Friday Five, Gift Guide pt 3

Tonight is my office holiday party (here), and I’m stepping out in a bright red pair of red suede pumps (over-under on how long it takes me to break an ankle?) with matching red lips. True story: I bought my first tube of red lipstick two weeks ago specifically for the party, and I finally feel like A Real Girl. Superficial, but true. In addition, I’m also having an early birthday dinner here (as close to dining in a Parisian bistro as I can get), and doing a second early birthday-slash-Hanukkah celebration at my mom’s house on Sunday with family. I fully expect to come out of the weekend exhausted and totally spoiled. Somewhere in there I have to do more Christmas shopping (it feels like it will never end) and maybe re-watch “Summer Heights High.” Have you guys seen it? It’s a few years old, but hilarious.

Continuing on with the Friday Gift Guides, today’s collection are things you could give anyone: your mom, your best friend, your Secret Santa, the lady down the hall who left an unsigned hate letter under your door (long story!). I’ll be doing one more gift guide next Friday for all you last minute Christmas-Eve-eve shoppers, and then going back to stuff I just want to buy for myself rather than other people. Again, superficial but true.

1. Plant / 2. Guide de la Ville Paris poster / 3. Carpet Bocce / 4. Mittens / 5. Fortune Cookie necklace

I can’t decide which I love more: the plant, or the translated description of it: “A small Organic Farming in the kitchen garden classy version (beets, red cabbage) or trend Aromatic (Basil)” and “the most fashion of all plots!” You guys, I didn’t know beets were classy. I feel like someone should have told me sooner. Under “Contents” this is listed: “A rectangle and a bag of lawn preparation ready to push.” A rectangle! Lawn preparation! I want to meet the person that installed the language translator on that site and have then write my wedding vows. Pure poetry. All joking aside, that plant is absolutely lovely and I think it would look amazing as a centerpiece on a white dining table or on a coffee table. Maybe not a coffee table, maybe something higher off the ground because this morning, I found the puppy with a long strand of used dental floss he had picked out of the bathroom trashcan.

The 2012 Guide de la Ville Paris is a map by Swedish designer David Ehrenstråhle, highlighting places and shops of note in Paris. Did you catch that? The poster combines two of my favorite things in the entire world: Sweden and Paris. Clearly I must procure a copy. But I’d have to email the webshop to see if they would even ship internationally, and I’m sure I’d end up paying an arm and a leg for it, but! Do you see it? Do you see how gorgeous it is? Paris kind of looks like a human heart here (if you squint a bit), which makes perfect sense to me. This would look awesome hanging in the entry hallway of my well-traveled sister-in-law and brother’s house.

Bocce is one of my favorite games, and also a favorite among old Italian men. Interesting fact: Like many other things in life (like sleeping and judging people silently), I am awesome at it. Have you ever played it? I used to play lawn Bocce with my dad at his friend’s lake cabin in the summer, and recently I played in a for-fun tournament at an Italian festival down the shore. This mini version is meant to be played on your carpet, but again, anything with pieces this small is just like a Fitz choking hazard/delicious snack waiting to happen. Any friends without animals who like to play board games? This would make a perfect stocking stuffer (it’s under $15!).

I had a debate with a coworker about the practicality of the mitten; he was anti, and I am historically all about them. I love mittens. I love the childlike feeling you get from them as well as how warm and toasty they make your hand because all of your fingers are bunched together. Sure, if you need to use your hands for anything they’re pretty useless, but I think these adorable Kate Spade air quote mittens could sway even the staunchest of non-believers. Bonus: you could endlessly reenact this scene from “Friends” (one of my all-time favorites).

At $35, the Bronze Fortune Cookie necklace is an absolute steal (You don’t know how badly I want to make some terrible “it stole my heart” joke right now!). Plus it’s adorable and a perfect gift for a girlfriend or sister. It’s whimsical and hand-crafted, which means it’s one of a kind. Just like the person you’re giving it to. Okay, enough cheesiness.

What are your weekends looking like? Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? Have you started wrapping everything yet? I always forget about the wrapping part. Have a great weekend, kiddos!

15 thoughts on “Friday Five, Gift Guide pt 3

  1. Okay. I continue to get signs from the universe about bright red lips. LipSTICK period. I’m pretty much a lipgloss gal and I’ve only within the last year ventured past neutrals. I want to be brave and risk some dark colors this season, like RED. And maybe dark brown. I have no office parties to attend, but I do have parties. Should I go for it? Hmmm.

    1. I was the same way literally until a week and a half ago. I’m a lip gloss girl through and through, but I braved the big bad world that is the lipstick selection at Sephora and picked up this one, in #10. I’ve found that because it’s matte, your lips have to be really hydrated and soft for it not to crackle on it, but not too glossy, otherwise the color will just slide around your lips and onto your face (don’t ask how I know that to be true). And I have better results dabbing some on and them smoothing it out with my fingertip. Yes, the process of applying it and getting it to look just right is torturous, but the results! Girl, let me tell you, I felt 400 times sexier the moment I stood back and saw myself in the mirror. I’m a convert now. I see the light! Go for it, definitely.

