Friday Five

You guys, it is freezing. I think this is the coldest spell we’ve been hit with all winter, and my body does not know how to cope with it, despite the multiple heavy layers I put on to combat the shivering. I’ve even been subjecting Fitz, the string-bean of a dog, to wearing his new winter coat (a Christmas gift from Boyfriend), which he simultaneously hates and wants to eat. I cranked the heat up extra high last night and then woke up sweating at 2am, which makes no sense at all. I’m pretty sure my body is dumb. It does not understand when I try to help.

This week went impossibly fast. I was off Monday and was running errands (read: at IKEA) and then spent all day Tuesday in court, waiting 6 hours to give testimony in a frivolous lawsuit against my mom by her shady ex-contractor. My part took all of 5 minutes, and the rest of the day was spent sitting in the hallway, dying slowly inside. So between those two days I feel like I missed an enormous chunk of my blogging duties, and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since (The upside is the 3 day workweek. I can really get down with that). So this week’s Friday Five was a little hard to compile since I missed a full two-days of my usual internet browsing and scouring. I gave it my best shot anyway. Herewith, 5 things that I’m into this week:

1. Fig & Rosemary Body Wash / 2. Wanderlust journal / 3. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate / 4. Nokia 7020 / 5. Wire Basket

Did I mention how fabulously spoiled I got for Christmas? Boyfriend really set the bar high this year, unfortunately for him. One of my gifts from him was a big assortment of products from Body Shop, including a giant tub of mango body butter, my god, and, among other things, two shower gels. One of them was this fig & rosemary scented goodness. I love taking showers anyway, but this has seriously made my mornings way more amazing. It’s a light gel that lathers unbelievably, and makes you smell fresh and herbal. Bonus: the bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic and is also 100% biodegradable. So now I get to be all smug that I’m saving the environment from both un-recyclable waste and my stinky b.o. You’re welcome, earth! The other scent he got me is cucumber mint, and once I finish both of those I think I’ll investigate the rest of the line (watermelon & eucalyptus? yes please!).

All of yesterday’s talk about traveling reminded me of this adorable flexi journal, which I bought for a friend in college before she left for Italy for a semester abroad. Somehow that journal has become a collector’s item, and isn’t available for anything less than 10 times what it originally cost. Crazy, right? Thankfully, this airmail version is really similar and not horrendously priced. The pages are all different. Some have lines, some look like train tickets. It’s a great gift idea for someone going on a trip, or something you could bring with you on your own vacation to document everything. Or just carry in your purse and scribble down grocery and to-do lists. Is that just me? Got it.

In other Christmas gift news, my mom bought me a tin of this salted caramel hot chocolate and it is basically crack cocaine in hiding. Unfortunately it isn’t available year round, only during the holiday season, so I have to somehow stretch this mix into lasting me until then. It will be just like the Hanukkah miracle my ancestors experienced, making oil to light one candle last for 8 nights. Only with hot chocolate. And I have to make it last 10 months. I don’t think it is going to happen, considering that after one cup I wanted to pour hot milk into the tin and just drink it out of that.

Okay, so let’s address the elephant in the room: that cell phone. I know, I know, is it 2005 again? Here’s the deal: since deleting facebook and twitter and email from my phone, I basically have a Blackberry that isn’t being used to its full potential. It’s a glorified qwerty keyboard that I sometimes get calls on. And I’m paying (okay, fine, again, my mother is paying) $30 a month just because it’s a Blackberry. If all I’m doing is getting calls and the occasional text message, why not get a phone that can just do that? The only time I really need it anyway is when I’m commuting, in case something happens to me. I’ve gone through a ton of cell phones in the past few years, and I always lament that my Nokia was the best phone I’ve ever owned. So I’m returning to my roots. I bought one for cheap on Amazon and I’m going to try it out for a few days and see if I can handle the transition back down to a basic phone. If I can’t, I can’t, and I’m not going to beat myself up over it. But I’m sticking to my New Years resolution to spend less time connected, and this seems like a step in the right direction. Albeit one I’m probably going to get made fun of for. YES, in the year 2012, I have a flip phone. Sue me. I don’t get all the insane banter about why people can’t live without their smartphones, because we all did for the majority of our lives and if I’m not mistaken, we all survived. Think of it this way, I already carry my camera, a book/magazine, and my iPod with me all day, my cubicle has two computers in it, and my house has two computers in it. My Blackberry is just redundant at this point.

