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This weekend was so jam-packed full of goodness that I am literally dragging my feet this morning and the bags under my eyes are so big I should name them. But I can’t complain considering how lovely and fun everything was; work holiday party, crazy after party, dinner at a gorgeous French bistro, homemade dinner at my mom’s house with all of my favorite people, my middle niece announcing what my present was before I even opened it (so cute). It was one of those weekends that just fills your heart until it feels like it’s going to burst open, only it can’t because that requires energy and I didn’t get to sleep past 8am once. The only energy I can muster was spent wrestling a soapy puppy in the bathtub (he won, but he smells clean again, so I’ll consider it a victory for me as well).

We are currently in Day 4 of birthday celebrations. One, two, three, FOUR. As in 3 more than I should be getting, and it ISN’T EVEN MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY YET. This always happens though, because December is the most hectic month of the year and trying to coordinate plans with everyone that obviously reveres the day of the my birth as it so deserves always ends with having to have multiple get-togethers to accomodate everyone’s schedules. I, however, am always free and available for people to lavish me unnecessary amounts of attention and material sacrifices; my birthday just provides a legitimate excuse.

The Birthday Gods have thus far bestowed upon me the Marc Jacobs watch I have been drooling over for months & months OH MY GOSH. You guys, it’s even prettier in person but I can’t wear it until I take it to a jeweler or watch shop to get at least 3 links taken out. I have the wrists of a 10 year old anorexic. Observe:

Also, don’t know if you can see in that picture, but my nails have some serious sparkle going on thanks to my mom. I got a manicure on Friday afternoon for my office holiday party (which was amazing, but the after party was even better. I have some of the best coworkers in the world and I’m not required to say that just because a few of them read this blog), but put a coat of glitter on top of it over the weekend. The color is part of the OPI Muppets collection (!!), and is called “Rainbow Connection.” I am distracted by it every time I move my hands (yes, really). Interestingly, I read an article last night that discussed how nail polish sales can give predict how the economy is fairing. “A rise in nail-polish sales indicates that we’re searching for bargain luxuries as the economy craters — and sales of nail polish are way up right now.”  Hey, economists: I have seen the future, and it is sparkly.

You know what the best part of all of this is? That tomorrow is my actual birthday, and that means I get an additional day of celebrations and merriment and cake. CAKE, the delicious gift that keeps on giving, if my ever-growing stomach is any indication.

It might be too late (or too inappropriate) to ask for more presents, but I know what I’m asking for next year: an Ork Poster! Have you seen them before? They are wonderful typographic maps of cities, naming each neighborhood in wonderfully varying-size font. They’re pretty neat, and a great way to rep your hometown, or the city you wish you could have been born in:

Philly has so many neighborhoods that the majority of them become all garbled in the middle. A friend of mine has this poster hanging in her house and it looks really great in person (ie, legible). They just added the Paris one, and though I love it solely because it is about Paris, by comparison the neighborhoods/arrondissements are kind of boring. In the typographical sense only! That is the only time you will ever hear me speak ill of that city.

They have a ton of different cities:

like this one for Holly

and this one for Annie and Süsk:

and this one for Lyndsey (and yes, I know you live in the other Portland, but this is all they had, so we’ll just pretend you live in Oregon not Maine, and besides, sometimes you feel that far away)

and this one for Theresa:

and this one for my friend Amber, or me, when I complete my dream of living in a Brooklyn loft:

Aren’t they charming? So simple and yet really brilliantly done. And not too expensive, either! Framing is usually the most costly part about having custom art in your home, but everything I own gets framed in an IKEA Ribba frame and costs under $15. I’ve only had to make a few slight adjustments with some prints to get them to fit the matting evenly, but those occasions have been rare. They have a ton of different sizes and wood colors, too.

Any Ork Poster in particular you like? Is it different than the city you live in? How was your weekend? Less than a week until Christmas!!

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  1. I can’t believe you’ve opened your presents already, that’s so naughty! I’m so envious of your watch it’s really beautiful.