      1. Oh gosh, you guys are SO helpful and enabling, I mean encouraging! I love Sephora and I’m hesitant to drop a ton of cash on something that makes me ridiculously nervous, so using their in-house brand might me just the trick. My mom comes today for a pre-holiday visit, and she is very much a no-makeup kind of gal, but I’m wondering if I’m brave enough to hit Nordtroms or Sephora with her. My one friend who could lead me down this path owns a gift shop, so she’s well, a little busy right now!

        I’m totally going to read that article. I know the Iraq war is kinda important and all (even though the troops are coming home), but make up is kinda important too, you know.

        1. I’m glad I could help! I had the same mindset about red lipstick too before I took the plunge, and given that I didn’t even know if I would like it I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a tube of the stuff. The sales people there are generally pretty helpful so even if your mom/gf aren’t available to shop with you, someone in the store should be able to point you in the right direction! I can’t wait to hear about your experience with it, and if you liked it or not. I’m sure you’ll be a red lipstick gal in no time!

          Yes. Iraq war, totally important. Makeup, also important. :)

  2. Gosh Erin. Where to start? Great post, cheered me up!

    Yeay on red lipstick! that’s one of my new hobbies too!!!! After seeing this tutorial ( ) from one of my favourite journalists (she’s into make-up, not like the Iraq war or anything important). I know it probably irritates you that I keep posting links in your comments (sorry) but this one’s for Lauren! I’m currently rocking Nars Funny Face after seeing it on Wit + Delight. So I’ve, like, moved on.

    Want to see the shoes! They sound totes amaze!

    That made me laugh out loud with your puppy story, gross. And so did the friends clip. I miss friends!

    And wow those places look fab. Love the music on the french restaurant site! Can’t seriously believe you’re pretending that Paris map is for anyone other than you. I’d get it for you if I lived a wee bit nearer.

    I’m off to the gay man’s christmas choir tonight. ’nuff said.

    Laters. Hope you’re not too hungover tomorrow xx

    1. Ha, I know, I felt a bit disingenuous writing about the poster without admitting I wanted it for myself! I might just suck it up and buy it after the New Year, once the smoke has cleared from the holiday madness and I have some birthday/Christmas money.

      I don’t mind in the slightest about you posting links. It’s better than the spam comments I get that always try to take me to websites about male enhancement or something. I feel like that is a perfect segue into the gay man’s Christmas choir. I need to know more about this! I’m sure we have something here like it, but all I can picture is the wedding scene in SATC 2 when Stamford and Anthony got married, haha. I know you’ll appreciate the SATC reference. Anyway, red lipstick is wonderful and makes me feel all happy and giddy while I’m wearing it. That article was a huge help!

      I was, unfortunately, very hungover on Saturday, but it was all worth it! haha

  3. The reason you didn’t know beets were so high class is because you come from Russian peasant stock where we make Borscht. Take that same beet, throw it on top of curly endive, sprinkle a miniscule dot of goat cheese, and it’s a $12 salad in this city!

    Everyone….join me in a chorus of “Happy Birthday Day To YOU, Happy Birthday To You, You Opened your present over a month ago….HB2U!!!!” Followed by. “You’re getting nothing for Christmas….cause you ain’t been nothin’ but BAD!”

    1. Touche. Also, beets are gross. I don’t care how much goat cheese you coat on them.

      Okay, okay. Photoshop CS5 was a pretty legit birthday gift, but I wish I could’ve kept my impatience in check and held out for it until closer to my actual birthday. Still! A great present nonetheless. Thanks, moo!

  4. You’re doing it again! Fitz with the used dental floss…Stop it. You know, Fitz is training you well for parenthood (I know, slow my roll, but just sayin’).

    Most days I’m a lip gloss gal, but yes to red lipstick when your face needs an instant zap of “Hi, how you doin’?” I’m currently lurving Viva Glam Ass by MAC. (Oh, sorry, not ‘ASS’…A88 the item number; Wishful thinking.) Yes, matte and dabbed on is best.

    Last, but certainly not least, where do you work, E?? Can I get a job there? (Since I’m a day late and a dollar short, hope you had fun.)

    PS~Love Mommy Moo and your gift guide ;)

    1. Haha, I feel like children would be a welcome respite after this dog. At least they listen and can eventually communicate what they want without jumping on the bed when you’re trying to sleep and swatting you in the face!

      You are too funny with that MAC comment! I used to use their Lip glASS (see what I did there??!) in nympho or nymphette or something? But it proved to be too sticky and expensive for me to keep using it. I’m a SoftLips die-hard! I’m a total red lip convert now though.

      As far as the job front…I’m a program analyst for a defense contractor company that supports branches of the Navy. I know, I know, it sounds super intense. You wouldn’t think it, but all of my coworkers are in their mid-20s and are just awesome, like-minded people (who all really know how to party and have a good time!). AND it means I have a security clearance with the government, so they are probably reading everything I’m writing to you now. Oh my god, if that is true….I take back all the stuff I said about the shittiness of the Iraq war. I swear. U-S-A.

      PS. My mom’s favorite animals are cows, so I got in the habit of calling her “Moo.” She didn’t know this until very, very recently. As in, a month ago. Hahaha

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