Friday Five

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? Did you even think about the date today? I think it was a way bigger deal when we were in school than it is now. I haven’t walked in to anything yet, nothing has com falling out of the sky to land on my head, and more importantly I didn’t oversleep my alarm despite how exhausted I was (uh, still am).

This week felt like it flew by without time to even process it, despite the fact that things have been slow at work. This was a really difficult Friday Five to compile, for whatever reason. Let’s take a look.


1. Parks and Rec Season 3 / 2. Silk dot pillow / 3. IKEA cart / 4. Homeland / 5. Pilot Fine Point pens

 I’ve mentioned my love of “Parks and Rec” before, but after getting the best season on DVD for Christmas, I’ve been watching episodes every night and just can’t stop laughing. The show is so laugh-out-loud funny and all of the characters are amazingly written; I’d go out on a limb and say it’s funnier than ‘The Office’ in its last few seasons.  You don’t need to watch the first two seasons to understand the plot or characters, and the show really didn’t hit its stride until season 3 anyway.

Keeping with tv shows, I recently got into a show called “Homeland,” the CIA drama about a Marine prisoner of war (who is hot and British in real life!), who is found in a bunker in Iraq 8 years after being captured. The whole show focuses on the suspicion of a CIA agent who believes he’s been turned by Al Qaeda and might be a terrorist. You guys, I’ve never seen a show like it. Every episode leaves my jaw on the floor and if I can’t watch multiple episodes a night I get really, really antsy. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and it’s apparently been signed on for two more seasons. If you have nothing else to do this weekend, or even if you do, drop everything and commit to watching this. You’re welcome in advance!

But don’t think that all I do with my unencumbered free time now is watch tv. I do lots of exciting things. Like shop! When I was at West Elm picking up my amazing drum pendant (I still get a little weak in the knees thinking about it), I decided to indulge in more sale items, and picked up this adorable throw pillow. The case is silk, with watercolor dots with labels in handwriting. It’s adorable, and looks great on my dark gray sofa with a bigger, burnt orange pillow behind it. The filling of the pillow insert is down, so sometimes you get little pokey pieces of feathers sticking out, but it’s worth it because it’s so gosh darn cute. I love West Elm sales, seriously.

I’ve been looking around for an industrial chic kitchen cart to serve as a mini bar, and I think I may have found a winner with this IKEA option. It’s reasonably priced, and I love the rail around the bottom shelf; it would be perfect for storing all of the terrible alcohol I drink (Malibu rum and cake flavored vodka, though you’re supposed to keep that in the freezer). I love the idea of having a bar cart, but it would obviously necessitate purchasing respectable alcohol to keep on it. The only thing I’m having problems getting past is that the front drawer on this thing reminds me of something hospital-related. Like it’s where they keep scalpels and needles and stuff. I don’t think I can talk myself out of seeing it like that.

If you’re a nerd like me, you get disproportionately excited over new pens. I love pens. My dad, being an architect, always used these Pilot Razor point flare pens in red and black; I don’t think I have a single memory of him without the little yellow-tipped cap sticking out of his shirt pocket. If I had to endorse one pen, this would be it. They are, as the name suggests, razor fine, and the ink doesn’t skip like it does with ballpoint pens. I get so excited every time I use it to write silly things like grocery lists or draft up post ideas. I’m weird, oh well.

What are you up to this weekend? I have Monday off thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. and I’m planning on catching up on a lot of sleep, and a lot of Homeland. I only have 3 episodes left until the season finale and I cannot wait to figure this mystery out. Have a great weekend, kiddos! I’ll see you Monday.

12 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. OOOh those both sound great. I’m going to have to check them out on iTunes and see if they’re available over here. Esp Homeland that sounds awesome and I love Clare Danes.

    Photos of the cushions and sofas please! I’m not convinced you really like all-white interirors as it sounds like there’s rather a lot of colour in your flat. Phew. I don’t need to worry about spilling red wine when I come round :)

    It also looks a bit like a tea lady trolly that you used to get in offices here in the 1960s or something. And is that really rum and cake? or should it be rum and coke? either way it sounds gross. Why not just have a rum and coke? Or a rum and cake. Whatever. Cake is all that matters.

    Lucky you having Monday off. I’m doing lots of cultural things this weekend. Well two. That and getting my hair done and eating lots of food and imbibing lots of wine.

