New Year’s Eve

With the end of the year rapidly approaching (how did this happen?? wasn’t it just summer?) people are starting to figure out their New Year’s Eve plans and organize festivities. I don’t know what I’m doing to ring in 2012, but last year I fell asleep at 11pm while watching the New Kids on the Block on the Dick Clark special, after drinking peach lambic straight out of the bottle. Clearly I know how to party! Do you have any hard and fast plans for the occasion? Given that I am a little old lady trapped in a younger, less saggy body, it’s difficult for me to stay up past 10pm on a normal night, let alone one that usually requires fancy clothing and socializing. (Wow, re-reading that makes me sound like a total tool. Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to not succumb to the old & grumpies so soon. This might be challenging, because I’ve been afflicted with them for years.)

But if I were the type to get all fancy shmancy and go out to an exclusive, VIP party, I think I have the perfect outfit (and post celebration, hangover survival outfit) planned.

New Year’s Eve: Dress / Lipstick / Party Horns / Heels / Champagne // New Year’s Day: Hoodie / Sleep Mask / Sweatpants / Motrin / Gatorade

Okay, okay, relax. I am not drunk, and I while I think that Matthew Williamson dress is perhaps the most gorgeous dress of all time, I don’t think anyone should ever spend $6k on a dress. It’s so, so beautiful though. The gold beading, the feathers, I can’t even. Maybe I’m going crazy, but the longer I look at it, the more convinced I become that purchasing it and maxing out my credit card for it would be a legitimately good idea. I’d wear it everywhere, especially places that didn’t warrant it. Sometimes you just need a bit of flair and sparkle.

Now that I’m a red lipstick convert, I’ve been eyeing other options than the Sephora brand matte tube I own. YSL can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, so I’m sure this lipstick, while expensive, would look fabulous when applied. I might be getting better at being a girl when it comes to things like lipstick, but the same cannot be said about heels. Heels and I do not mix, but I am still allowed to love those Ted Baker heels, right? Good, because they’re 15 different kinds of sexy. And any good New Year’s Eve party is incomplete without party horns and champagne. I may have slept through the last 10 New Year’s Eve countdowns, but even I know that.

Of course, all the late-night to early-morning partying will take its toll on you. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced too many awful hangovers in my life, but when I do wake up feeling like every inch of my hurts (including my eyelashes) and I’m forced to wear sunglasses at the diner while downing a giant plate of greasy breakfast food, I have a few trusted standbys that help make life seem worth living again. Comfortable sweatpants are a must, and the Saturday pants from J Crew are just the softest things around. Same for the Alternative Apparel hoodie. If you’re sensitive to light, sleep masks are usually a good option, but unfortunately for me, all they succeed in doing is squeezing my head so that my face gets all puffy. This “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired sleep mask is adorable, and it probably would make you feel better to wake up and fancy yourself Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly rather than the nauseous demon you actually are.

I owe my lovely friend Lyndsey an enormous debt of gratitude for letting me in on the best hangover helper: Gatorade. When we lived together in our younger days, we would shuffle out to the store the morning after a crazy night of drinking and buy the biggest bottle of it we could find. Gatorade will replenish your electrolytes and Vitamin D, and the sugar in it will actually help settle your stomach. Drink a big glass, pop two motrin, and take a lot, hot shower and you’ll be good to go.

Okay, so what are you doing to ring in the New Year? Going crazy? Do you have any other helpful hangover tips in case I decide to act like a 25 year old and go out and indulge for the night? What about your New Year’s resolutions? Got any of those? I’ve never been good at sticking to the ones I make, which is why I’m still a nail biter. Maybe 2012 will change that.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. I love that dress too!

    I’m going to a party in a hotel in the Cotswolds. We can’t afford the £150 dinner tickets so we’re being a bit pikey and just going for drinks. There are bacon butties at 1am too. Woop! And we have a bath in our bedroom. Double woop!

    No hangovers? But I thought you had English genes? Apparently the English people that have survived did so because they were big drinkers. Because they didn’t drink water, which everyone knows is extremely bad for you, and so that’s why we such lushes, it’s in our genes. Something like that anyway.

    1. Haha, I love the idea of going to a party for the drinks and bacon sandwiches after the countdown. Enjoy the bathtub in the bedroom! I’ve stayed in only one hotel with a bathtub in the room, and it was pretty awesome. The room was a smoking room though, so it smelled faintly. Still an awesome feature.

    1. I think we should celebrate on Australia time so we’re sure to be awake for it! I don’t think I’ve been awake for New Years, um, ever.

  2. I lurve the NYE outfit, but (alas) I will be wearing your NYD outfit the night before AND the day of. That’s how we roll. Since kids, we now ring in the New Year on NYC time, at 9:00 p.m. Like you, I never make it to midnight either. Hm, I suppose we could all ring in the New Year with Annie on London time to assure our wakefulness.
    Let’s talk resolutions – goals, dreams, wishes, what’s the meaning of life – on Friday. (I’d love to hear yours.) Hope you’re having a great week.

    1. I like the idea of celebrating a different time zone. I think the earlier the better, but not too early because I do like to sleep late. I might follow suit and wear the NYD outfit on NYE, we shall see. I’m thinking it is a take-out Thai food and sweatpants kind of night.

      Can’t wait to hear your resolutions tomorrow!

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