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Yes, my obsession with macarons has reached an all new peak. I printed out this flavor poster and hung it in my cube at work. It is safe to assume my productivity has fallen off a cliff. Well, my work productivity has. Saliva production is at an all time high. Seriously, do you know how much I just stare at it and drool? I’m doing it now!

I was completing my morning newspaper-reading and came across this article, on those Judith Leiber clutches (#7). I don’t know what you could even fit in them besides a tissue, but hot damn they are adorable. Macarons have obviously been on my mind recently, but they’re also popping up everywhere these days. Clearly macarons are having their moment in the sun. Well, actually, since they have to be kept chilled, they are having their moment in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator (where Ladurée insists they are kept once you take them home).

1. Scarf / 2. Necklace / 3. Lip balm / 4. Pillow / 5. Wallet / 6. Tote bag / 7. Clutch

I got to thinking about all of the macaron-printed goodies over at Bonjour Mon Coussin and realized I needed to make some sort of compilation of all the yumminess.  Between the scarf, pillow, clutch and bag, I am totally overwhelmed by how simultaneously delicious and evil all of it is. Sure, I would LOSE MY MIND over having a wallet or pillow covered in macarons. But I’m already totally useless just by having a poster hanging on my desk, I don’t think I’d ever be a functioning human being again if I had any of these things. Lip balm that smells like macarons, are you kidding me?? An adorable polymer clay necklace? Pretty sure I’d eat it. One time when I was 3 I ate an eraser my parents won for me on the boardwalk down the shore because it looked like a strawberry; clearly I am a threat to devour things that are not intended to be edible. And considering the lip balms $10 each, that’s actually a more expensive snack than actual macarons. But hey, Urban Outfitters is offering free shipping on everything before the holidays, so maybe it evens out?  If I had to pick one thing to buy, it would be that tote bag, even though it’s $60 after the conversion rate.

What about you? How cute is that necklace though, seriously? Etsy is swimming with more of necklaces of equal cuteness: rainbow cake, snowcones, and sushi!

14 thoughts on “More Macarons

    1. Ha! I love that you read that and thought of me! What a great association for someone to have with me :)

  1. OMG you are obsessed! I must admit I don’t really like them. Eek, I’m for the blogchop now! One is nice, anymore and I think they taste a bit weird. And to think I walked past that entire cake stand of them on Saturday…..

  2. I would just like to point out that all three of you started your comments off the EXACT SAME WAY. Freaky!

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