I had a blissfully low-key weekend and spent much of it with some weird stomach-ache that made me all mopey and especially pitiful. Fitz does not yet seem to grasp the concept of “Mommy is sick,” so to him, my pathetic (and constant!) moaning meant it was his cue to bounce around the sofa and onto my stomach with all four of his toothpick-legs. The perfect pick-me-up? Why, beautiful home interiors, obviously! Well, that, and trying to plan a European vacation for next spring. Stockholm is looking ever more interesting, so I spent a lot of time on Sunday combing through Swedish real estate websites looking for stuff to pin. God, how did I sort all of the interiors pictures I found on the internet before Pinterest?


all 3 from here

I sucked in so much air gasping so dramatically when I saw all of these. They are from the amazing blog of Anna Lenna, and it should not surprise you at all that she is Swedish. I don’t get it, but apparently being born there endows you with some otherworldly design sense that makes everything you touch turn gorgeous. If the front hallway of my house looked like that, I wouldn’t ever make it through the door. Her home is beyond beautiful and her style is something I wish I could bottle and steal. Jealousy is not a pretty color on me.

from here

I just can’t. I don’t even have ONE Eames chair, and this house has 6! The house is for sale, too. In Stockholm. Don’t think I didn’t consider how to afford it.

from here

Sweden, obviously.

from here

What a perfect kitchen corner. Philia is from Sweden. Surprise!

from here

There is a door ABOVE THE DOOR, do you see that?? How can you make that entry better? Add more doors.

from here

That map of the world pillow and the sawhorse desk are kiiiilling me.

Happy Monday, kiddos! How was your weekend? Have you ever been to Stockholm? Any other cities that you are particularly drawn to for one reason or another? Ses i morgon! (“See you tomorrow!” in Swedish)

7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Eames chairs on a COW RUG!!! A COW, Erin, A COW! You know how I feel about cows! You would have been raised with one in the house if I could have fit it in! That would have given your father real reason to yell, “You brought LIVESTOCK in the house with my child!”

    1. That cow-hide rug is from IKEA and can be yours for under $200! And of course I know about your love of cows; why do you think I’ve been calling you “Moo” all these years?

  2. Ah how cute!

    I like the kitchen and the orange bedspread. The rest is all too white for me, sorry! No never been to Sweden, never had much of a desire for some reason. How exciting that you’re coming to Europe though :)

    1. Haha, no worries, I’m totally okay being alone in my love of stark, all-white interiors :)
      Nothing is definite yet but I am crossing fingers and toes it happens!! If we end up on the same continent we HAVE to have drinks, you know!

  3. I’m going to go ahead and side with Erin on this one Annie, sorry! I’m loving all-white spaces at the moment – totally impractical (would necessitate a full scale Red Wine Ban) but delish to look at! Gorgeous images, thanks for sharing them!

    1. Thankfully, I am strictly a white wine drinker, so I could lounge about without fear of staining something :) I just love looking at white interiors…makes my skin all tingly!

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