Snow White

Maybe the Weather didn’t get the memo: Let it snow! No, seriously. It’s December, let’s make with the snow production, shall we? What’s that you say? It’s going to be 58 degrees tomorrow? Really? Any warmer and I’m going to ask for my money back. What good was sweating through everything I wore for 3 months this summer (one of the hottest summers on record) if I don’t get a nice frost to even things out? Please?

At the risk of sounding like an 8 year old, there is something absolutely magical about snow. Maybe it feeds into my ridiculous love of all things white? And I know common opinion holds that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, but there is something to be said about gorgeous winter whites. It’s like bringing a bit of snow to your everyday. And since we clearly will not be seeing snow anytime soon in these parts, I guess the next best thing would be to incorporate snow whites into your everyday. This is convenient, because retailers are taking the “winter whites” thing seriously.



1. Snowflake lantern / 2. Blanket / 3. Candleholder / 4. Tree lights / 5. Snowball (won’t melt!) / 6. Furry hat / 7. Candle / 8. Santa mug


I have to give a shout out to my girl Anna (you can call her Banana, she totally approves of this nickname and doesn’t hate it in the slightest. hey girl!) for showing me the snowflake lantern that inspired this post in the first place. She knew I would like it because the official product name includes the identifier “Swedish.” Anna knows me well. If at all possible, that lantern looks even more gorgeous lit up in the dark. I’m always wary of paper lanterns spontaneously catching fire and burning the house down, but for this one I think I’d make an exception.

West Elm is celebrating 24 Days of Deals, and for a good stretch there, the Favorite Throw was $10 off. I felt it in store over the weekend, and yo. It feels like a giant fluffy silky cloud. It was the most rewarding tactile experience of my day, second to cleaning up pine-needle-vomit from Fitz (dude, STOP EATING THE CHRISTMAS TREE). We can’t have nice blankets in the house because the puppy is a maniac and thinks everything belongs to him and will plant himself on top of things and sleep on them to claim them.┬áLuckily, Fitz seems to be uncertain of candles, which is good because I am a Crazy Candle Lady these days. That’s why that IKEA candleholder is so appealing. It is one holder short of being a menorah, but still lovely. Equally as lovely and also hailing from IKEA is the lit centerpiece that looks like a forest of snow-covered trees. I would love to eat dinner with that in the middle of the table.

Probably the weirdest thing on the list is the rubber “snowball” that crunches in your hand and feels like the real thing. Unfortunately, it became too popular and sold out. But doesn’t that sound amazing? It would probably freak me out, though. And I know no winter is complete without some oversized warming accessory, so that’s why the quilted furry hat made the list. Apparently these types of hats are coming back into fashion? All I know is I had a blue fleece one in middle school and my mom used to tell me I looked special needs when I wore it (she taught special needs kids for 38 years, she’s allowed to go there). The furry version looks straight out of a Russian fashion show, but I’m kind of enamored with it all the same.

In addition to the throw blanket, West Elm also came through in a big way for the Reindeer block candle (too cute to burn) and the giant Santa mug (sold out, unfortch). I need one more mug in my cabinet like I need a hole in the head, but look at his jolly beard!

Do you subscribe to the winter white trend or are you, like me, too much of a spill-prone klutz to pull it off? Any white, seasonal decor you’re feeling this holiday season?

15 thoughts on “Snow White

    1. I can’t call it winter until it snows! Pennsylvania usually gives a good showing in December, too. I’m not sure what’s up!

  1. Swedish as I am, I’m now bursting with pride. :) Jokes aside, the scandinavian look is classic and I think we up here in the cold north are drawn to white interior cause it’s so bloody dark here. Specially at this time of the year.

    Stumbled in here for the first time, just read your presentation and fell immediatley. I bet while I’ve written this you’ve bought three more things. :)
    I’ll be back!

    1. You don’t know HOW excited I am that a real-life Swede read my blog! Let me be the first to tell you: I love everything about your country’s design aesthetic. I’d even take 14 hours of darkness in the winter just to have all white interiors :)
      I hope you come back! I’d love to have you, Mia! Your blog seems pretty awesome, too!

  2. Well I like the tree lights the most, they’re really cool. I wondering whether this is what the inside of the Milky Bar Kid’s home looks like? Wouldn’t it be funny if you went round his house and everything was winter white? Even his pyjamas. I’m not sure why you’d be round his house but I’ll leave to your imagination.

    Wish we had a West Elm. And snow :(

    1. Hahahaha, ironically, I dislike white chocolate. Probably the only white thing I dislike! I’d love to visit the Milkybar Kid’s house. I bet you everything is white. That’s kind of my dream, actually!

      Ah, I always forget you guys don’t have West Elm!

    1. Thanks, darling! If you use plugins, it’s a Google Fonts plugin. The font is “Covered by Your Grace.” Haha, pretty fancy name, no? My handwriting is actually fairly close, just less angular.

  3. I was just at West Elm today and they had the Santa mug. Had I read this post in the morning, I would have gotten it for you. Late to the party, per usual. On my trek to WE, I also saw a girl wearing white denim! Fashion faux pas? It actually looked cute; Those L.A. girls are so hip. I also saw Kurt Russell in Michael’s (craft store). Just thought I’d share.

    1. What do you think Kurt Russell was doing at Michael’s? Whenever I got to Michael’s I’m picking up a really weird assortment of stuff: glue gun sticks, fake foliage, maybe a bag of googly eyes. I’d be curious to see his basket! Did you get a picture?? Hahaha, I know, I know. When in LA do not oggle the celebrities. White denim on the other hand can totally be oggled. Had she been anywhere else but LA , white denim after Labor Day is generally frowned upon. I don’t judge though. Most days it looks like I got dressed in the dark while drunk.
      No worries about the mug! You’re sweet for even suggesting :) Although if you HAD sent it to me I would’ve made you reorganize my kitchen so I have space to put yet another coffee mug, haha.

  4. Just discovered your blog via still + life. Love the snowflake lantern and actually bought the tree light, it’s sitting in my unfortunately non-working fireplace.

    1. Ooh, I bet it’s super gorgeous in there! What an awesome decoration for your fireplace. I’m so jealous you have one, even if it’s non-working!

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