Shifting gears a bit, a week or two ago I saw this picture, from one of my favorite sources of inspiration, Swedish stylist and interior designer Anna Leena:

from here

I know, right? Breathtaking. All that white on the floors and walls, and those dark elements in the furniture. Be still my heart! Focus. See that basket underneath the desk? I never would have though to use a wire basket as a magazine rack, but the minute I saw this picture I knew I had to have one. Thankfully, I found one almost identical on Home Decorators. I picked one up during a 10% off sale and got free shipping, thank you very much. Adventures in shopping domination continue. I guess I wasn’t alone in my love of that basket, though, as it’s backordered until the beginning of February. I’m waiting impatiently for it to ship.

Okay, so tell me, are you judging me for getting a Nokia after all these years? Do you think you could make the switch back?  What are you up to this weekend? I think I’m painting my living room, but we’ll see how much energy I can muster. All I want to do is hibernate in this weather. Have a great weekend, kiddos!

24 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. At the risk of sounding like a total internet dullard …… how, pray tell, do you suspend your Friday Fives so alluringly in gloriously white mid-air? It’s kind of celestial, in a way. I can almost hear choirs of angels whenever I behold your internet finds.

    I’ve had an ancient Sony Ericsson for years and I love it! That said, I’d quite like a piece of the Instagram action that everyone (read Annie) seems to be gleefully enjoying at the moment. ;)

    That room is a vision!!! I would, however, stop breathing every time someone dragged the wire basket across that pristine white floor …………

    *Scuttles off to pin it*

    1. Hahaha, I love that you likened my Friday Fives to a choir of angels. That’s so kind and adorably ridiculous of you! One word: photoshop! I simply drag and drop them in a new, white-background document and assemble them that way. I used to have the individual items not in collage form on some of my older FFs, but I’m trying something new these days. And it seems it’s going over well!

      Yes, Annie definitely sells Instagram for me. Her pics are always great, and the ability to be able to upload them right then and there is rather jealousy-inducing. But a few months ago I shelled out for a brand new DSLR, and by god I intend to use it and stop relying on my Blackberry camera! Besides, I don’t go anywhere as fancy as Annie does ;)

      Isn’t that room incredible?! I love her blog, you will die when you check it out. Although, yes, I think my heart would stop if that floor got scratched. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) I don’t have to worry about white floors when I get my basket. Pin away!

  2. For awhile around Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving Starbucks had a Salted Caramel Mocha. Hello. That was nice. It’s gone now, unfortunately. A friend of mine brought back some hot chocolate from France that looks solid in the bottle and then liquifies when you heat it up. I’m scared to try it for fear I’ll love it so much that I’ll have to hop a plane to Paris immediately.

  3. I am supporting you 100% on this digital diet (or whatever we’re calling it) and rooting for you. (Even though your new phone looks like a toy. NOT judging.) I’m using you as inspiration and motivation to ween myself, or least step back a little from being hyper connected. Baby steps.
    That room is ridiculously beautiful! My favorite color combination right now is black and brown…Two colors that for many years was a fashion don’t, like navy blue and black. Breaking all the rules.
    Have a great weekend and stay warm, E!
    PS~That salted caramel hot chocolate is making my mouth salivate. Can you send me some in a plastic baggie? You’ve become my pusher.

    1. It does sort of look like a toy, and it’s light as a feather and much smaller than my ‘Berry, which is freaking me out. It’s still pretty adorable and so far I’m smitten. We’ll see! Digital Diet is a good name for it, and I think I can pull it off (I mean, I have so far, but this is coming from someone who still writes letters and sends cards.)
      I wear navy blue and black together all the time and now I’m feeling really unfashionable, haha. I’d never really thought to mix black and brown, though! I’d love to see a post on it from you maybe. I’m sure it’s more popular in design that I thought.

      If you have a Williams Sonoma near you they might have a few tins on clearance you could pick up! I don’t think it would survive the trip to CA, if I mailed you some. I’m sure some postal worker would devour it before it even left Pennsylvania.

      Happy weekend, T!

  4. Um yeah sorry for spamming y’all (that’s me being American) with the instagram! Not that I intend to stop of course. Lovely that you were all there in the toilets with me, like girls on a proper night out ;)

    I sooo want to see a photo of Fitz with his coat on, so funny! Bet he hates it.

    I am the same, I go to bed shivering and wake up in the night unable to breathe because I”m so hot. Then I wake up in the morning freezing cold again. Richard says that I am ‘incapable of regulating my own body temperature’. That’s a direct quote. Like it’s a personal failing or something.

