Muted tones

You know that scene in Sex and the City, from season 3, where Carrie and Big run into each other at that furniture show/auction and she asks where his wife is? He says, “She’s got her eye on a beige chair. Everything in my apartment is now beige. Beige is bullshit.” Big’s answer was sort of the inspiration for this post. Well, sort of, minus the profanity.

Beige has been on my mind recently. Perhaps because, like Big, everything in my apartment is now beige. See, when I moved in with boyfriend, I was moving into his fully-furnished house, the walls of which were painted paper-bag-brown by the builder in what I can only imagine was a decision he thought would be appreciated by the owner for not leaving everything stark white. Unfortunately for said builder, he didn’t know that one day I would live there. Boyfriend bought very bachelor-esque furniture after he moved in, including a dark brown leather sofa, chair, and ottoman, a dark brown coffee table, and dark brown bar table and chairs. Do you see where I’m going with this? The leather sofa is dark brown. The walls are beige. The custom built-in for the tv is black. The picture frames (which I have to take sole responsibility for, because I chose them all) are either dark brown or black. I have recently proposed a plan to change the living room from all-beige-all-the-time to something more colorful, while still being respectful of the fact that my name isn’t on the mortgage. But I’m pushy, and (bizarrely) boyfriend likes making me happy (hence why he agreed to paint the bedroom this shade of gray), so hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll have a paint and design project to share with you, with lots of before and after pictures.

Anyway, I was getting sort of tired of the brown and muted tones in my new digs (do I need to even say it? White People Problems), but then I stumbled upon this picture:

And I swear my heart skipped a beat. I don’t know who this woman is, but I’m sure she is gorgeous. I love everything about this photo, from her gold watch and bracelets to her delicate and long fingers to her pale pink manicure to her perfectly curled blond hair. This picture actually excited me about all the beige and brown and tan in my life. Not enough to change my mind about the new paint plan I have for our living room, but enough to take some time to appreciate beige and muted tones, and find some cool ways to incorporate it into any decor, with that incredible photo above as inspiration:


1. Drum Pendant, West Elm / 2. essie “Golden Nuggets” and “Case Study” / 3. Throw blanket, West Elm / 4. Faux-pony hair pillow, Barney’s / 5. Placemat, John Derian / 6. Parlour Chair, CB2 / 7. Bronze Flatware, Anthropologie / 8. Candles, Catbird

So I’ve had sort of a roller-coaster relationship with beige (to the extent that one can have a relationship with a color), but I have to say I’m changing my tune. Also, I need to qualify my previous crankiness by saying that sure, sometimes the lack of color on our first floor pokes at the design nerd inside of me, but really, how cranky can one possibly be when you live with something that looks like this: (OBLIGATORY PICTURE OF MY DOG!)


4 thoughts on “Muted tones

  1. Any post that starts off with a reference to s&tc has got my attention! You’re so right about that photo, why is that? She does look like she’s stunning, and v slim. And posh. All that jewellery is amazing but against a different top would look gaudy but against the camel poloneck it looks so chic. Must try harder…..

    1. “Must try harder” was exactly the thought I had when I saw this photo! I know we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on superficial things, but I can’t argue that I don’t feel better all around when I put some effort into what I leave the house in, you know?

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