I wish I could follow the day after my birthday with as much excitement as I mustered yesterday, but it’s just not happening. In fact, I’m pretty sure that without the aid of illicit substances, one should never be as amped as I was yesterday. Even the freezing rain couldn’t put a damper on my day! But apparently everyone in my life was really concerned over the state of my wrists and made it their mission to fatten me up: my mom had a dozen chocolate covered strawberries delivered to my office, my boss took me out to lunch, my lovely friend and coworker-with-the-best-wardrobe, Anna, made me Irish soda bread, Fitz bought me a dozen salted caramels with the help of some friends, my boyfriend snuck out of work early to buy me a pound of ricotta cookies from my favorite bakery in the city, and my mom took me out for pizza for dinner and ended the meal with gourmet cupcakes. So, to reiterate, I ate pretty well yesterday, and now I just feel like this:

from here, my favorite post on the entire internet

Actually, right now I feel about as deflated and empty as a parade balloon that didn’t get to make it into the New Years Day parade even though just the day before had everyone telling him happy, positive things and showering him with attention and presents. I am a sad balloon and today is just a Wednesday and there isn’t anything special about it. Wah wah wah.

Maybe a video of adorable puppies frolicking amongst Christmas gifts would cheer me up. Worth a shot.

Yep, that worked! Oh. My. Word. The cuteness factor is so out of control. Can you even deal with how tiny their little legs are? I am officially not a sad balloon anymore (but it might also be due to the large piece of birthday cake I consumed for breakfast just now).

While we’re at it, let’s look at the one thing that always and without fail will make me happy and buzzy: gorgeous home interiors. The majority of them are white.

from here

from here

from here

from here

from here

from here

from here

White house, black dog, this is pretty much perfect.

from here

Last night I also successfully wrapped all of the Christmas presents I had on-hand. I’m still waiting on about 3 or 4 more packages with a bunch of gifts for people, and on top of that I still have to go out and buy more presents. It’s one of those things where I can’t really complain about it (despite my best efforts!) because I’ve been really lucky to have amazing people in my life who deserve wonderful presents for the holidays. Fitz was the easiest to shop for. All I had to do was wrap a bag of trash and give him free reign. (Kidding. Fitz is totally getting real presents.)

12 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. OMG (again) I want all those puppies! Have you seen Bridesmaids? The bit where Megan takes all the puppies from the bridal shower. So funny.

    That website is the funniest blog I’ve ever seen. After yours of course. Have you read the About Me page? With the picture of the unicorn, I love it. That cake post is amazing and so true.

    Dont hate me, but I was wondering about your boyf, whether you’d broken up as you haven’t mentioned him in forever! Are we allowed to know more….?

    Sounds like you an excellent gastronomic birthday. Nothing better than stuffing your face and not feeling guilty because it’s your birthday. Lush! xx

    1. I loved that scene. “Nine, I took 9 puppies, yeah.” So funny!

      I can’t even hold a candle to Hyperbole & a Half, but you’re sweet for lying to me, haha! She’s pretty great, but she hasn’t been posting at all recently which has been a bummer.

      No breakups here! Why would I hate you for asking?? One day I’ll do a whole post on le boyf, I promise. Until then he’s happier not having a staring role here, as he already dominates my facebook page, haha.

      1. Because I was feeling bad for you that you guys had broken up!

        I tried to make friends with you on Facebook but you’re blocked. Have you had a stalker or something? Or is it just me? Your stalker I mean.

        1. No stalker, and unless you send me locks of your hair you aren’t a stalker either, haha. But I am super paranoid about facebook so I’ve made my privacy settings as tight as they can be. Email me your facebook link and I’ll add you!

  2. That kitchen. That hallway. Those puppies. If you need another pick-me-up, have a look at some corgi videos on YouTube. That won’t fail you.

    Sounds like you had a great birthday, and I’m glad. Good for you. Have some more cake…you’ll need the sugar rush to keep up with the wrapping!

    1. I love Corgis because the incongruous body-to-leg ratio just cracks me up. I could spend hours on youtube looking at cute animal videos. (I say that like I don’t do it all the time already)

      Wrapping is kicking my butt! Whoever invented bags and tissue paper is my hero. And oh my god, I am inundated with sweets. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

      1. Last Christmas Richard sent me a text that said ‘wrapping like a b*stard’. I read it out to my friend to gloat and she thought it was ‘rapping like b*stard’ and was confused as Richard’s not exactly known for being from the lyrical ‘hood.

        I found some of that amazing Japanese tape that’s really pretty and that you can rip without needing scissors. That’s made my Christmas. Well, until Richard starts rapping again.

        1. I love Washi tape!! I bought a roll of airmail stripe Washi tape from Amazing site full of adorable tape rolls.

  3. Now I want a puppy for Christmas! Can I please have them all?

    The interiors are all gorgeous, just love white, black and gray…

    1. Puppies are the cutest, but I don’t think I have the patience for an 8 week old! I adopted my pup at 7 months and he was still crazy then. Apparently they dont lose The Crazy until 2 years. So. We know what the next 18 months of my life will be like!

  4. So happy to hear you had a great birthday. Love that you had all that yummy food and now your watch probably fits perfectly. Well, you needn’t feel down for very long because the holidays are just around the corner. Wahoo!
    Did I ever mention that the comment section of your blog is sometimes as good as your posts? I love your community.
    PS~That cake post is pretty hilarious. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to.
    PSS~Apologies for the Flava Flav reference and making you feel nauseous. :b I totally remember that show and, yea, it’s pretty vile.

    1. Well you have to give yourself some credit because the only reason my comments section is enjoyable is because of people like you. Seriously. Go back to the beginning of my blog when I was writing into outerspace and no one ever commented. It was like crickets up in here. But now lovely people like you hang out and puff my ego up and everybody is happy!

      Haha no need to apologize about the Flava Flav reference. I’m pretty sure he was the least gross element of that show. He’s more ridiculous than vile. Some of those “women” though….oof.

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