graveyard in the book and apparently inspired the story. Think the Omen and you’ll be there.

    PS Is it wrong that I slightly fancy dracula?

    PPS Did you have Count Duckula in the US? That was an awesome cartoon!

    1. But I do! I do pee a lot! And now the whole wide internet knows…or the 6 of you that read my blog. Same thing.

      Yes, there seems to be a bad cold going around, both in my office and on the internet. Didn’t Theresa have it as well? It’s still a’coming, it hasn’t quite gone full-blown yet, but I’m waiting. Sigh.

      I fancy Dracula, too, but only the Gary Oldman version. The book version is downright gross. And I just got to the part in Whitby and it is soo creepy sounding! I think I’ll take a pass on visiting, but thanks! Haha. I’m too chicken to even read the book, let alone visit the actual places. Although it has been on my list for ages to go and visit the Transylvanian Alps, so I’m obviously weird.

  2. I’m with Annie! I can’t believe you caught my cold! It’s miserable! And I too can’t believe you said, “I pee a lot.” Apparently I’m really prim.

    And if you scare that easily perhaps you shouldn’t go to that creepy castle that Annie is recommending? Just a thought.

    Otherwise, great list of things for this Friday, my dear and so, so sweet on the macaroons. He’s a keeper.

    Feel better. Girl’s nights in are my fave…I usually wear my jammies.

    1. Ha! Good thing you’re prim, someone has to be. I’m about the most un-prim person I know. I burp. I swear. I pee a lot, and then I talk about it. I’m a picture of feminine grace and charm!

      I’m definitely going to avoid heading to Whitby, despite Annie’s suggestion. Sounds like a place I’d spontaneously combust from all the fear pent up inside of me.

      Hope you had a nice weekend!

  3. Is it safe to say that all girls pee a lot? Wait till you get older, the urge multiplies!
    The dark and strange side of me thinks Whitby sounds interesting! It’s almost like a double dare to go.
    I love rose scented anything, but I’m glad you said it because coming from me would just sound archaic.
    Voluspa is my favorite brand of candles. They are reasonably priced and smell incredible. I love walking into Anthropologie and taking in a deep breath. There is most likely a Voluspa burning somewhere.
    Laduree macarons hand delivered by the BF from New York? Bow down.
    Have fun with the girls tonight (wish we could all meet you there) and have a great weekend! (Nurture that cold.)

    1. Or imagine whenever I get pregnant. I’ll never be able to be more than 5 minutes from a toilet at that point!

      I’d never even known about Voluspa before I hunted down this one in Anthro. I’m in love! They are really reasonably priced for candles, especially ones that are sold there.

      I wish we could all do a girls night, just us blog girls! I’d promise to wear my fancy sweatpants and not talk about how much I have to pee. And I’d even have Boyfriend fetch macarons for us all! Kidding. I don’t share. :)

      If you get the cajones to go to Whitby, make sure to take pictures for me! That’s as close as I’ll be getting! And I don’t think you’d sound archaic admitting you like rose scented things! It’s such a good smell!

  4. Gosh, you’re all under the weather. Sorry to hear. It’s been really mild here in London so wondering when the cold spell will reach us? Might we escape it?

    Been feeling pre-menstrual all week so happy to announce ‘it has arrived’. Sorry to be graphic but then we are talking about peeing and such stuff, non?

    As I commented on Lauren’s blog, how do you guys manage to blog everyday? I am completely speechless.. It’s nearly 11pm and I’m still answering twitter mentions, commenting on blogs and doing some house chores… there would have been NO WAY I could have fitted in any blogging today. I ramble, sorry!!

    Yes, Stockholm, been on my list for so long. Who knows, maybe have a bloggers meet up there? Our little group thought about a stay over night in the countryside. Would be cool. Maybe we could also do a bloggers meetup in a city? I am still rambling, so signing off…

    Erin, feel better, hope you get to sit in your sweatpants with a glass of wine, eating nachos and feeling girlie love!

    1. Stockholm, huh? I must have been really out of it on Friday because I missed the Sweden reference and I’m all over those lately. There’s a chance we might go, but not until June 2013….

      1. If you want Stockholm references, I’ve got them in spades! You really must’ve been under the weather on Friday! Good thing you’re feeling better now!

    2. I think the problem is that the weather has been TOO mild for winter, and the constant dipping of the temperature is making me sick. That’s my theory. I’m a blogger not a doctor, after all! Not graphic in the slightest, we’re all girls here so you’re not telling us anything we don’t already know! Sorry you were all out of sorts, though!

      It’s definitely a commitment, blogging everyday, but it’s really rewarding! I say that as I’m replying to comments 3 days late! I’ve cut out my facebook and twitter activity for the large majority, and that frees up a large chunk of my time daily. But you’re right, balancing time between working, doing house stuff, and everything else we have to do is tough. It’s an interesting balance to strike, and I don’t think I’m quite there yet (obviously, as I’ve neglected comments for this long…I blame my sickness!). I’m trying though!

      Yes! Blogger meetup in Stockholm! I love that idea!

  5. You poor thing! Internet germs are the worst, aren’t they? *Makes crucifix sign in between each line of typing*
    Seriously though, feel better soon!

    It was Gary Oldman’s role as Dracula that sealed the deal (so to speak!) for my friend. I’ve actually never read Bram Stoker’s Dracula before, not that I suffer from the same malaise as you (I find horror movies hilarious) – must get round to that sometime.

    @ Annie: Aaah, Count Duckula – the vegetarian vampire. I loved it!! :D

    You’d probably love the candle I got for Christmas – I’ll Tweet you a photo when I get the chance.

    I’ve probably mentioned this before but I’m mightily impressed with your internet sleuthing skills. Ever thought of going pro? I could use a woman of your talents. I’m forever spotting things online that I’m unable to source. ;D

    1. Haha, crucifix signs cannot ward off my congestion! Internet germs be damned, I can’t keep away from girls! I think I’ll survive :)

      I’d love to help source things! I’ve finely honed my internet sleuthing skills and would be happy to share! One step closer to become Lisbeth Salander every day….

      Gary as Dracula is sooo yummy. That’s the only thing keeping me from being too scared as I’m reading, picturing him as the Count. I wishwishwish I found horror movies hilarious. I find them all too real and am convinced they are going to happen to me. And I’ve never even really watched one! Except by accident, when I went to see “I Am Legend” in the theaters and didn’t know it was about zombies. Oops. I sat with my head between my legs the whole time.

      Tweet me a picture of your candle! I want to see. Too bad they haven’t invented smell-o-vsion yet!

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