    Have a good one sweetie xxx

    1. Oh dear, I should have used better punctuation. Malibu rum, and vodka that is cake flavored, but NOT TOGETHER. Gosh, are you even allowed to mix the two together? I drink them independently of each other, but always mixed with something else. Rum, yes, with coke, or with pina colada mix or pineapple juice, and the vodka I mix with anything. Root beer, cranberry juice, sparkling pear juice, seltzer. It’s yummy. But yuck, together…my stomach is turning over. Though I laughed out loud so hard over “Cake is all that matters.” I imagine your delivery of it was so deadpan which makes it even funnier.

      I’ll post a photo of the cushion today for 365! Thanks for the inspiration, doll! I don’t presently have an all-white house, but I aspire to one day. I still like color, don’t get me wrong. And did I mention it was on mega-sale? That had a big hand in me buying it, too. But you definitely still have to be careful spilling your red wine because my dog has decided that anything on the floor is his and should be eaten promptly, and alcohol is really bad for dogs. So they say. I still think he acts drunk half the time as it is.

      Take lots of pictures of your new hair-do! And all the cultural things you end up doing as well. Take care, love! xoxo

  2. Well, that is the second endorsement in a week that I have received for Homeland. My sister watches the show too. I might have to indulge, especially since I’m all caught with Gossip Girl. I’m guessing Homeland takes more brain power than GG, which is a good thing. My brain could use the exercise.
    I, too, am a lover of pens. I currently use a Uni-ball micro for writing and Staedtlers for sketching. For many years (college and post-college), I used that very pen up top, but had forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me!
    Like you, I hope Annie will share pics after she gets her hair did.
    Have a great weekend, E! (If it ends with a bar cart from Ikea, I’m sure it will be. ;)
    PS~Yes, please don’t mix Malibu rum with cake flavored vodka together. That’s a cocktail called Vomit.

    1. Hooooomelaaaaand. That’s me trying to hypnotize you into making you watch it. Seriously. Watch it, it’s incredible. You’ve definitely reminded me to get back into Gossip Girl, though. One time a few years ago, back when the show was first on, I wore a little shift dress with big buttons down the front, a pair of red ballet flats, and a red headband with a bow to some family party or whatnot. My mom, after surveying me for a while, goes, “You look very….Gossip Girl today.” I squealed “Thank you!!” and then she said, “That wasn’t a compliment.” Mom burn.

      I literally LOL’d at “a cocktail called Vomit.” I don’t even want to think about what a mix of rum and vodka that are both artificially flavored tastes like.

  3. Hello Erin. I am Tina and we bump into each other on various comment streams, mainly on Annie’s blog:) Chi from Carousel left a comment on my recent post saying that you and I must have been separated at birth! Well, I had to come over and look up my imaginary twin:) intrigued to know what she meant!
    Hmmm, from looking around a bit she has a point. Although, you beat me at shopping, hands down!!!

    I’ll visit again and actually leave comments relating to posts:)

    1. Ha! I meet everyone through Annie, it seems! Lovely to meet you officially, my long-lost twin. I am quite the shopper, I must admit :)

      Happy to have you here!

  4. I’ve completly missed Parks and recreations and I’m usually up to speed on important things like that. :) Gotta check that out. It feels like there are many good shows out there now, Mad Men, Dexter, 30 rock, New girl (I have a crush on Zooey, she’s just lovely) and so on, and I really like the new Revenge. Okay it’s not deep and intellectual like amazing Homeland but it’s fun and easy entertainment a sundayafternoon on the couch. :)

    1. Oh definitely check it out, it’s so funny and a great way to spend a weekend, curled up on the couch! Mad Men is one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait until it comes back on! They’ve taken a long break between seasons and I definitely miss it. I haven’t watched New Girl but you’re the 10th person to tell me how good it is. And Homeland isn’t all that intellectual, haha. There’s lots of cursing and sex, though!

  5. Humph we can’t get either programme over here and double humph my hair appointment got cancelled! I’m going a bit ginger now so it’s kinda urgent….

    And euw, you have cake flavoured vodka??? I can’t even image what that would taste like!

    I’ve written a post today and trashed it. Do you ever do that? It’s so frustrating and depressing. #justsayin :(

    1. Hey! Don’t knock cake flavored vodka until you’ve tried it. It is delicious, it tastes like buttercream frosting and lighter fluid all in one. Yummm.

      Double boo to not having those shows over there and for your hair appt getting cancelled! I’ve never dyed my hair, but I bet you look cute as a ginger. I have a ginger-weakness though. A la the guy from Homeland. Darn, I really wish you could watch that show. It’s so good!

      I most certainly have trashed posts. If it feels like it’s taking too much effort or I’m pushing it, I just stop. I don’t want to force it, and sometimes you just can’t. Sorry you’re frustrated! Take a little break for today, though. No harm done, you give us so many good posts as it is :) Chin up, buttercup!

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