    Sooo glad you had such a fun time on Friday, sounds like it was a blast. And did you really not go to bed till 8am all weekend…?

    Some comments and questions on the posters:

    Paris looks like a brain. And to be honest the French aren’t the most imaginative of nations, hence the uninteresting quarter names.

    Why does Washington have straight edges? Does it have a wall around it???

    London looks a bit like Mr Messy. And I’m not sure why they’ve given Eltham such prominence (bottom right) It’s not exactly the most salubrious part of London. Perhaps its because the trial is currently happening for Britain’s most notorious race murder…?

    LA looks like a guitar!

    And Brooklyn looks like the Staypuft Marshmallow man ice skating :)

    1. Ha, well my mum already bought me Photoshop CS5 a month or two ago and I couldn’t wait to get my greedy little hands on it, so it became a very, very early birthday present. And that’s all aside from the MJ watch (which yes, is just beautiful if I do say so myself) and a few thoughtful gift cards in envelopes decorated by my nieces to places I love (H&M, my favorite wine bar, a nail salon, and a boutique that sells Diptyque candles — I’m so excited!). So, um, my intention there was to not sound all naughty and greedy but I don’t think that worked. Ho hum.

      Haha, maybe I should make that clearer, I didn’t get to sleep in any later than 8am, regardless of if I stumbled to bed at 2am. I think saying “I didn’t get to sleep past 8am” makes it sound like I am way more of a party-girl than I actually am. No. I am a little cranky grandmother who needs to be in bed at 9:45 and who would prefer a full 10 hours of sleep. No one believes me!

      I am DYING laughing at your comments on the posters!! Paris does look like a brain! But I thought the 18th was colloquially called Montmartre, etc? (See, this is precisely another reason why I need to go back to Paris immediately!) Washington doesn’t have any walls around it a la Berlin, but I guess I never thought it was odd it had such straight borders? LA does look like an upside down guitar, and oh my god you have me cracking up over the Marshmallow/Brooklyn comparison! I totally see it!! The little bit in the bottom right corner is his foot! London makes about as much sense as the Philly one. The Navy Yard on the bottom of the Philly one is just a business park, whereas the best neighborhood in the city, Rittenhouse Square, is so minuscule on the map it barely exists! Weird.

      I loved your comment, it made me so happy :)

      1. I misread that as Kittenhouse Square and thought how cute that sounds.

        You are so spoilt, what a lot of lovely presents! Just had another drool at your beautiful watch. Can we have some photos of it out and about over the next few weeks? Oh and when are you joining instagram? I miss you on there!

        Do you really go to bed at 9.45? That’s very early!

        And please may I be the first in the whole of blogosphere to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Erin! A whole quarter century I’m so proud of you. Just another two and a half to go. Hope you have the most wonderful birthday and I can’t wait to read your bday post later on. Big kiss xxxx

        1. Haha, Kittenhouse! Not too many kittens around that neighborhood, which is the area right around the park with the same name. It’s the most expensive neighborhood in the city! All the best shops and restaurants are there, including Parc, which overlooks the park.

          I’m wearing the watch now! I took it to Macy’s (department store, sort of like Selfridges I guess) to have the links taken out so it fits properly and the woman had the biggest attitude. She wouldn’t touch it unless we had proof it was from the store, and then gave me an attitude when I asked her take a 4th link out because it was still too loose with 3 missing: “Do you want me to take out another one? Because I already have people waiting.” I normally would have told her off but she was holding the watch in her hands, and I didn’t want her to break it or anything, haha. In the end though it fits perfectly and I can’t wait to show it off.

          Thank you thank you thank you!!! Big hugs and kisses from your admirer and loving blogfriend across the pond!!

          (and yes, I totally go to bed at 9:45. I expect it will only get earlier the older I get, until I’m in bed at 4:30 at age 45 or something!)

          1. I can’t believe that woman had such attitude about you. Doesn’t she know it’s your birthday??? She’s just jel of your anorexic wrists. Bet she wishes she had size zero wrists too.

