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It’s not really a secret that I’m into interior design and decorating (unless you haven’t been paying attention or are new here, in which case, HI!). I’d rather spend $200 on a solid piece of furniture than a pair of jeans, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over the J Crew holiday gift guide. It’s all pretty much the same thing, if you think about it: the same clean lines I love on a coffee table can be translated to a wool coat or a pair of matchstick pants. I like good, clean, functional design. I don’t want a hideous recliner because it’s comfortable any more than I want a pair of heels that are going to kill my feet and legs simply because they’re $500. There are more similarities in my wardrobe and my taste in interior design than I realized; nothing flashy, very simple pieces in all neutral colors. Except for that one bright yellow cardigan I own that I can’t wear if I’ve been out drinking the night before because it’s VERY LOUD. All of my furniture is either white or dark gray, and yes, all of it wears little furniture-shaped turtlenecks.

I got to looking around and couldn’t help but see similarities between home decor and fashion elements. I found a couple of examples, and they each have something in common with their counterpart, whether it’s a color, a look, or a feel. Look at me, pretending I understand what I’m talking about.

1. Pendant lamps / 2. Leather bracelet / 3. Star sculptures / 4. Spike headband

5. Bath mat / 6. Heels / 7. Capiz chandelier / 8. Sequin jacket

I want to put out there that I have no idea who would wear a headband made of medal spikes, but for the purposes of this post, it works. Also, that sequin jacket is toeing the line of something an old lady would wear to the casino with a matching visor. Clearly I do not understand fashion at all. Or math. But that’s neither here nor there.

Do you have any other examples you want to share? Maybe something in your own life? The crazier the better. Like, if you had a sweater that looked like an topiary or something, you’d win.

13 thoughts on “Fashion. Design.

  1. Oh well I love that jacket! thinking white t-shirt and skinny black jeans. No? I’d probably leave the headband off.

    The chandelier is beautiful, thanks, have pinned it :)

    The turtleneck comment cracked me up :)

    I have some AP underwear with monkeys on it and I’ve just bought a lampshade from Lush Designs with monkeys on. Do I win?

    1. Monkey underwear + monkey lampshade = TOTAL WIN!

      I like your idea about pairing the jacket with that outfit…I’m liking it way more that way than the way I initially envisioned it!

      1. Ooh hello Elly! Fancy seeing you here!

        If you like the jacket (or not), you’ll love Lily Allen’s vintage shop in Soho. It actually shimmers as you walk past it. Hundreds of tiny gold disks. Check it out:

        Yeay for me winning!

        are you on Pinterest Elly? I can’t remember

        1. And I really must stop reading your two’s posts before I write my own as I now only have an hour before I have to go out. Must knuckle down!

  2. I totally agree – your style and taste are not going to change whether you’re talking about fashion or interiors. LOVE your round up, particularly the blingy chandy (not, however, the sequinned jacket, which I guess totally contradicts what I just said, ha – I would however go for a goldy/coppery shift dress, or some bling-tastic heels).

    Great inspiration, I may have to steal that chandelier for future reference…

    1. Thanks, Elly! I considered using this skirt instead of the coat but in the end settled on the blingy coat (obviously, haha). Isn’t that chandelier fab?

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