    Don’t get that phone, get an iPhone so that you can join us on Instagram! I’m pretty impressed with your resolve though, well done xx

    1. Only people from the south use ya’ll! People in Philly tend to use “yous” (pronounced like “use”) as a plural of you, or referring to “you guys” but then they’ll also say “yous guys.” It makes no sense, and it’s one of those regionalisms I’m glad I don’t have. I surprisingly don’t have much of an accent. To you I probably do, though. Anyway, please don’t stop uploading Instagram photos, they are so much fun!

      I’ll definitely make Fitz pose with his new coat. He’ll probably be in the middle of trying to escape from it, but I’ll try.

      I love Richard’s quote. He’s right, though, it is sort of a personal failing, haha! No no, just kidding. I’m just like you. I overheat when I sleep regardless of the temperature but my nose is always frozen. Makes no sense!

      Have a great weekend, love! xoxo

  5. I’m convinced you want to give up your Blackberry only because you don’t have an iPhone. To attempt to convince you, I will give you a list of things iPhone is good for:

    1. Pandora. Anywhere, anytime. It also has Spotify but I haven’t taken the time to sufficiently set mine up so the app just sits there…
    2. You’re out for drinks in Manhattan, craving sushi and just hop on Yelp for the best cheap sushi – which also happens to be a BYOB – and then deduce that Trader Joe’s wine shop is on the way there. (Yep, that happened. And it was delicious.)
    3. Google News on the morning subway ride. Keeping up to date on the world :)

    So, it’s not all evil and Facebook! Harumph.

    1. I’m not checking my phone on the way to work, but rather reading a magazine or book. Anything that happens in the world I’ll find out about on the radio while I’m showering or when I get to my desk at work. Plus, I have an iPod and I hate that Pandora has a maximum “skip” limit. And I’m such a neurotic planner that I always know exactly where I’m going when I go out, and which bus/subway routes can get me there. It’s a compulsion, but I’ve never relied on my phone for figuring out how to get to dinner.

      And perhaps the most important: I effing hate touch-screen phones.

  6. Oh, please go for the Nokia! (Just so I can feel like I karmically avenge the fact that I sent my perfectly beautiful Nokia which functioned flawlessly as a receptor for calls when out and about to be recycled for cash and now use an iPhone which has far too many bells and whistles- all unnecessary.)

    Whoa, run on sentence!

    (In my defence the iPhone was a gift, so I am somehow less guilty. But still I get pangs when I realise how someone with three contacts in their phone really doesn’t even need one to begin with…kind of lame really. And instagram is way overrated. SLRs are boss.)

    1. I love Nokias! Though you shouldn’t feel too badly because yours was a gift, and you and Banoo now have matching phones! Which is super cute, regardless of all the extra bells and whistles you don’t need (and truthfully, NO ONE needs)

      SLRs are where it’s at!! Atta girl.

  7. I still have a flip phone for my personal phone, and can’t get the fun stuff on my work blackberry so it’s pointless to me for any fun! But I totally heart my flip phone. People glare at it as if it’s a novelty. PS don’t you love the Body Butter?!

    1. Yay flip phones! I loooove that body butter. I hadn’t used it in years and totally forgot how incredibly rich and creamy it is. I slather it all over in the morning and it helps combat the winter cold that usually chaps my skin. So good!

  8. Hmmmm. Sorry you’re freezing! Great you’re on social media diet! Nokia, no comment.

    I think you were able to downgrade from Blackberry to Nokia coz it’s a bloody Blackberry. Had you had an iPhone, Samsung or HTC I bet you would’ve found it impossible to go back. However, you sound like a pretty determined young woman. Who knows? You might persuade all of us to follow suit. Watch this space….
    Have a good w/end:)

    1. Erin please do what your mum says and get an iPhone. then we can connect on Instagram too, I need more of you in my life. And Tina, Lauren, Teresa and me are all having a big party there WITHOUT YOU! Jealous yet?

      1. Boooo!! At least I know I’m invited to the party, even if you are all having fun without me ;) It would be worse if I had an iPhone and you all shunned me on Instagram!

    2. Ha! You’re the second person to tell me that! A coworker (who happens to be our IT person) said, “Well there’s your problem. You’ve got a Blackberry. You don’t need to downgrade, you need to upgrade!” But I take all he says with a grain of salt as he has to be connected all the time given his job.

      Have a great weekend, Tina!

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