            1. The poor lady, I bet she was just stressed out and overworked at the busiest department store in the city so close to Christmas. But still! A little Birthday or Christmas cheer would have been appreciated! Hahaha my poor anorexic wrists. So bony. So useless.

    1. Oh gosh, I’m afraid to click the link! I just know I’m going to be stuck there for hours….Thanks for the tip Annie!

      1. Another great Paris read is Little Brown Pen http://www.littlebrownpen.blogspot.com and she has a book coming out. Happy Birthday! Oh, and to answer your basil question from my blog; I’m in Norfolk, VA, just about 6 hours south of you (I think), but my husband grew up in West Chester, PA, so we get up your way fairly regularly! I’m leaning towards the Philly ORK for him…

        1. I LOVE lbp, that blog just inspires me to no end and fills me with bubbling jealousy every time I look at it. I’m going to ask for the book for the next holiday that comes around.

          So jealous about the basil. There’s nothing I love more than fresh basil, but we have to settle for pre-packaged in the winter. West Chester isn’t too far! I think your husband would love the Philly poster :) There is a Richmond ORK I think, not sure how far that is from you, though…

  2. I was wondering why you weren’t wearing your bday gift. It’s beautiful! Mazel tov….wear it in good health….Happy Birthday tomorrow (even though we’re celebrating–AGAIN!) and Happy Hannukah, Channukah and 12 other ways of spelling the Festival of Lights!

    1. Happy Hannukah! It’s telling me that isn’t correct. Is it wrong that neither of us know how to spell it correctly? I’ll show you the watch tomorrow, I just got it sized at Macy’s tonight. It. Looks. Awesome.

  3. E, thanks for representing L.A. and the awesome shout-out (what a clever way to do it, too)! Ok, my only gripe, they have San Pedro on the map, but no Long Beach (unless I’m blind and can’t see it). Don’t they know Snoop Dog is from the LBC?! Anyway, I still love them.

    Oh my goodness, that watch looks amazing on your anorexic wrist! You scored. Paired with those fantastic nails (and against the gray sofa), it’s all looking like a great ad. MJ should thank you because I kind of like/want/need a big, gold watch now.

    The only burning question I have for you now is when are you getting on Twitter? Or, are you there and I can’t find you. (I only started in October, but I am liking it so far.) Something to think about…

    1. Hey, anytime! The maps are a bit hard to read at that size; you have to remember they’re usually 18″ x 24″ in real life, so things are more legible. I didn’t know Snoop was from Long Beach! I’ve only been to L.A. once, unfortunately. The east coast has a grip on me, I must say.

      Hahah, thanks for the compliment about the watch! I’m not getting MJ ad, but that’s probably because I was smiling like a doofus with all my teeth showing so excitedly. Not exactly a Marc Jacobs ad, but I’ll take it. Thanks, Theresa!

      I caved to the twitter!! I signed up a while ago just to claim the name (@likewantneed) but never really posted. None of my real-life friends are on it, and I was so staunchly against adding one more element of social media to my life. But alas. I’m there. Find me!!

  4. We scooted over to new neighbors yesterday for a quick get-together and they have the Brooklyn Ork! How funny that you have these on your blog! Totally tempted to get my husband one for his birthday next month.

    I am drooling over your watch too, BUT : I will have you know that I had Laura Mercier “Truly Red” on my lips today. My actual lips!!! I would have walked out with it, but alas, SOLD OUT. What the heck? Off to Sephora tomorrow to see if they can help a poor girl out. Next up a (only slightly) more neutral plum or brownish. My thanks.

    1. You should get your hubby one! A coworker friend bought one for his girlfriend and one for him for Christmas. They make great gifts!

      Clearly that Laura Mercier color wasn’t meant to be, even though I’m sure it looked smashing on you. What a bummer though! You get all excited over it only to be let down. Hopefully you’ll have better luck at Sephora!! Also you might be able to find it online with some free shipping offer since it’s so close to Christmas!

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