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Pardon my brevity this Wednesday, but I’m in currently in New York living it up experiencing the biggest food coma of all time. You don’t want to know how many macarons I ingested yesterday. Or how many I’ve had so far this morning. Instead, let’s just look at some gorgeous, moving photographs. They’re called Cinemagraphs. The first time I stumbled across these on Jamie’s blog, From Me, To You, my jaw hit the floor. Well, after I realized I wasn’t having a stroke or seeing things. I definitely had a moment of, “Wait, did I just see that move?”  Really, how enchanting are these of Coco Rocha (like she needed any help) :

More? Okay, never thought you’d ask.

Anna approves.

“We all get dressed for Bill.”

I’ve included this last, charming cinemagraph of Bill Cunningham, octogenarian bike rider and New York Times style photographer (or “cultural anthropologist”), because I just watched the documentary, “Bill Cunningham, New York.” As someone that’s been inspired by Bill’s work for years, it was incredible to watch. I’d definitely recommend it! It’s touching and fascinating and I’ll definitely be asking for a copy of it on DVD for Christmas (is anyone keeping track of this list?).

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Which means I likely won’t be posting tomorrow, given that I’ll either be making food, eating food, or sleeping off food, but have a very happy holiday and give thanks for all you have. Tomorrow I’ll have lots of photos. But I can’t promise they’ll move.

2 thoughts on “In Motion

  1. Wow those are so cool, I love the Anna Wintour one, actually I just love her she’s so elegant and funny. She’s like a refined Joan Rivers! And I’ve been seeing a lot about Bill Cunningham lately. He’s the original Sartorialist right? That’s such a cute film, what a cool guy! x

    1. He is! (to both the cool guy comment and the original Sartorialist).
      If you love Anna, you need to see The September Issue if you haven’t already!

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